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Apollo SVX Elite Diver Underwater Scooter Review

This underwater scooter is not necessary for most folks. It is the extremely high end, and I would recommend looking into a much cheaper alternative. However, what makes the New Apollo SVX Elite Diver Underwater Scooter so great is that fact that it made to last 220 minutes.

That is an absolutely astounding amount of time that completely laps almost all of its competition. With that being said, this underwater scooter is obviously only for serious underwater explorers as it has the ability to go 8.7 miles on one charge.

If you don’t need an underwater scooter to last 220 minutes, then I recommend looking into the Tusa SAV-7 Underwater Scooter which has similar features as this Apollo SVX Elite Diver Underwater Scooter but doesn’t last as long.

Apollo SVX Elite Diver Underwater Scooter Features

This Apollo underwater scooter is made out of an impressive shock resistant ABS Resin Body. The speed control has a progressive acceleration system which allows for easy control from full speed to no speed. It also has a saddle that allows for streamlined low resistance riding.

The saddle wings on it give you the ability to pull up to two or more divers at once. The sea scooter will perform just as well with three people using it as it will with one.

  • Motor: DC Brushless motor/ Water-cooling motor deployment
  • Decelerate:  Reduction planet gear
  • Outer dimensions: 865 ×340mm
  • Weight: 28.0kg (with battery) 
  • Speed: 0 ~ 4.2km/h
  • Continuous duration of cruise: 220min
  • Max cruising range: 14000m
  • Depth rated to 70m

Apollo SVX in the Box

  • Apollo SVX Underwater Scooter
  • Apollo SVX Battery Charger
  • Apollo SVX Owner’s Manual
Apollo SVX Elite Diver Underwater Scooter
Apollo SVX Elite Diver Underwater Scooter

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You will have a difficult time finding a better underwater scooter. The Apollo SVX Elite Diver Underwater Scooter allows you to explore for hours at a time like no other scooter on the market. This allows you to be carefree under the water as you don’t have to be constantly paranoid that your dive time is running up. This investment is well worth it if you plan on using it a lot as this machine is considered top-notch diving equipment. Weighing in at 110 pounds, it is easy to see that this machine did not have any corners cut when it was made. If you buy this machine, it should give you fun for decades.