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Best Hidden Gun Safe Reviews 2020

If you own a gun, the most logical step would be getting yourself a nice gun safe. The gun safe is supposed to limit the number of people accessing the gun at any moment. Depending on the type and size of the gun, the safe you will choose depends on these and other factors. You would want a safe that can provide to store a gun without too much struggle and still have the most desired gun-safe security. Some people would want to take things to a whole new level by using the hidden gun safes. Hidden gun safes are supposed to make the safe anonymous. If you love to use hidden gun safes, we will be discussing the top rated safes in the industry, so keep on reading.

Top Things to Consider When Buying Hidden Gun Safes

Buying a gun safe can be confusing sometimes with many models available today. You will need the following tips to help with making a decision about the best gun safe to buy.

Look at the safe rating

If you are going to buy from an online store, the ratings of the safes matter a lot. You might have to check the ratings and reviews on the same store before buying the safe. From the safe, you will know if the product can handle all your needs at the moment. Many people who have used the safe will always leave a review to help you also know more about the safe. This means no more buying a safe blindly without knowing what you are getting into.

Is the safe waterproof or fireproof?

A waterproof safe is great to prevent common damages if there is a water spill or a large disaster such as flooding. Choose a safe that gives you a peace of mind, even when you are not home, chances are your valuables and guns are protected from damage by water or fire.

What makes it be hidden?

The manufacturer will go to great lengths to ensure the safe makes it to the hidden gun safes. Check out the features that make a safe hidden. Mostly you will find a safe being part of a larger product such as a cabinet. If it is something that you like, then you would to have it in your house. Some hidden safes will add a great style to your house interior.

The locking mechanism

The locking mechanism determines just whether your gun is safe or not. Read the product description from the manufacturer to learn how the safe is locked. Always opt for a safe that proves it will not be easily accessed. Sometimes the manufacturers tend to focus more on keeping the safe hidden and forget about its main function. For the safes mentioned below, they all have impressive locking mechanisms that will keep the safe out of reach for anyone.

Installation needs

Some hidden safes need installation while others can simply blend into the environment. For a safe that has to be mounted, the manufacturer is likely to provide the installation hardware to make it easy for you. Mounting should not be a problem, or you can call in a professional to help with mounting.

The number and size of guns it can hold

The main reason you are getting the safe is to store your gun or guns if you have several. Look at the size of the safe to understand the number of guns the safe will hold. Some manufacturers will offer this information in the product description section. You can buy the hidden safe knowing it will hold the type of gun you have.

Top 4 Best Hidden Gun Safe Reviews

1. Barska Hidden Real Book Gun Safe Review

Barska Hidden Real Book Gun Safe
Barska Hidden Real Book Gun Safe

For a safe that really blends into the surrounding, then go for this model. It looks just like a book, so you can easily keep it on your bookshelf in the study.

Do not let the looks fool you, this gun safe is made of steel. The gun safe is designed to handle any form of abuse to ensure that your gun is always locked away. The safe is great for storing handguns, personal items or any other valuables you might have. The best part is that you will not have worry about hiding it, as it can be placed in plain sight and it will look just like a book.

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2. Covert Cabinets Gun Cabinet Hidden Storage Review

Covert Cabinets Gun Cabinet Hidden Storage
Covert Cabinets Gun Cabinet Hidden Storage

When you look at the cabinet once mounted, it is not easy to see how there is an additional storage on it. Using a key, you can easily pop a storage that drops down to offer the additional storage for your guns.

Since it is wall mounted, you can easily put it up in a general room and no one will know what it is holding. The safe is designed to hold 1 to 2 handguns and other accessories for your gun. With a magnetic safety lock, no one is accessing your gun without the right key.

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3. Stack-On IWC-55 Full Length In-Wall Cabinet Review

Stack-On IWC-55 Full Length In-Wall Cabinet
Stack-On IWC-55 Full Length In-Wall Cabinet

The safe is designed to be an in-wall safe, meaning it is not easily visible to other people. The outer steel cover is made to look like a simple metal cabinet. No one would want to bother checking out a cabinet. It is expected that you would not store a gun in an easy to open cabinet. Opening the steel cover is when the hidden gun safe is revealed.

You get to meet a steel door that has a 3 point locking mechanism. This means the door is locked at three different locations, namely upper, bottom and the side. The safe is large enough to help you store all types of handguns and rifles in your possession.

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4. American Furniture Classics Camo Gun Concealment Bench Review

American Furniture Classics Camo Gun Concealment Bench
American Furniture Classics Camo Gun Concealment Bench

The whole purpose of best hidden safes should always serve the purpose of being hidden and still be a safe for storage of valuables. For this type of gun safe, it is built to provide a clever way of storing your firearms and still keep it out of sight.

It has enough space for you to keep up to five long rifles and they will fit without a struggle. The presence of a removal wood tray makes it possible to store additional handguns or any other gun accessories that you might have. The upper compartment on this product provides for enough storage to store your blankets or any accessories for your guns such as ammunitions.

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Gun safes will always remain an important accessory for people who own guns. It is time that you made it less obvious that you have a gun by using the hidden gun safe to store the gun. Most of these hidden gun safes cost the same as other commonly visible safes, but they do offer more functionality that you would want. Just ensure the safe can easily handle your safe needs before fully paying for it.