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Best Ice Fishing Fish Finder Reviews (EXPERT GUIDE) 2020

Ice fishing is a fun sport. It’s exciting, adventurous and a little different from all other fishing sports. It allows you to catch fish beneath the ice.

For years people have been using the old traditional fishing lines to perform the task, it takes hours and you can actually freeze yourself while waiting for your fish.

However, such situations are now a history. Well thanks to some genius minds whose thought about it and invented one of the most useful device in the fishing world, and that is the fish finders. These fish finders are life savers. They will allow you to find the fish from exactly where it is. These digital devices can easily detect the location of fish and the other objects present underwater.

The fish finders are a modern invention and readily available in the market. You might have decided about buying one but do you know which is the best fish finder available in the market, and what actually makes one fish finder better than the other.

Let me tell you about the things you need to look for when looking for a fish finder in the market.

What to Look for When Choosing Ice Fishing Fish Finders

1. Power

The Ice fishing is a tough sport and for a sport like this you will need a powerful fish finder. The power of a fish finder is measured in watts. The higher the power, the better will be the performance of the fish finder. A high-power fish finder will ensure faster and more efficient work. Especially if you are fishing in deep water, then you will need a high-power device. However, in shallow water conditions you can use a low power fish finder.

2. Transducer

The transducer is what makes the fish finder work. It transmits and receives the sonar waves. The transmitted waves go deep into the water and are then transmitted back by the underwater objects. They are then received by the transducer which further converts the information carried by the waves into graphical and image representation.

A high-quality transducer will ensure much more efficient work of the fish finder and the information displayed on the screen will be of high quality.

3. Display

The frozen water is a tough condition to fish in. The sonar waves may collect all the information but if they will be useless if they cannot be displayed effectively on the screen. The display of a fish finder makes a very important of it. It is responsible for all the display of all the information otherwise what use be this device of.

If you want high quality images to be displayed on the screen, choose a fish finder with high resolution. The high resolution will depend on the pixels of the screen. The small pixels are responsible for the display of delicate details of the information. With a high-resolution screen, you will be able to see high definition images, which will allow you to analyze the underwater situation more efficiently.

When you have chosen the resolution, now you will need to choose either you need a black and white screen or a colored screen. The black and white are good if you are not looking for some detailed work but for professional and more accurate use, the colored screen will be a better choice.

4. Frequency

The frequency is a critical part of the fish finder. Only a right frequency fish finder can gather all the information from the under water. Especially in ice fishing when the conditions are harsh and everything needs to be accurate, the frequency plays a very important role.

In the market you will find fish finders supporting different values of frequencies. You need to choose the one which best suits your requirements and which will be ideal for the environment in which you are fishing.

Dual frequency fish finders are also readily available in the market. These are a better option as they can collect more information and they have a high accuracy rate.

These are the major things on which the quality of the fish finder depends. You can easily find a fish finder exhibiting all these qualities, however still to help you with that, let’s talk about some of the fish finders having all these qualities and are easily available in the market on very good rated.

TOP 5 Best Fish Finders for Ice Fishing

1. Vexilar FL-18 Genz Pack 12 Degree Ice-ducer Review

Vexilar FL-18 Genz Pack 12 Degree Ice-ducer
Vexilar FL-18 Genz Pack 12 Degree Ice-ducer

Well for a fish finder you will never see a color and design like this. It is an extremely well designed, beautiful blue colored fish finder will can do wonders inn the ice.

This fish finder takes its name from its designer and modifier Dave Genz. He is a champion of ice fishing. The device is practically indestructible, it is hard, strong and can sustain tough weather conditions. It does not break, trust me I have tried.

It has been further modified to contain a battery compartment and a universal transducer holder system.

The specially designed base can be easily adjusted to a five-gallon bucket. Another amazing feature added to this fish finder is the auto zoom mode (AZ). It allows the zooming of the half-screen zoom window of the six feet bottom of the depth. Well never heard of that before, have you?

The transducer holder easily fits all the ice ducers available in the market, making the device more and more reliable.

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2. Vexilar FLX 28 Ice ProPack II Locator and Pro View Ice Ducer Review

Vexilar FLX 28 Ice ProPack II Locator with Pro View Ice Ducer
Vexilar FLX 28 Ice ProPack II Locator with Pro View Ice Ducer

How about fishing in the night?

Seems difficult, right. Don’t worry it isn’t more. This device has all the features you could ever ask for. This fish finder has been equipped with both day and night mode. The performance of the fish finder does not go down even in the night, it is as efficient in the night as it is during the day.

One more exciting feature added to this device is the digital depth readout. It can actually give you a measure of the depth of the water that you are working in.

You do not need to set the range of it, it does that automatically, another feature making fishing easier.

The fish finder can work up to a depth of 300 feet maximum which means that it can give you a clear representation of the objects and fish up to 300 feet.

This device is just the right product to spend some money on, it won’t fail you under any circumstances.

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3. Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ GPS Portable Ice Fishing Fish Finder Review

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ GPS Portable Wireless Fish Finder for Ice Fishing
Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ GPS Portable Wireless Fish Finder for Ice Fishing

A device especially dedicated to the ice fishing, this is one the best fish finder for ice fishing. In the modern times a device is almost useless if you cannot communicate with it through wireless means. Well this device sure understands that.

It can be easily connected to Wi-Fi, it doesn’t require any cellular data. It is highly compatible with both iOS and Android. Can it get any better, I don’t think so?

This fish finder is just perfect for several types of fishing environments, may it be shore fishing, kayak fishing, ice fishing or river fishing, this device does it all.

When you go into the market, you will find out that this is the only fish finder with GPS enabled onshore bathymetric mapping feature. No other device has that. You can now easily create your map and later work on it on your phone or PC.

It works efficiently to a depth of 330ft and can detect bodies of about 0.5inches under the water up to a depth of 260 ft.

This device seems like a miracle, doesn’t it?

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4. iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Castable Fish Finder Review

ReelSonar CGG-MY-IBOBBER iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder
ReelSonar CGG-MY-IBOBBER iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder

A tough competitor in the list of best fish finders for ice fishing, this device has been equipped with the most modern features. It has the patented sonar fish identifier technology along with a LED beacon.


It can give accurate readings up to a depth of 135’. It has a free app on iOS and android. What you have never heard before is the power of a fish finder to differentiate between raw sonar and fish tagging views. No garbage data in simple words. The fish views are color coded by size.

It gives strike and fish alarms.

Contour mapping

It has a battery life of about 10+ hours. It can easily provide you with waterbed and structure contour mapping.


This device does it all, it is compatible with Google watch and iWatch too. Well that’s what I call pure advancement.


The internal GPS provides an interactive map and can tag different spots.

This is an extremely modern device and a very good investment if you wish to have a device for a longer period of time.

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5. Garmin Striker 4 Review

Garmin Striker 4 with Portable Kit
Garmin Striker 4 with Portable Kit

An extremely easy to use device with a user-friendly interface. It has been made with a keyed interface with each button dedicated to a specific task. You don’t have to an expert to use this device, it’s just too simple.

The waypoint map

Now you can easily locate and navigate to places like dumps and docks with the way point map. It gives a clear representation of the location of different objects surrounding your boat.


This fish finder offers a high quality, detailed display. It has been designed in multiple display sizes of 3.5-, 5- and 7-inch display. You can choose the one that best suits your requirements and budget.

The chirp sonar

The chirp sonar allows you to easily separate your target from the rest of the fish with the help of a clear representation of the arches of the fish. This is possible because it continuously sends the frequencies that carry more detailed information about the underwater conditions.

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