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Best Fireproof Gun Safe Reviews 2020

Having a safe for your gun is something that should be non-negotiable. This is especially if you have kids around the house, you have to keep them safe by not accessing your gun easily. The other factor that comes to mind is if the safe is fire resistant. Having a fireproof safe is important to keep your gun and other valuables in the safe intact until you can retrieve them.

Tips for getting the right fireproof gun safe

Space available for the safe

This is mostly when it comes to rifle safes. You have to be sure that it can fit in the available space that you have allocated to the safe. If also you are going to hide it, you need a large space enough to hold the safe still. Have your measurements in mind before heading out to get yourself a new safe. You should be flexible with the space available for the safe, as you do not want to leave a great safe on the market just because it is a few inches larger than the planned size.

Locking mechanism

The locking mechanism of the safe will determine how safe your guns and other valuables are well locked at all times. The locking mechanism can be using a key and bolt, while others will be the use of electronic locking. Depending on the locking mechanism, you can always tell if the safe will be enough to offer the type of security that you need at the moment.

The fire rating

The fire rating is important to know if the safe is completely fireproof or just for a few hours. Most of the time, some safes are rated to protect your contents for about 45 minutes or an hour. This should be enough time for you to put out the fire and access your gun and other valuables. The fire rating can also be in terms of the highest temperature the safe can withstand.

Ease of mounting or installation

Any good manufacturer would offer the necessary hardware that you need to mount the safe. You will still hope to find a safe that is easy to install with common tools available. Most of the time you will find such safes have anchors or predrilled holes to help with the mounting process.

Solid construction of the safe

The solid construction means that the safe has impressive durability. It is important if you get to learn more about the material used in the safe construction before making a purchase. Once you know that the safe is strong enough to handle your needs, buying it should not be a problem. Most of the time steel is used to make the best safes. This is because steel is a strong material that can withstand different abuses and keep the safe contents secure. The changes you will see are the changes in the steel gauge, so always opt for one that has a higher rating of steel gauge.

Does it meet all the standards?

Different countries and states will have standards that a safe has to meet first before being allowed into the market. Check to see if the safe meets all the quality standards as per the state laws. This will include electronics, locking mechanism and strength.

Your Budget

Not all the time, but the budget of someone can affect the type of gun safe to buy. This is especially when your budget is restricted. The best way to find the right gun safe would be doing several comparisons not just on prices but also the features. It is surprising how sometimes you might end up with the best fireproof gun safe that is still cheap.

Waterproof capability

If your safe is going to be fireproof, a nice addition would be that it is always waterproof. This means it can handle the two biggest disasters that might destroy your gun. Most manufacturers who make the best fireproof gun safes are likely to make it also waterproof.

Top 5 Best Fireproof Gun Safe Reviews

1. SenstrySafe SFW123DSB Combination Fire Safe Review

SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Combination Fire-Safe
SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Combination Fire-Safe

You can protect a lot of things from getting burned by using this safe. Other than just being fire-resistant, the safe also made to be waterproof.

The solid construction is a nice addition to the fireproof capability. The durability is all thanks to the steel construction that makes it stronger and bigger. Bigger in this case is better to shield the contents of the safe from fire in case a disaster happens. The pry-resistant bar found in the safe prevents anyone from easily accessing the safe even with forced entry. The dual combination lock and the key will deliver increased security that you need in a safe. The safe still comes with additional smart features that makes it easy to maintain its security even when used for a long time. The interior is well padded to keep your gun and other valuables scratch-free.

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2. Steelwater AMSWEL 2 Hour Fireproof Home Safe Review

Steelwater AMSWEL 2 Hour Fireproof Home Safe
Steelwater AMSWEL 2 Hour Fireproof Home Safe

With a rating of protecting your safe contents for 2 hours in the event of fire, many people would love to have such safe to store their guns. The safe is still rated at 1010-degree Celsius when it comes to the temperature it can withstand. It must be a lot of fire that can actually reach such temperatures to burn through the safe.

The safe comes predrilled for mounting. You should have an easy time mounting such a safe when it arrives. The shelves are adjustable making it easy to create more space based on the gun you would like to store.

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3. Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Long Gun Fire Protection Safe Review

Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Long Gun Fire Protection Safe
Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Long Gun Fire Protection Safe

This one is great for storing your rifles that might not fit in the previous Steelwater safe. It is a great of ensuring that you get to have a great safe that guarantees fire protection for your rifles.

The safe comes with the EMP proof electronic lock that is known to have a great reputation when it comes to keeping your safe contents locked down at all times. The 45-minute fire rating is enough time for you to put out a simple fire and still access the guns. The overall construction is strong due to the 4 ¼ thick door that cannot be drilled easily.

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4. First Alert 2096DF Waterproof Fire Safe and Digital Lock Review

First Alert 2096DF Waterproof Fire Safe and Digital Lock
First Alert 2096DF Waterproof Fire Safe and Digital Lock

You might not always be able to prevent fire or flood disasters from happening, but you can sure prepare for them. All that is possible when using this safe, as it has a high rating to withstand water and fire disasters. It has been tested by the Underwriters Laboratories that show it can withstand external temperatures of 1700 degrees F for close to an hour. The safe still comes with a waterproof seal that keeps the guns and other valuables dry even when the safe is fully submerged.

The use of a digital lock makes it possible for having a quick access to the safe and its contents. You have an override key also provided for emergency cases.

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5. Stack-On TD-40-SB-E-S Total Defense 36-40 Fireproof Gun Safe Review

Stack-On TD-40-SB-E-S Total Defense 36-40 Fireproof Gun Safe
Stack-On TD-40-SB-E-S Total Defense 36-40 Fireproof Gun Safe

Your love for fire-resistant and waterproof safes will grow when you check out the features offered in this safe. The safe is capable of withstanding fire for about 75 minutes and up to 1400 degrees F of the fire. As for the waterproof feature, it can withstand up to 2 feet of standing water for a period of 72 hours. Having such a lot of time to retrieve your guns and other valuables, so you should not have any worry about your guns soaking.

The safe had enough space to hold 36 to 40 guns and leave enough storage to store enough ammunition and other accessories.

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The fireproof gun safes are always supposed to have strong construction that resists all the temperatures and still keep your gun safely locked away. It is important that you check out the fire rating of any safe before buying it. The fire rating will give you a chance to know how much time you have before the safe contents are destroyed. By choosing the right fireproof safe, you are in a position to keep your gun under safer conditions once again.