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Best Gun Safe Under $500 for 2020

Having a good safe is always an important investment, but for some people the price might be the reason they cannot have a great safe. Most would want an affordable safe that can still guarantee the safety of the guns and other valuables. It is amazing how you can easily end up with a great safe that still costs under $500. The common features such safes will include more manual locks over electronic locks, keypads over biometric and others. Below you will still get to learn that there are many biometric safes that cost so less. Check out our top 5 best safes under $500 and get one today to keep the gun out of unauthorized reach.

Top 5 Best Gun Safes Under $500

1. Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Review

Gun enthusiasts can now store their guns in a safe that needs biometric access to open it. The Sentry model has been voted as the best safe on several occasions, and it surely deserves the award. The safe has enough internal storage space that can hole 1 J and K size revolver. You could also use it to store a full size semi-automatic handgun. Access to the safe is limited to only the stored fingerprints in the safe memory.

Some safes might be too loud for stealth retrieval of your gun, which does not apply to this safe. It is made to offer quick and quiet entry whenever there is an emergency without alerting the intruder. Well, it is not just about the stealth opening capability that makes it attractive, it also has a strong solid steel construction. The safe is reinforced with an impressive heavy-duty steel that makes it durable and better at preventing any forced entry. The safe is still pry resistant meaning that no one can access the gun without the authorization from the safe owner. You can always a good night’s sleep knowing that your family is safe.

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2. Gunvault Speedvault SV500 Review

The SpeedVault series has shown to be effective that other common handgun safes you might have used before. This one features more strength and accessibility features that you would want in a gun safe. Its locking mechanism is based on a high strength lock that is reliable and cannot be broken easily, even when using common work tools at home or office. Every time you lock the gun in the safe, you should have no trouble knowing that it is well secured.

The next time you have a problem accessing the gun safe using the keypad, you can always use the backup keys. It is highly unlikely that you will experience such issues with the keypad, but it is better to be prepared with the backup access method. The interior has a light that turns on when you open the safe. The courtesy LED light is important so that you can safely retrieve the gun without accidentally triggering it. The interior foam included in the device is quite important to ensure that your gun and other valuables do not get scratched when stored in the safe. The manufacturer is still generous enough to offer a full warranty of 5 years in case of fire and burglary. This shows it is a reliable safe.

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3. Barska Biometric Safe Review

This is a multipurpose safe that you can use to keep most of your valuables safe from burglars and other unauthorized people. Several regulators have tested it and it is the best in terms of compactness, strength and functionality. Many people are now using it to store important items, electronics, jewelry, small firearms and important documents. Because of its compact design, the safe is seen to be practical and easy for storage. You can easily find space for it anywhere around the house.

Its biometric technology has been improved to make it even more secure than its predecessor. The technology still makes it easy to operate the safe as with simply scanning, you can access it. There is no need now to keep on memorizing the complex numeric combinations. To make it even impossible for penetration, the safe uses a two point steel deadbolt locking mechanism. Breaking past such a system would be too hard. If you are going to mount it, that should not be an issue as you get all the mounting gear that is needed to mount the safe. Always make sure to wipe the smudges of fingerprints on the safe to avoid any security loopholes.

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4. Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe Review

The compact design allows for keeping this safe in your desk drawer. You can easily access the safe when you need it while in the office. The safe can still be hidden in some other small spaces around the house that is good for your own convenience. To boost on security, the manufacturer hid the hinges. The exposed hinges normally make it easy for the burglar to just cut them and easily access the contents of a safe. The presence of two live action-locking bolts makes it further impossible for someone to break into the safe.

You get pre-drilled mounting holes that help with mounting onto the drawer or any other surface. You will not need additional gear to drill the holes, in some way it saves you money. The solid steel construction makes you feel confident that it is a durable product that you would want to have for gun storage. The idea of having a time out after 3 incorrect keypad combinations helps to add more security to the safe. No one will now keep on guessing to get the combination when there is a timeout more often.

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5. Stack-On SS-16-MB-C Gun Security Safe Review

You can expect that this gun safe can hold all types of guns you have today. The safe is rated to hold up to 16 firearms with a height cap of 54” tall. The large gun capacity is what makes it the favorite among the rifle lovers. You get removable shelves and 2 tray organizers. This means that you get to organize your safe a lot of ease based on the needs for gun storage and other valuables. You arrange it in a way that you get one side for the ammunitions and handguns, while another side for the rifles.

Drilling this is safe not going to be an easy job. It is common that most burglars would try to drill through it to access the valuables. The hardened steel plate behind the lock makes it impossible for drilling with the common drilling gear available. The exterior of the safe is quite great based on the accents and silk-screen decoration door. Do not let the soft outer look make you think it is a weak safe, it is really good at protecting your valuables.

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As you can see, it is still possible to end up with a great safe when on a budget. There should be no excuse now why the gun is still kept in the open when a safe would be a great option. All the mentioned gun safes have impressive locking mechanisms with some being biometric. The use of steel construction just makes it great at durability and overall strength. It is time to spend some money and get any safe from the ones mentioned above.