10 Best Reviewed


1. What is 10BestReviewed all about?

10 Best Reviewed provides extensive and honest reviews of products that were actually used by consumers.

2. What type of products do you review?

We review any product and service that is offered in the market.

3. Who reviews the products that you post on the site?

Consumers and real customers review the products according to their experiences. We screen the reviews before publishing in order to maintain high quality customer reviews on our site.

4. What do you get in return for reviewing products?

It is our passion to serve the consumers by providing honest reviews. In return, we earn affiliate income when internet users visit the website and read the reviews.

5. I have a new product to promote and I want it to be reviewed. What does it take for my product to be reviewed?

You are most welcome to introduce your product through our website by providing us a sample that we can actually use. In return, we will write a review of your product which will also promote it to your target consumers.

6. Do you actually use the products you review?

Yes, we do. Using the product is the best way to give an honest assessment followed by the actual review posted on our site.

7. What are the metrics used for your reviews?

Aside from the user’s opinion the products are rated from 1 to 10 on metrics of weight, ease of use, durability, design, value, battery life, and other essential related factors to the product being reviewed.

8. I have other questions. How can I reach you?

For other concerns you may reach us through email or through our Contact page.