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Best Baby Strollers (Reviews and Guide) 2020

What is Stroller? A stroller is a collapsible chair on wheels that is typically folding. It is specially designed for a baby, in which he can be pushed along. They are the most convenient tool when you want to get out somewhere, with your baby.

Let’s be frank; when a baby enters into your life all your schedules get messed up and a huge list of responsibilities pile on. Amongst this busy agenda, going out somewhere, for any task, with your child is not less than a nightmare. Strollers make it easy for you to navigate life with your baby.

But before you make a selection, evaluate all the odds that why you need a stroller. Come, let’s evaluate some benefits of the stroller.

Benefits of a Stroller

The war between the preferences of baby carriers over strollers has been going for ages. But to one’s surprise, the stroller has much more lasting and impactful benefits to offer. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Convenience and comfort

People prefer baby carriers initially, but as the child gets older, it becomes really hard to carry them around. A stroller is a great option to keep your child all the time, around you without making yourself exhausted.

Moreover, a child feels at a great ease in the stroller. He can stretch himself, relax and have his food and drinks, making the stroller all worth the penny.

Long- Lasting

These strollers are usually made up of strong and durable materials, thus, last for a long time and keep the child protected.


Almost all the strollers, these days, come with additional accessories that provide protection and comfort for your young ones from every possible side. Various canopies are installed that protect them from harsh ultraviolet rays and other environmental factors. Food trays and cup handles are some other attractions to look out for. Bassinets are even available for some products which can be a good solution in the initial months.


Day to day activities may become a little more strenuous if you have to take care of a baby. It comes as a convenient mode of transportation, no matter where you go. You can purchase a stroller that suits your travel needs, accordingly

Types of Strollers

Advanced baby strollers are continuously being improved to provide parents and children with better and more useful features. The market is flooded with a gamut of strollers.

Strollers basically include these categories

Stroller Frames

The frame stroller is basically used for initial 12 months and is one of the most convenient ways of being able to stroll with baby in the car seat. Their main purpose is to carry an infant car seat. They are super lightweight and folding them up is simply a walkover. But once the baby outgrows the car seat, they are of no use.

Full-size Strollers

A full-size stroller offers a click-in car seat adapter for your infant seat. These strollers come with their own attachable car seats that are perfect for moving a sleeping baby from the car to stroller, without causing the baby any disturbance. Buying a set like this, often helps you save money.

Umbrella Strollers

The umbrella stroller is a small, lightweight, easy to fold and an inexpensive option to buy. These strollers usually have no special features and their primary aim is to provide protection from sun rays. They are called umbrella strollers for their curved, umbrella like handles and easy, single-handed folding. They can be used only when the baby can sit unassisted i.e. when he is usually around 6 months. Due to their low price, many parents buy this as a second stroller.

Travel System Strollers

A travel system is basically a full-size, stand-alone stroller. It consists of an infant car seat, a car seat base for your vehicle, and a stroller. The best part is travel system allows you to move a sleeping baby, undisturbed, from car to stroller. However, the main disadvantage is that they can be bulky.

Car Seat Carrier Strollers

They are compact and lightweight metal frames designed to carry specific types of infant car seats. You remove the car seat from its base in the car and snap it into the stroller frame. You can also find tandem-style versions of the single infant car seat carrier. However, once your child outgrows the infant car seat stage, the frame is of no use.

Jogging strollers

These are designed with three wheels on a lightweight frame. They are great for taking your child on long walks and on those runs. They come with a hand brake, a foot-operated parking brake, and larger, air-filled tires. Its highlighting feature is its tethered strap that keeps the stroller from rolling away in case you lose your grip or fall. They have a longer life as compared to traditional strollers. However, the main difficulty faced with jogging strollers is that their size makes them hard to maneuver up and down stairs, into elevators, or through stores. Moreover, they don’t fold as compactly as others do.

Double or Tandem Strollers

These strollers have one seat directly behind the other. They are easier to maneuver through doorways, though the rear seats on some models can lack legroom. You can even find tandem strollers that will hold triplets.

Sit and Stand Strollers

They are narrow and lightweight strollers that have a regular seat in front. They are perfect for kids who are 3-5 years, i.e. they are for a child who can walk on his own.

Best Jogging Stroller Reviews

1. Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger Stroller Review

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger Stroller
Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger Stroller

This stroller features an adjustable handlebar, adjustable suspension, and a locking front wheel for greater stability. The fleece seat pad is removable for easy cleaning, and the lightweight aluminum frame doesn’t leave the runner pushing more weight than necessary.

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2. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller Review

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller
Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

The Joovy Zoom 360 is a bit more expensive, at just under $300, but the jogging parent will appreciate what the extra cost does for the comfort of this stroller. Weighing in at only 25.7 pounds, this stroller can still take a beating, allowing for children up to 75 pounds to ride along. Equipped with shock absorbers, a locking front wheel, large peek through window, and a car seat adapter, this stroller will impress even the most finicky jogging parents.

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3. Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller Review

Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller
Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller

The Chicco Tre, which can be found for at, and frequently below, $400, is a great choice for parents looking to spend a bit extra for quality, but not willing to break the bank. Featuring a full, water resistant canopy, large, magnetic peek-a-boo window, and a hand operated brake, this stroller glides smoothly and safely, ensuring a pleasant jog for both the child and the parent. The suspension on this stroller is also adjustable, and parents love the console that faces them, which is not a common feature on jogging strollers.

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4. Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller Review

Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller
Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller

The Thule Urban Glide, at just under $500, certainly isn’t a budget-friendly choice, but you are paying for high quality. Lighter than the Juvy Zoom by more than two pounds, and offering wheels that can handle many different terrains, the Thule is a good choice for parents who prefer running on light trails. A five-point safety harness ensures the child is secure, no matter where the parent’s running takes them.

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5. BOB Revolution SE Single Jogging Stroller Review

BOB Revolution SE Single Jogging Stroller
BOB Revolution SE Single Jogging Stroller

The BOB Revolution stroller, also just under $500 is equipped with tons of features to make daily runs more comfortable for both the child and the parent. The suspension system on this stroller is one of the best and smoothest, and it is equipped with stability control, should the stroller begin to veer in one direction or the other. Fans of this stroller love that it can be moved with just one finger.

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6. Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Stroller Review

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Stroller
Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Stroller

The Baby Jogger Summit, at around $500, is the most expensive one on this list, but it comes with features unparalleled by competing strollers. This stroller is made for the outdoors, capable of taking on all sorts of terrain. Equipped with drum brakes for better control, independent all-wheel suspension for an even smoother ride, canopy with UV protection, and a whole line of accessories, this stroller is made for the true running parent.

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Best City Select Stroller Reviews

Let’s have a look at some of the best city select stroller available in the market:

1. Baby Jogger City Select Stroller Review

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller
Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select stroller is an award-winning luxury stroller. Its main highlighting feature is its ability to transform itself from a single stroller into a double with an addition of a bassinet, car seat adapter or additional seat.

Large canopy for that protection from sun rays. The UB 50+ sun canopy can be adjusted for differing head heights.

However, as the name suggests it is not a jogging stroller. Looking at all the features it caters to, its price is completely justified. It’s a complete thumbs-up from our side.

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2. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller Review

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller
Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller

This product by Baby Jogger is not intended for jogging and comes with all-terrain wheels non flat tires with front wheel suspension.

Given the price and its lightweight (only 16 lbs.), City Mini, is a perfect purchase for one child.

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3. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller Review

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller
Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller

It is an extra comfortable double stroller which comes with great suspension and lockable front wheels.

It comes with various add-on accessories like carrycot, rain cover and belly bar, which make the ride completely comfortable and enjoyable for your little ones. It’s a complete hit for parents with two children.

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Baby Jogger City Select Features

Let’s have a look at various features you need to look upon and things you should keep in mind while purchasing a stroller.

Storage capacity

To fit in all those diaper bags, food and water bottles and some extra clothes for the child, you need some storage capacity in a stroller. Look out for a stroller with efficient space, to fit in these essentials. However, do not consider it a shopping basket as excessive weight can tip the stroller, which will eventually harm the baby.


Make sure you are comfortable with the handles and the grip. Check out that your legs and feet don’t hit the wheels as you walk.You can even check the maneuverability by adding some weight on that stroller.


This is a feature importance of which cannot be overlooked at any cost. Go for a stroller whose brakes or swivel lock mechanisms are easy to use. Prefer a brake that locks two wheels as it ensures an extra measure of safety.


Go for a stroller that has a seat belt and harness, compulsorily. For infants, use rolled-up baby blankets as bumpers on either side of the seat.


Go for a stroller that comes with some certifications, as it ensures about how reliable the stroller is. Prefer buying strollers of certified brands, as this investment is completely justified in the long run.

Warranty and Return Policies

Select a brand that offers a flexible or a long-term return policy, and make sure you keep the strollers packaging until you are sure about the stroller.

No matter how good the stroller has been, always follow the basic rule: Don’t leave your child unattended.


Whenever you buy a car or vehicle for yourself, you ensure all the features are intact. Similar is the case with a stroller. It is your baby’s first vehicle. So buy it after all that rigorous scrutinization of the safety standards.

Pricing can be one of the major factors, while making a decision. But make sure to indulge in a quality stroller, as a little extra investment is completely justified as far as safety of the child is concerned.

So buy that stroller and go on an amazing ride with your new one!