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Best Massage Chair (Reviews & Buying Guide) 2020

Massage chairs used to be simple relaxation gadgets, but nowadays they are medical devices, offering more health benefits than you can imagine. Reducing stress and anxiety are just some of them. If we know that every single person is affected by these two issues, we can also understand why these chairs are popular.

Besides aforementioned benefits, the massage chair will also promote a blood flow, circulation in general and help you with back pain. In addition, all of these benefits generate another one, a better sleep. It isn’t a secret that some employers recommend using massage chairs and they even invest a lot of funds into improving their working environment with chairs of this kind.

A lot of people believe that the best massage chair will cost a lot. This isn’t the truth. There are affordable models with a lot of features that should be taken into account. We divided them into the best massage chairs on the market and best on a budget.

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Best Massage Chair On The Market

1. Full-Body Zero Gravity Space Saving L-Track Kahuna Massage Chair

Full-Body Zero Gravity Space Saving L-Track Kahuna Massage Chair
Full-Body Zero Gravity Space Saving L-Track Kahuna Massage Chair

Our Rating – 4.7/5
This is the best massage chair you can find right now. The fact it has been upgraded in 2019 suggests that there are some additional features you may need. We have to say that the design is the strongest side of this massage chair. Just look at it! It is massive, comfortable and looks more modern than any other chair of this type on the market. It is even registered with the FDA as a medical device, rather than an ordinary massage chair.

The first feature we must mention is 3 stage zero-gravity. Most other models have two or just one zero-gravity stage. It is paired with L-tracking and heating features, making this chair even more comfortable than you can imagine. Even the footer area is upgraded. Now, it comes with 2 rollers that make a massage better and it can be de-attached for washing (washing machine washable).

One of more advanced features includes the computer body scan. Actual sensors have been fitted to the chair, so a computer can use them in order to determine the best settings. Several Yoga programs are added as well. They are automatic and they are extremely useful. We also liked the air massage feature. It looks fresh and different in the lack of a better word. An interesting fact is the space saving capability. Despite the dimensions of  46 x 48 x 31 inches, it can be used in smaller apartments.

The main reason why this is the best massage chair is the full-body massage. During the process, your arms will be carefully placed in a preferable position which maximizes the result of a massage. Due to all the aforementioned facts, you will actually get a better massage than a professional masseur can provide!

A warranty is another plus side of this chair. It lasts 3 years and it covers all the components. During the first two years, you won’t have to do a thing with this chair and you will be fully protected. Another, the related thing we must mention is an exceptional customer support. It is a much better than most other manufacturers can provide, therefore it is a useful addition.


  • 3 stage zero-gravity.
  • Modern design and great comfort.
  • Space saving feature.
  • Customer support is extremely good.
  • A long and full-coverage warranty.


  • It is heavy (200 pounds).
  • Learning how to use it may be complicated.
  • Isn’t available in many different colors.

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2. Ideal Massage Luxury Shiatsu Chair Built in Heat True Zero Gravity

ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built in Heat Zero Gravity Positioning Deep Tissue Massage
ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built in Heat Zero Gravity Positioning Deep Tissue Massage


Our Rating – 4.6/5
This is another massage chair definitely worth of your attention. It is modern, also massive and extremely comfortable. The number of possibilities it has to offer is at the highest level, so is the quality. It is easy to notice that this is a high-end model, beautifully made to last and to meet expectations of the most demanding people. The most important feature is the full-body massage. As you may know, this capability is reserved for the most expensive massage chairs, but with this model, you can have it on a budget. An interesting fact is a toe massage. It actually works and it is perfect for people who walk or stand the entire day.

There are a lot of different massages this chair can simulate. A range of 5-30 minutes definitely makes all better, allowing you to choose the duration of a massage you prefer. Modes such as shiatsu and kneading are supported, obviously. We also liked a simple vibration mode, due to the fact it has been paired with great airbags. Adjusting the intensity, duration, pressure and a variety of other criteria is simple, thanks to the controller located on the right side.

Another thing we must mention is the so-called, relaxation feature. It is developed for relieving pain from the head, shoulders, and neck. It is also paired with massive airbags that look comfortable, and they are! Thanks to this feature, this massage chair is perfect for people who want to relax after a long day in the office.

Although the design isn’t a feature, it has to be mentioned. The entire massage chair looks modern and rich in features. There are 4 available colors, including black and beige, so you can choose the one that will look impressive in your home. Addition: Remember that massage chairs are usually available in just one color, therefore, this small addition is important!

The bottom line of this hair is that it is a well-made, high-end product, worth of your time. It is based on the latest technology, so it is a safe-buy.


  • All popular massage modes are supported.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • A feature that relieves pain in back, shoulders, and neck.
  • Full-body massage.
  • Available in 4 different colors.


  • The controller looks cheap.
  • Manual is complicated.

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3. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Therapy Air Massage System Stretch Vibrating for Home Office Living Room
Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Therapy Air Massage System Stretch Vibrating for Home Office Living Room

Our Rating – 4.4/5
This may be the best massage chair with these dimensions. It weighs 185 pounds and dimensions are 55 x 35 x 42 inches, which means that it is smaller and lighter than the aforementioned models. We like this ‘’advantage’’ and we were impressed with the features it has to offer. The quality is outstanding and paired with mentioned size advantages, this massage chair is ideal for very small apartments. Nevertheless, there are a lot of features you are going to use and there are a lot of things you will like.

The Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair is FDA registered, a great safety feature that suggests how great this chair is. Another advantage is 30 airbags built-in in the chair. They are combined with an intelligent system that sends the maximum amount of pressure on the most needed locations. The end results are perfect vibrations and massage techniques.

The peak of this chair is airbags and feature dedicated to a foot massage. They are advanced in the lack of a better word and they will guarantee you the maximum comfort. A useful addition, especially for people who have poor circulation in their legs.

A controller has been based on the latest development techniques, so it is more than just good. We liked the fact it is so easy to use and you won’t have to read the manual. It is also modern and makes the entire massage chair looks more expensive than it actually is.

Another plus-side of this massage chair is pain relief and improving the blood flow. Thanks to the 20 airbags, located in a lower part of the chair, a massage is comfortable and pleasant. All of this you will get for an affordable price! This model is almost 90% more affordable than the first massage chair we mentioned. Note: The weight load is limited to 250 LBS.


  • More affordable than rival models.
  • Great controller, simple to use and practical.
  • Smaller dimensions and a lower weight.
  • Perfect leg massage, much better than other models have to offer.


  • Lack of massage supports for upper part of the body.
  • Less comfortable than more advanced models.

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4. BestMassage Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

BestMassage Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Foot Roller Air Massage System
BestMassage Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Foot Roller Air Massage System

Our Rating – 4.2/5
Extremely modern and futuristic design are words that define this zero gravity massage chair the best. At the first sight, you can notice that it doesn’t look like any other model on the market and it even suggests that the massage it can offer will be different.

The thing we like the most (related to the design) are places for arms. They look extraordinary, but they actually work and they are better than on other models, especially those from this price range! Maybe they could be slightly bigger, but in that case, it would be more complicated to use this massage chair.

The main and therefore the best part of this chair has to be the massaged surface. It has been increased by 60%, compared to the previous model, which means a far better and more advanced comfort. If you want a full-body massage, you get it. This chair will massage your legs, arms, waist, thighs, shoulders, and even neck. The end result would be an amazing feeling after a massage that takes no more than 10 minutes.

Modes are changed as well. Now you can choose between refresh, relax and recover. A far more important benefit is the difference between these modes. Each one is completely different and it actually has a specific benefit. It is a nice thing being able to switch between the modes and try each one. They are more needed than most people believe.

An OPTO sensor is added, finally. It is used to measure the shoulder height and send the pressure and the vibrations where they are the most needed. At the end, this is definitely an addition you will need and you will use.

Rollers are responsible for massaging feet. They cover the entire foot, making a massage and relaxing better than ever. Waist hasn’t been forgotten as well. Heat feature is responsible for this part.


  • The design is advanced.
  • OPTO sensor.
  • Rollers for the feet.
  • A complete massage that is outstanding.
  • Different modes.


  • Small place for the arms.
  • Isn’t perfect for overweight people due to tight place for the legs.
  • It is rougher than other chairs.

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5. Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Full Body Zero Gravity Real Relax Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Heat and Foot Roller
Full Body Zero Gravity Real Relax Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Heat and Foot Roller

Our Rating – 4.0/5
At the first sight, you will say that the Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair is extremely expensive, but this isn’t the truth. In a matter of fact, it is at least 30% cheaper than most other massage chairs on the market, available right now. However, you still get a pleasant and advanced massage that will make you happy and satisfied.

A special attention has been focused on the extremities. Legs and arms will be completely covered with airbags. Adding the movement of the massage feature and you will get the relaxation you deserve.

This model is probably the best massage chair for arms you can get right now. You will be able to see how great it is the first time you use it. Despite this fact, it doesn’t lack other features. We will just add that the same rule was used for massaging the legs, so if you want to rest your legs, this may be the massage chair for you.

A pulsed massage is a new addition as well. It is also important for leg and arm massage, therefore making the relaxation much better and more advanced than ever. In addition, it is a rare feature, unique to this massage chair!

In order to understand how great it is, you should know that there are 35 air bags. Most massage chairs of this kind have at least 5 less. They are divided into places where you will actually need them, such as back and shoulders. Now you will know why the Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair is so impressive. All airbags offer air squeeze, vibration, and heat, which affects the comfort and makes it better.

A neck massage feature is based on the futuristic technology. Simply said, you won’t be able to see it on other chairs. As the result, you can wrap it around your neck and literally get 100% neck massage. No other massage chair has the feature in question!


  • Great for massaging arms and legs.
  • Neck massage is outstanding.
  • 35 airbags.
  • Heat and vibration modes.


  • Back massage has weak intensity.
  • Leg and back elevations are linked (no independent adjust).

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Best Cheap Massage Chair On The Market – Under $300

1. Massaging Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman

Flash Furniture Massaging Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Leather Wrapped Base
Flash Furniture Massaging Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Leather Wrapped Base

Our Rating – 4.0/5
It is amazing being able to get a professional, high-end massage chair for less than $300! The Massaging Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman is simply the best massage chair in this price range and that’s it. It has everything you are going to need, it is small and practical, but it also comes with an ottoman, usually reserved for more expensive massage chairs. Now, you can get all the benefits on a budget. Even more importantly, the quality is great. The leather is soft, durable and it can be seen on models that cost two times more!

When it comes to features, the entire chair and the ottoman have massaging features. They can be adjusted to meet your demands and thanks to the simple controller, adjusting will take no more than 1 minute. A controller deserves a special attention. It looks modern and it is very pleasant to use. There are no unnecessary controls, only the ones you are going to actually need.

The comfort is amazing as well. The back and the lower part have dual cushions. This means that it is more comfortable than other models in this price range. It is perfect for people who sit the entire day and want to have a rest. As the end result, you will be able to ‘’recharge’’ your batteries and to relax in a perfect comfort. Although this isn’t an unusual feature for massage chairs, it is a nice thing being able to see this feature and advantage in a cheap massage chair.

In order to make the chair practical, the manufacturer added a right side pocket. The best thing about it is dimensions. It is big enough for a tablet, a magazine or for a bottle of your favorite beverage. An interesting fact is related. The manufacturer chose a right side because most people on the planet use their right hand. Maybe this is a simple, but it is definitely a practical solution.


  • Back and the lower part has a dual-cushioning system.
  • Right side pocket.
  • Comes with an ottoman.
  • Great controller. Simple and useful.


  • Smaller dimensions.
  • Ottoman cannot be folded.

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2. Relaxzen 60-425111 Leisure Recliner Chair

Relaxzen Leisure Recliner Chair with 8-Motor Massage & Heat
Relaxzen Leisure Recliner Chair with 8-Motor Massage & Heat

Our Rating – 3.8/5
Have you always wanted to get a perfect massage chair that looks elegant and can be used in high-end homes and still look ‘’natural’’? You probably have. You also know that these chairs cost a lot. However, with the Relaxzen 60-425111 Leisure Recliner Chair, the situation is completely different.

This model looks like some of the most expensive massage chairs on the market and it comes with all the features you are going to need, all except one. The price is more than just affordable, making this the most elegant massage chair in this price range. Nevertheless, you still get advanced features and the ottoman!

Thanks to the 8 motors built-in the massage chair, a massage you will get can only be compared with models that costs 2-3 times more. Even more importantly, you will get a massage of your back, shoulders, tights and even calves. These features are well-known and more than just preferable. We will add that the entire chair is very comfortable and it is a nice place to be.

The material looks like a genuine leather, very tough and durable. It is also available in three different styles. You can choose between black, brown and a camouflage style. Note: The camouflage style is extremely rare in massage chairs and this may be just one of 4-5 models on the market with this feature.

This massage chair offers 9 pre-programmed modes, but you can always adjust a preferred one. An intensity can be adjusted as well. There are 5 levels, each better than the previous one. A great addition is the fact the lumbar part has been paired with a heat feature. Simply said, your lower back will be warm during the massaging. This affects the comfort and makes using the chair much better.

Other advantages of this model include a pocket for a remote controller and a recliner feature. Together, they make using the chair and spending time in it better and more pleasant. In addition, the design and the material make this massage chair perfect for all types of homes. It will look like it has been made for your home.


  • Great value for money.
  • Comes with an ottoman.
  • Impressive material.
  • Simple-to-use controller.
  • Lumbar heating feature.


  • Brown version looks obsolete.
  • No dual cushioning.

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3. Flash Furniture BT-7818-BK-GG Contemporary Black Leather

Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Swiveling Mahogany Wood Base
Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Swiveling Mahogany Wood Base

Our Rating – 3.7/5
People who want a modern and outstanding massage chair on a budget will like the Flash Furniture BT-7818-BK-GG Contemporary Black Leather! As we said, it looks futuristic and no other model can be compared to it (when it comes to the design) in this price range. Add the fact it is made from a black leather and you will get an amazing massage chair.

The swiveling base is a masterpiece. It is made on a ball-bearing principle and it is something that makes this massage chair looks completely different than any other massage chair you can have today. It is also one of the reasons why it looks modern.

When it comes to the comfort, this is a great massage chair. It has thick cushions, well-made and located on needed places, and a perfect when you want to spend a lot of time in a chair. We also liked the fact the armrests are linked to the lower part of a chair. This traps heat and makes spending time in a chair much better. Add the fact it is a rare benefit and you may get the best massage chair of this type.

The relations between the dimensions and the weight are another advantage. The dimensions are 32.5 x 38.5 x 40.5 inches, great for smaller and larger homes, but the weight is only 56 pounds! Much lower that equivalent models have to offer. As the result, you will be able to move it and transport it without an effort.

Usually an ottoman is a simple addition that doesn’t deserve a lot of attention, but in this case, it does! It is packed with great airbags and cushions, so your legs won’t slip from it. It is also a massaging enabled, therefore you will have a much better massage.

Keep in mind that the Flash Furniture BT-7818-BK-GG Contemporary Black Leather will require some amount of assembling. Luckily it is simple and it won’t require a lot of your time. As we said, a low weight has its benefits in this field as well.


  • Very comfortable (applies on the chair and the ottoman).
  • Low weight.
  • Swiveling base.
  • Modern design.
  • Additional cushions.


  • Smaller than rival models.
  • Lack of lumbar support.

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4. Relaxzen 60-078011 Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair

Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair with 8-Motor Massage & Heat
Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair with 8-Motor Massage & Heat

Our Rating – 3.6/5
This massage chair is perfect for two types of homes. For high-end, luxury homes where only the best furniture should be used and for ordinary homes where homeowners want to improve the style, making their home look better than ever. Still, it is affordable and can be treated as one of the cheapest, great-looking massage chairs you can buy today.

The design is modern, well-suited which is preferable. The material looks comfortable and it is pleasant to touch. All of these are important advantages you and your family members will like.

The features begin with 8 motors, built-in the chair. They offer incredibly precise and advanced massage on the entire body. The entire body includes back, legs and even shoulders. There are 9 pre-programmed modes, standard for this manufacturer. All of them are different and they target different muscles. The intensity comes in 5 levels. We would recommend you to start with the level 3 and move to the higher ones. Try to remember that massage chairs from this price range usually have 1 or 2 intensity levels, making their massaging less-efficient.

Swivel, recliner and adjusting the recliner are other features we also liked. The best part of them is the fact they are well-made and you can actually see that all components are high-quality. There is no point in adding that adjusting the chair is very simple and you won’t need more than a minute.

A lumbar support is another feature that can be treated as an advantage. It has been paired with a heating feature, meaning that your lumbar part will be heated the entire time you use the chair. Of course, this is a standard feature for more advanced models, meaning that the Relaxzen 60-078011 Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair borrows something from more expensive rival models.

An ottoman is included, obviously. It also offers massaging feature, helping you relax and refresh your calves. The only drawback may be the cushions. They are enough, but adding a few more would be better.


  • Eight massaging motors.
  • The chair and the ottoman offer massage.
  • 9 pre-programmed modes and 5 intensity levels.


  • Available in just one color.
  • The steel frame isn’t layered with a fabric.

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5. Massaging Black Leather Recliner & Ottoman

Massaging Black Leather Recliner & Ottoman
Massaging Black Leather Recliner & Ottoman

Our Rating – 3.5/5
We were shocked by the price the Massaging Black Leather Recliner & Ottoman has to offer. In some cases, it is more affordable than an ordinary chair. Nevertheless, it still provides decent quality and rich features. Thanks to the low price, it is a perfect model if you are looking for a new massage chair that you want to use for a long time.

The level of comfort is much better than all other models in this price range. It can be only compared with more expensive massage chairs. An interesting fact is that this model would be better than some chairs of this kind that cost 2 times more. Perfect if you want to buy an amazing massage chair while trying to save a bit of money.

Another advantage can be related to the ottoman. We all know that the chair has massaging features, but the ottoman has them as well. A combination of these two benefits makes the entire chair better and more suitable for people who want advanced messaging and extraordinary possibilities. Controller is much better than affordable massaging chairs usually, have to offer. It is simple to use, it is modern and it looks simpler than ever.

Side pockets may be a simple addition, only if you had massage chairs with them. If this is your first massage chair, they can be something that will make a difference. After all, it is much simpler to place your items and keep them within your reach than to place them around a chair or all away on your table.

The Massaging Black Leather Recliner & Ottoman also has armrests that are linked to the lower part of the chair. This makes them better and more comfortable.

The dimensions are 30.8 x 43 x 41 inches and the weight is 56 pounds. All of this means that you can use it in a small apartment and move it won’t be an issue. We will add the fact the assembly process is simple as well and it can be completed in 30 minutes or less.


  • Impressive value for money.
  • Great features.
  • Ottoman has massaging


  • The swivel feature.
  • Ottoman is too flat.

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What To Look For Your New Massage Chair?

The first and the main thing when it comes to these chairs is a comfort, therefore it should be your main objective. After all, you are buying a massage chair in order to get the relaxation you want and to recharge your batteries.

Airbags And Motors

Although these two aspects aren’t linked, they are both mandatory. Meaning that if your new massage chair has more airbags and they are paired with more motors, it will be more comfortable, it will offer more options and it will be more pleasant to spend time in it. It also means that massaging will be more advanced, simply because a chair will affect more muscles and cover a bigger massaging surface. Don’t think these two aspects aren’t important for your arms and legs. In a matter of fact, they are equally important as for your back!


You may know that most massage chairs come in black or brown colors. This is done due to the fact these colors can be used and paired in most homes. They look elegant and make the entire massage chair much more expensive. It isn’t a secret that most manufacturers choose these colors due to these reasons. While this sounds simple, there are some massage chairs that come in different color versions. They may be rare, but they are something you need if you have a home style that cannot be combined with black and brown colors. A thing to remember is that it is possible to get a ‘’weird’’ style massage chair. It may have a camouflage design, making it perfect for specialized applications, such as hunter or military gatherings.

Value For Money

Usually, massage chairs are expensive, because they are complicated to produce they have a lot of features and they are made from leather or other, also expensive materials. Some manufacturers offer massage chairs that are placed in a higher class, but they don’t have corresponding features. This also means that it is a better decision to buy a massage chair from a lower class, but with better quality/features than a much bigger and better-looking massage chair that doesn’t actually have what to offer.

A Shiatsu Mode

This is another thing you are going to need and love in your massage chair. This type of massage is the most popular and the most advanced type of a massage on the planet. Only the most experienced masseurs can provide this type of massage. Luckily, some models of massage chairs can simulate this massage. The best massage chair must have this feature and it is something that can make a difference. A related advantage is that a massage chair with this program unusually offers a kneading program. It is preferable as well and it is more needed than you may imagine.

Modes And Pre-Programmed Massages

You saw that all of these models have pre-programmed modes. They are something that can determine how great your new massage chair is. In this case, the more is better and if you have a massage chair with more programs, it will offer better massage and have a better comfort. It also means that it will be more advanced when it comes to massaging. Usually, 8-9 pre-programmed modes are enough, but there are some specialized models with 30 of them. The truth is, you will use 5-6 of them, so don’t pay extra money for anything that sounds nice, but isn’t actually needed.

Relax, Massage Or Both

All of these massage chairs are made to offer massage capabilities, to relax you and to give you energy. However, there are some differences. We were able to see models that offer perfect massage, but they are not right if you just want to look a movie. On the other hand, we have models that are perfect for simple sitting, but their massage features are not as good as other models have. Simply said, it is mandatory to decide what you want from your new massage chair. Do you prefer a massage or just to relax? An unwritten rule is that smaller massage chairs are designed to relax and bigger ones are suitable for better massages.

Benefits Your Chair Should Have

At the beginning, we mentioned that a massage chair offers a lot of health benefits. Most of these products are actually developed and sold as medical devices, so you can understand how great they are. Pay attention to the benefits your new massage chair has to offer. Usually, they all provide better posture, relaxing muscles and promote blood flow and circulation. More advanced models have more to offer. They can lower the blood pressure and they can help you sleep better!

Armrests And Footer Area

Looking for a great massage chair to massage your legs? Choose a model that has an advanced foot area. It will provide a complete massage and paired with vibrations and additional techniques it will help you get a better rest and comfort focused on your feet. These chairs usually have improved armrests. They are bigger and they are loaded with more airbags and motors. All of this suggests that your extremities will be fully rested and relaxed in a matter of minutes.

Features To Look In

Massaging Area

The main and the most important feature you are going to need, when it comes to a massage chair is the massaging area. Simply said, this determines how much of your body will be massaged. Most models offer back and leg massage enough for most people. If you want an ultimate massage, you will have to choose a model that also massages your arms, shoulders, and neck. The last part, the neck is reserved for the latest and for the most expensive models. Some of them have a full neck massage feature. If you experience neck pain, this is the feature you are going to need. Models here, have it, making them a perfect choice. We will add that the higher massaging area is a much better alternative and it can make a difference between a good and great massage chair.

Weigh Load

Most people don’t know that a massage chair has a specified weight load. Some of them can withstand up to 300 LBS, which is preferable. This is important due to the fact it will last longer and it can withstand more pressure and rougher applications. We will share a secret with you. Pay attention ion the swivel mechanism. If it looks weak and it has just one connecting point, the weight load won’t be very high. Models with a durable swivel system can last for decades, without any damage.


It is a well-known fact that warranty is an important factor to consider, no matter which product you are looking for. With massage chairs, it is more important than in any other case. A massage chair will have hundreds of elements inside. Each one must be well-made and must withstand a rough application. If just one of them fails, your massage chair won’t work, which is a serious problem. In order to make sure you buy a ‘’safe’’ model, pay attention to the warranty and what it covers. Some manufacturers offer a warranty that includes free spare parts.  Replacing them is simple, but only if you have a correct part!


We can say that dimensions define a massage chair. Bigger is better and it will have several advantages. For example, the massaging area will be bigger and the level of comfort much better. Smaller massage chairs are ideal for smaller apartments and for homes where space may be an issue. We actually used this criterion when we rated models on the list. Another benefit is that bigger and massive massage chairs look better and more luxurious.


Weight isn’t a mandatory factor. In general, it should be taken into account only if you are looking for a model that will be moved all the time in your home. If you live alone and a low weight is something you will need. Bigger models can weigh up to 200 pounds, moving them is a serious task. Smaller models usually weigh 60 pounds, moving them won’t be an issue.

FDA Registered

We have mentioned that some of the massage chairs are registered as medical devices. This is an important criterion that definitely should be taken into account, especially if you are looking for a model that will have a positive effect on your health. Now, the thing is that more advanced models are registered as medical devices, due to a number of features they have to offer and their health benefits. The main thing to remember is that if you have a back pain, a massage chair from this category is the one you will need. Only it can help you with eliminating the pain and can make permanent improvements. Make sure it is FDA tested and approved. It is important simply because of a massage chair, rated as a medical device must pass strict tests and meet certain requirements.

Detachable Footer Area

Recent massage chairs have detachable footer area. It is a real pleasure being able to have this feature. It makes using it more pleasant and simpler at the same time. The level of maintenance is lower as well. Only a few models have this feature, so pay attention to it. Washing a footer area is simple and has sanitary advantages. Note: This feature can be paired with the demand for leg massage. If you choose a model of this type, washable and removable footer area is preferable.

Intelligent Detection

You may notice that some of these massage chairs have intelligent feature. It is more important than you may believe, due to a simple reason. It will use a computer to scan your body and determine which type of massage and where you need it the most. Sadly, only the most advanced and most expensive models have this advantage. Some even use sensors to measure the needed massaging intensity to your neck and shoulder.

Heat Feature

You are going to need a heat feature. A good thing is that most models, at least those we mentioned here have it. In essence, it means that a massage chair will heat the desired area (usually lumbar part) and make massaging and spending time in a chair much better. Another advantage of a heating feature is that it helps your muscles get relaxed. In less than 30 minutes, you will be able to relax perfectly and refresh. This feature is absolutely mandatory for people who sit the entire day and work on a computer!

Side Pocket

This is the simplest feature you are going to need. Although it doesn’t sound impressive nor actually needed, it is something you will miss, if you get a massage chair without it. Every single the best massage chair has it, and it is something that can make using a chair better and more convenient. For example, if you have a side pocket, you can place all your items such as a tablet or a smartphone inside it. Without it, you will have to place them on a table, obviously. A drawback is that you will have to move and interrupt your massage when your tablet/smartphone rings. A related advantage is that this feature doesn’t increase the price of a massage chair.

The Bottom Line

Are you still looking for the best massage chair? It is here, on the list and it has everything you may need. We divided models according to their price and their features, so you can choose between the best models or models that are affordable, but still offer impressive features. All of them are well-made and feature a high-quality, something you will definitely need. In addition, all of them are the latest models, so they bring certain advantages and high-tech capabilities.

We also spent a lot of time on a warranty and customer support. The models here are the top of the range when it comes to these two factors. You won’t have any problem with them and they will make you perfectly satisfied and relaxed. At the same time, some massage chairs here are FDA approved and treated as medical devices, which suggest they can actually provide you health benefits.

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