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Best Snowboard Boots (Reviews & Guide) 2020

Snowboarding is one of the most popular sports around the world, and if you want to take part in the game, the very first equipment needed is a pair of snowboard boots.

Snowboard Boots

You just don’t need a pair of snowboard boot, rather you need a best pair snowboard boots that will fit comfortably to your foot and keep it warm as long as possible. Because a poor fit can ruin your ride and you may face aching feet and blisters for the remaining days of your journey.

But with so many options out there to choose, it is hard to find the perfect one for your feet. That’s why we spent some quality time researching to figure out which are the best snowboard boots available in the market and we came up with 8 best ones.

You can now take a look at the features of those snowboard boots as we clearly describe them in detail. Which will help you to know their designing and performance more precisely? You can also follow our buyer’s guide, where we will walk you through the factors that you should have to consider while purchasing a snowboard boot.

So, now move to our list of top 8 snowboard boots and find the one which you will wear in the next snowboarding season.

8 Best Snowboard Boot Reviews

1. Burton Moto Snowboard Boots Review

Burton Moto Snowboard Boots
Burton Moto Snowboard Boots

Burton snowboard boots are well known among the snowboarder as they never compromise on their product quality and include features that help in an effortless ride down the slope.

This particular model out here is the top selling snowboard boots for a number of years now. Which clearly indicates why Burton is the leading snowboard manufacturer in the market.

The Burton moto brings the correct amount of flex that offers top-tier comfort for ease of use. The flex is not too stiff nor too soft which turns it to a beginner friendly boot.

These snowboard boots are super lightweight and feature Zone lacing technology, which helps in tighten and loosen both the upper and lower zones of the boot individually.

Burton designed this particular model to be warmer compared to the other ones available in the market.  It has a heat reflective foil lining which fights against the cold weather by insulating your heat and reflect it back to your feet. Which means you can spend your whole day of snowboarding with one pair of socks easily. We are also writing on the Best Massage Chair Do check this out too.

If you are looking for a versatile snowboard boot which you can use on the slopes as well as on the terrain park, then this pair will be the best one for you. Once you get familiar with this pair of shoes, you will feel it is easy to adjust and tighten on the mountain.

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2. Salomon Faction Boa Snowboard Boot Review

Salomon Faction Boa Snowboard Boot
Salomon Faction Boa Snowboard Boot

It designed to be comfortable and lightweight. With the popular Boa closure lancing system you can tighten the boot quick and easy. Which makes it the best snowboard boots for beginners.

The boots are built to be easy to take on and pull off, which allows the wearer to hit the slope as quick as possible. Salomon used some advanced features in this boot like the Gold Fit liner and Ortholite C1 Insole feature for lasting fit and comfort all season long.

The full EVA D-Light Outsole reduces vibrations and keeps the boot low-profile.

The Ortholite footbeds of the Salomon Faction Boa create comfortable surrounding for your feet. They don’t lose their shape easily over time and offers the same level of comfort ride after ride. The Salmon Faction Boa boot provides enough support for all-mountain freestyle riders as well as for beginners.

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3. K2 Maysis Heat Snowboard Boot Review

K2 Maysis Heat Snowboard Boot
K2 Maysis Heat Snowboard Boot

K2 Maysis Heat snowboard boots have everything that you would expect from best snowboard boots. The Boa closure system gives a perfect fit to your feet. The space heater liner provides heat moldable customization to keep your feet warm and comfortable, even in the coldest weather. The thermic heaters use electric power to deliver additional warmth to the wearer,

There is three heat setting available, which you can adjust as per your comfort. It can warm your feet up to 17 hours on a single charge. In terms of flex, this boot has a low flex that aimed to provide extra speed and control on the mountain.

This snowboard boot is the perfect combination of style with performance. If you are looking for a snowboard boot that not only provides warmth and comfort to your feet but also make you stylish, then you should go with this one.

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4. DC Men’s Judge Snowboard Boot Review

DC Men’s Judge Snowboard Boot
DC Men’s Judge Snowboard Boot

This DC judge boots are designed with extreme textiles that were used by the military. It equipped with two dual Boas coiler system that helps in precise closure, helping to lock down your heels in conjunction with the liner’s J-bars and an internal ankle harness.

Articulated construction allows you for forwarding flex without creating any pressure points. These boots also feature the hard-wearing, grippy Vibram outsole that uses an Aerotech Ventilation System which helps in regulating the temperature of your feet.

This DC judge outsole technology providing traction, durability and cushioning in an extra light outsole. Specialized tread patterns for ascending, descending and pushing whilst on the board.

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5. Thirtytwo STW BOA Snowboarding Boot Review

Thirtytwo STW BOA Snowboarding Boot
Thirtytwo STW BOA Snowboarding Boot

If you are looking for budget-friendly snowboard boots which will give a smooth performance on the slope, then Thirtytwo STW will be the right choice for you.

This model is also considered as the best snowboarding boots for beginners who are just getting into the game. The synthetic and textile upper with a soft flex that helps to get maximum comfort while sliding down the trails and trying to learn the skills of this exciting sport.

It constructed with a dual-density Intuition Foam provides moderate support and soft flex. The foam sole reduces the weight of the overall shoe, as a result, the total weight of the boot reduces. Which means you won’t feel the excess bulkiness from the rubber outsole and will enjoy your ride smoothly.

This shoe lined with microfleece for superior warmth and comfort. Where the stainless steel laces give the assurance that the shoe will fit perfectly to your feet and won’t become loose during the ride.

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6. Vans Hi-Standard Snowboard Boot Review

Vans Hi-Standard Snowboard Boot
Vans Hi-Standard Snowboard Boot

More than a decade the Hi-standard has been a part in the Vans snowboard boots line-up. With repeatedly delivering smooth performance, it becomes a favorite of many users. This all-mountain boot receives high marks for its comfort and flexibility, which helps women snowboarders to ride all day long on any a part of the hill or on the terrain park.

This snowboard boots designed especially for the women riders according to their fit and comfort. Vans include a conventional lacing and closure system that leans on an internal liner harness for layered security and a reverse waffle outsole.

The boot fits nicely on the rider’s foot, keeping the heel tightly in place which results in solid all-around performance. You may not see some advanced technology that is available in some other snowboard boots nowadays but still is able to deliver top-level performance to the wearer.

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7. Burton Felix Boa Snowboard Boot Review

Burton Felix Boa Snowboard Boot
Burton Felix Boa Snowboard Boot

The Burton Felix boot is an all-around performer which is slightly softer and budget friendly. It is reliable and comfortable with a snow-proof internal gusset with the sleeping bag Reflective Foil that helps to keep you warm.

It includes a strong Burton style sole for hard landings or cruising on the tundra. The Felix Boa also includes a gentle and softer flex and is very good snowboard boots for beginners.

These Burton snowboard boots have a dual zone Boa lacing system with coiler and lockdown technologies with new England Rope laces. It has the great shock absorption system which will provide more comfort during landing jumps and tricks. With this pair of shoes, your snowboarding season will become more memorable.

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8. Burton Limelight Women’s Snowboard Boots Review

Burton Limelight Women’s Snowboard Boots
Burton Limelight Women’s Snowboard Boots

This Burton Limelight Boa snowboard comes with a single-wire system for the foremost convenient lacing system which increases heel hold by combine three lacing zones around wearer’s ankle.

The ‘wire’ is truly fabricated from natural fibers that are even as robust, however, it results in a more comfortable feel to the users.

This snowboard is designed to handle all sorts of riding. The B3 gel padding in the heel for greater cushioning, whereas, the

DynoGRIP outsole features an extra layer of traction at the toe and heel area for a strong grip.

Due to the presence of the 3M Thinsulate insulated liner and Sleeping Bag heat-reflective foil, the Burton Limelight Boa boots keep your feet warm while not compromising on feel and flex.  An overall soft and forgiving flex brings it all together in a boot that works with you to bring more fun and freedom to every ride.

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Buyer’s guide for best snowboard boots

If you are a beginner and going to buy snowboard boots, here are a few things that you should have to consider before selecting your pair.

1. Boot flex

Boot flex is an important factor to consider while selecting a snowboard boot. Generally, they are categories in soft, medium and stiff.

Soft flex snowboard boots are more comfortable and also provide unparalleled lateral mobility which helps in rail tricks and stylish grab on the mountain. If you are a beginner you must have to go for the soft flex snowboard boots.

Medium flex snowboards balance, mobility and great support for all-mountain performance. Many snowboard boots belong to this category.

Stiff flex snowboard boots are designed for aggressive turning and harder landing on the rough terrain park. Pro level snowboarders need this type of boots.

2. Riding style

Which snowboard boot you should buy it depends on your riding style. All-mountain? Freeride? Freestyle? Or both All-mountain and Freeride?

If you are an All-mountain rider always go for more flexible boots and if you are a beginner then go for the softer flex boots.

Freeride means “big mountain riding”. If you are in this category then you don’t need a boot with soft flex rather you should prefer stiffer boots which will provide edge power for slicing lines across the snow with speed and accuracy.

And if you are a Freestyle rider who loves half-pipe, jumps, jibbing, rails and tricks in Terrain Park, soft and flexible boots will be the ideal choice for you.

3. Comfort and Fit

Snowboard boots should be snugly and new ones should feel tight for the first couple of days. But you won’t able to enjoy your ride if you aren’t wearing the proper size boot. A properly fit boot can prevent you from crush toes, cramped feet, sore heels, etc.

Many beginners often do the same mistake by picking a snowboard boot as their usual boot size.  After some days it becomes big and sloppy.

So, whenever you go for a snowboard boot, always look for the boot which is half of your normal shoe size. At first, it feels tight but after some use, they expand a bit and fits perfectly. While wearing snowboard boot always go with the typical snowboard specific socks because they wick moisture away from your feet and keep them warm.

4. Lacing system

There are mainly three different kinds of lacing system find on snowboard boots i.e. Traditional, quick-pull and Boa. Some snowboard boots feature a blend of two of these systems.

The “Traditional lacing system” generally takes more time to get tighten but they offer the best custom fit as you can adjust them the properly. One of the great advantages of this is, the laces can easily replaceable if they break. Whereas the advanced lancing system sometimes becomes hard to replace.

Quick-pull or the speed lacing system is designed for fast and more convenient zonal tightening. It takes minimum time and also can be operated while wearing gloves. The main demerit point of this lacing system is if the laces break they are hard and costly to replace.

The Boa lacing system is very simple to use. All you have to do is rotate the cable reels and it tightens to your feet. You can also loosen the tightness by pressing on the reels. This lacing system comes in various level of control such as one, two, three dials. But dual Boa lacing system is common. You can also operate it even with wearing gloves. With Boa lacing sometimes it feels unusual tightness. The higher-end models remove this issue by adding extra lace reels and lacing zones.

5. Liner

Liner is the interior padding of snowboard boots, it provides warmth, insulation, and padding to your feet. There is mainly three types of liners you can find i.e. stock liners, moldable liners, and heat-moldable liners.

Stock liners provide basic-level boot padding and stability with continuous use they come to the shape of your foot.

Moldable liners are the higher level of stock liners in terms of price and material use. They use your body heat to be in the shape of your foot.

The Heat-Moldable liners are best in quality as well as in performance. They are designed to give a perfect custom fit to your foot.

6. Material

Most of the snowboard boots are made up of synthetic materials, although you can find some leather boots as well. The leather boots are long lasting with proper care but they are costlier than the synthetic ones.

The boot soles are made of rubber. The lighter rubber is helpful for the snowboarders sticking to the park while the heavier rubber is suitable for free riders (big mountain riding) as they offer better durability.

7. Gender

Men’s and Women’s boot are not different because of the women’s boot are prettier in look, rather they are actually different from each other.

The men’s and Women’s boot are made by keeping their body anatomy in mind. Women’s calves tend to be present lower on the leg compared to men. So, the women’s snowboard boots normally have a lower cuff for better comfort.

The heel is in Women is narrower compared to the men. So that the Women’s snowboard boots are also narrower at the heel section to offer better foothold.


So, this the list of 8 best snowboard boots which include both men, women and beginners type boots. The kind of boot you choose will define how much you will enjoy on the mountain. So, don’t be hurried, read their reviews carefully, match your needs with the features of the boot that you are looking to purchase. If you feel sure on the product then go for it. You can also take the help of our buyers to guide where we described the important factors you should consider while looking for perfect snowboard boots of your size.