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Best Car Gun Safe Reviews 2020

If you own a gun and also have a car, then you definitely need to buy a car gun safe. But don’t worry, unlike other type of gun safes, the ones specifically built for vehicles are actually very affordable.

Gun laws in the U.S

Gun laws greatly change from state to state. Some states totally prohibit open carry, others require a license/permit to open carry, whilst many allow open carry without a license or permit.

Carrying a concealed gun, however, is legal in each and every state.

A gun safe for you car, no doubt here, is mandatory.

Should people be allowed to carry guns in public? This is an inflamed debate that will probably never cease completely; however everyone agrees on having a car gun safe.

Rules of Gun Safety

Should we decide to carry outside of our house a firearm, it is better to be prepared and know what to do.

Specifically, some rules can be of great help.

The first one is to look into buying a car gun safe to be stored in our vehicle for maximum security.

Why should we buy a car gun safe?

First off, think about security.

We are talking about reports stating that thousands of cars are broken into every year, we do need a gun safe not only for our homes, yet for our vehicle as well.

Hard to say what the best vehicle gun safe is. Indeed we have to be responsible whilst carrying our guns; and no excuses. If you have a firearm in your vehicle, you must lock it up.

Top 7 Best Car Gun Safe Reviews

Today we have chosen to review 7 car gun safe models, and there is one for everyone’s needs.

A gun safe for you car is the best solution to make sure no one will get hurt, no unauthorized user is going to access the firearm and we would like to distress this point as it’s crucial.

1. SnapSafe Lockbox Car Gun Safe Review

SnapSafe Lockbox Car Gun Safe
SnapSafe Lockbox Car Gun Safe

SnapSafe has been a brand with many impressive safes for a while now. You can expect that this model will still offer the best features you need for a car safe.

The 16 gauge steel construction will make it even better for the protection of your gun. The safe interior is all lined with a thick memory fitting foam. This foam is meant to keep the handgun looking pristine without any form of scratches. This safe meets the TSA airline firearm guidelines, making it better at all it does. It is easy to operate with the use of a key lock system.

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2. GunVault NV200 Car Gun Safe Review

GunVault NV200
GunVault NV200

The safe construction is even better with a 18-gauge steel metal. Accessing the gun when this safe is locked will not be an easy task.

If you have scratched your gun and other valuables because of bad interior, that will not happen with this safe. It comes with a memory foam that will protect your gun at all times. With its compact size, it is the perfect car gun safe that you will need. The additional 1500 lbs tested security cable will make it hard for anyone to steal it once mounted.

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3. Bulldog Car Gun Safe Review

Bulldog Car Gun Safe
Bulldog Car Gun Safe

Nothing can beat steel construction and that is what you get when buying this safe. If you have to mount the safe, the manufacturer supplies the safe with its own mounting bracket.

Opening it should not be hard as it uses the key and lock mechanism. Once the box is mounted and locked, removing the inner box is near impossible because of the security cable that keeps it in position. The overall heavy-duty construction will make you easily like the safe. On just seeing it, what goes through your mind is that you just found the right car gun safe.

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4. Stack-On PC-95C Car Gun Safe Review

Stack-On PC-95C Car Gun Safe
Stack-On PC-95C Car Gun Safe

For those who have the license to carry concealed weapons, they will find this safe quite useful for them. You can simply keep your handgun in the safe whenever you are in the car with your family.

Since it meets the TSA airline firearm guidelines, carrying the gun around you should feel safe already from someone who would steal your gun. Its compact design allows it to be used a secure wallet too for your credit cards and other valuables. Once it is locked, you can slide it into the briefcase without taking up a lot of space. When leaving the car, simply loop the steel cable provided with the safe on a fixed object for securing the safe. It will be hard for any burglar to steal the safe when well secured with the steel cable.

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5. First Alert 5200DF Car Gun Safe Review

First Alert 5200DF Car Gun Safe
First Alert 5200DF Car Gun Safe

Whether you own a truck, a car, or just want a portable safe, another reliable solution is the 5200 DF by First Alert.

Measuring 3.5 x 9.3 x 11.5 inches only, this car gun safe is a unique portable high security safe system designed to store and protect any valuable item you can think of. Lightweight (only 6.3 pounds) and so easy to carry, it works great and feels solid.


The First Alert 5200 DF car gun safe:

  • Is made of 18 gauge steel
  • Is Black-powder coated
  • Is equipped with electronic key pad and 3-8 digits code
  • Sold along with steel cable, so you can secure it in the car truck

The locking mechanism is durable and one of the safest in the market: it has in fact a system with spring – loaded open/closure, foam padded interiors.

Get quick and easy access to your firearms, this model can be cabled into the car trunk, storing your guns far away from children and unauthorized users, you cannot go wrong with it.

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6. Gunbunker GS-1 Car Gun Safe Review

Gunbunker GS-1 Car Gun Safe
Gunbunker GS-1 Car Gun Safe

A must for anyone carrying a firearm, this car gun safe has been designed around the popular 9mm, by the company Gunbunker.

Particularly remarkable its unique feature: it can be mounted pretty much on any stationary item, in many different ways.

You can secure it to any vertical and horizontal surface, such as

  • The floor
  • A wall
  • Underneath your car seat

What else can you ask for? Gunbunker only delivers top-notch products: do not buy cheap-looking, low quality car gun safe, instead, purchase for just a small price, this well made car safe of 16-gauge steel

Bit more expensive than the previous two models, the Gunbunker car gun safe will give you pieces of mind, as wherever you store it, you know it is going to be safe. Its locks are the toughest to pick, yet easy to install and 1 year warranty included.

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Looking for something under $100?

If a permanently mounted safe is not the right choice for you, instead you are looking for a holster mount. It is simpler and certainly less expensive.

Accessible but very discreet, our next pick in this article is going to be the Highway Holster Mount.

Not really a car gun safe, but certainly a piece of security that every gun owner should purchase.

7. Highway Holster Car Gun Safe Review

Highway Holster Car Gun Safe
Highway Holster Car Gun Safe

Remember that the gun owner is the only responsible for the gun itself.

You may be licensed to carry a gun, therefore, you must take all necessary precautions to store it safely.

Not underneath the seat, not hidden on the back seat.

The Highway Holster mount is affordable, keeps your weapon secure yet close by when driving.

A holster mount is versatile and can be moved to any of your vehicles easily, whether you need a truck gun safe or simply a car gun safe.

This model, in particular, has received a large amount of positive feedback, with an average of 4.5 out 5-star rating.

Being cheap and light, the Highway Holster Mount will fit perfectly in between the drivers’ seat and the console.

Given the price, there is no much to complain about this car gun safe.

It is such a popular car gun safe that everyone can afford it, exactly what every gun owner – on a budget – should have.

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What to Look for in Car Gun Safe?

Size and portability

The portability and size will large affect a car gun safe. The safe has to be sizeable enough to be portable and still large enough to hold a handgun or several. This might call for sampling several car safes before settling for one. If you have more than one piece, it might not easy to find a compact safe to hold two, but for one that should be easy. The size also affects where the safe should be mounted.

Mountable or not

The best way would be mounting the safe. This ensures that the safe cannot be stolen with its contents still inside. If the safe will be mountable, the manufacturer will supply all the necessary hardware for mounting the safe. If you are handy with the tools, the safe can be mounted within a few minutes. Well, not all safes can be mounted on the surface. You might have to store them in the glove compartment once it is locked. This will at least keep the safe out of sight for people who might not be comfortable around a gun safe.

The price

The price part has to be checked out correctly, as not all expensive car gun safes are great. It might just be because of the brand that makes it expensive. The type of features you get from the safe will ultimately decide on the price. If you are on a budget, you will have to research more on the safes to find one within your budget range.

Safe construction

The construction matter a lot for the sake of durability. No one wants to spend a lot of money on a safe that will be break any time soon. Most of the time the safes have a steel construction is the gauge that will differ. Choosing one with a higher gauge rating is always the best option. Even if the safe is made of a different material other than steel, research more on the safe before settling for it.

Ease of using the safe

As much as the safe is supposed to keep the gun locked away, you would still need it to be easy to open when actually the gun is needed. Mostly for the car gun safes, you will find that they have a key and lock type of locking mechanism. You have to be good at inserting the key and unlocking the safe faster in cases of an emergency. Some come with a keypad that makes it all easy if the passcode is short.

Capability against tampering

You would always keep the gun in the safe knowing that it is tamper-proof. Some people have faced challenges before storing their gun in a safe that can easily be opened using simple tools around the car. That should not happen with your new car safe. The tampering capability is all based on the type of locking system put in place.


Now that you know more about the car gun safes, there is no reason why you should be driving around with the gun sticking out. You still have to consider how you will easily access the gun when it is needed. That means buying a car gun safe that has an easy opening and closing mechanism but still offering the best security at the same time. Once you get such a safe, you can easily spend money knowing you can protect those around you when the need arises.