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Best SnowBoards (Reviews & Buyers Guide) 2020

The latest trend in snowboards is shapes, shapes, and more shapes. These boards are the latest craze for a definite good reasons. Moving away from the traditional designs has opened the doors up to mind blowing experiences.

There have also been changes in aerodynamics and mechanism, which definitely is towards good. But as these are very latest technologies, many people who aren’t connected actively in this industry barely know about the upsides and downsides of these changes.

So, I’m here to introduce you people with these changes. I have a vast experience in this industry. And I thought let me help those people who aren’t familiar with the modern changes in this industry, but need to pick the best snowboard for them for ultimate fun.

5 Best SnowBoards Review

Well, I know you want to know, which are the best snowboards 2020. I get that you desperately want to pick the perfect and best snowboard for you. But the fact is, there are hundreds of options available in the market which is good and bad at the same time.

Good is you get a lot of options to choose from, which gives you the freedom to skip a product if it’s not perfect and move to another one.

Bad is you get a lot of options to choose from which makes you confused which one will be perfect and best snowboard for you.

These snowboard are good enough to make it to our list of the Top 10 Best snowboard Reviews 2020.

PictureNameSize (cm)Price
Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard (Mens)Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard – Men’s157 cm
Rossignol XV Magtek Snowboard (Mens)Rossignol XV Magtek Snowboard – Men’s159 cm
Never Summer 2019 Funslinger SnowboardNever Summer 2019 Funslinger Snowboard149 – 159 cm
DC Focus Snowboard (Mens)DC Men’s Focus Snowboard137 cm
Salomon Snowboards Split SplitboardSalomon Snowboards Split Splitboard163 cm

That’s why I’m here! To suggest you the best snowboards in 2020, providing best snowboards reviews, suggesting cheap snowboards and best snowboard brands as well. Let’s get started.

1. Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard (Mens)

Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard (Mens)
Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard (Mens)

If you are looking for a snowboard, you can go anywhere with, you don’t need to consider other options over the Jones mountain twin snowboard. This playful yet precise is a very versatile snowboard that you are going to have a blast with. To mention, Jones mountain is a renowned and one of the best snowboard brands out there.

The first thing you will be noticing is the new shape and the curves of the board. It’a twin directional snowboard with Mellow Magne-traction, Progressive Side-cut with Blunt Nose, and has a stiffness of 7 out of 10. And there’s a special graphic on this season as mountain twin is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn.

This board will feel exactly the same in the powder, the park and groomers. This type of consistency is surprising nowadays with all the specialized boards out.

This is a kind of mountain board that anyone can ride and feel confident with, no matter where they end up. The natural setup being a little back, it is not a true twin, but you will definitely ride switch without any issues. You can ride off lifts with ease, Ollie, butter and carve without any issues what so ever and enjoy your day without any worries!

This board is rated 7/10 regarding flex, and it does good. This is actually more of a medium stiffness board, but there aren’t many flaws.

The waste is 26.2 cm with riding the 164W, and it works. I have ridden wider boards with my foot size of 12, and had no issues with heel or toe drag what so ever.

This board has enough camber to get you in and out of your turns but while hitting the fluffy stuff you will be very happy. You’ll be able to get the edge in and turn as hard as you want to and will have a blast doing so.

This board is for you if you want to strap on a board that is gonna allow you to deal with any conditions that day, and if you aren’t willing to bring 3 boards to match that day! Anyone who is coming from the East Coast, this is the board you will be wanting to bring out west with you!


  • A very versatile snowboard.
  • It can turn sharply.
  • Great consistency.


  • Stiffness could be better.

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2. Rossignol XV Magtek Snowboard (Mens)

Rossignol XV Magtek Snowboard (Mens)
Rossignol XV Magtek Snowboard (Mens)

The Rossignol XV Magtek snowboard is a unique type of snowboard with magnetization on a tapered free-ride board, which is rare these days. It’s a kind of snappy, aggressive, quick but forgiving free-ride snowboard. And, Rossignol is famous in manufacturing cheap snowboards.

This unit is a hard snow groomer, and solid powder board as well. This board makes the ride consistent and predictable as it is stable between the feet in any kind of condition. Don’t be intimidated cause it is also the kind of board that rides a lot smaller than its size.

There is more than an inch set back and combining that with a ample rocker and taper in the nose you will have a lot of easy float going on. This board has a little bit of over a grip, but still it’s much better than the old magnetization boards, and it’s only really felt right between the feet. It doesn’t really grab that much.

Don’t get hung up on sizing down as it’s on the larger side because The Rossignol XV Magtek turns really quick edge to edge and the board turns much quicker than its size. And it’s not terrible skidding your turns either. The Rossignol XV Magtek is that kind of snowboard that can turn when it’s critical in narrow steep terrain or zip in and out of trees.

The most kicker part with the Rossignol XV Magtek is the carve. It’s a very unique and tight shorter radius carve. If you lay into it pretty hard it takes you back to surfing. It’s really easy with this board to turn back up hill or make a full circle carve. So before laying into a hard carves you need to make sure there is no one behind you because most people can’t predict what a small circle you can make with such a big board.

The RossignolMagtek is a very fast and stable snowboard. This board is fine for a straight line and it’s faster than most boards out there. This board is also likely to hold up well for it’s flex in harder uneven off-piste snow.

This board is medium/stiff and lively. The tail is softer than the nose so experience of wheelies on it will be bliss and its easy to snap an ollie off the tail.

All in all, the Rossignol XV Magtek is a really unique and feature-rich fun snowboard that is gonna make its riders happy!


  • Aggressive, quick, yet forgiving.
  • It makes the ride consistent and predictable.
  • It turns really quick edge to edge and turns much quicker than its size.
  • Very unique and tight shorter radius carves.


  • Larger size could be uncomfortable sometimes.

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3. Never Summer 2019 Funslinger Snowboard

Never Summer 2019 Funslinger Snowboard
Never Summer 2019 Funslinger Snowboard

The Never Summer 2019 Funslinger is one of the best freestyle snowboards out there. This board seemed better to me for freestyle rides than most of its competitors. And Never Summer is one of the best snowboard brands out there in the market.

The Never Summer funslinger 156 weighed about 6 lbs but remember all boards will not weigh same. As wood grows, wood cores vary in weight so just know that it feels normal to the lighter side of normal under foot. I don’t have the exact information about 153.

This hybrid rocker board has a pretty stable ride. This board has got a confidence inspiring freestyle feel to it underfoot that has a little all mountain freestyle aftertastes. It’s kind of versatile, a fun board for playing around the park, but also won’t be weird if you take it out on the mountain.

This is soft, nice and playful rubbery med/soft flex, but it has also got some snap to it. It was very fun to butter around the mountain with this board. The extra camber of this board makes it less easy in a good way to flex it and get some return out of the tip/tail as well.

I loved the turn initiation of this board. The 156 borders between easy and medium and was quick enough when you need it but in the same time not too quick or easy to be boring. It was very much fun to make good mid to wide radius turns with this on the mountain.

I had a powder day when testing the day, and I thought it floated better than I expected for this camber profile. But there could be something extra in the tip/tail because this is one point that I thought could be a point of improvement for this board.

This board has a really solid edge hold. The brand-new edges of this board held well. You will lose this grip of the Funslinger if you jib a lot, but it did hold well over the hard patches that I encountered in the early-season snow which I was riding in.

I got a bonus regarding carve. That extra camber and flatter profile made this board a lot more fun than you would think for such a soft playful twin. I literally could really lay into a carve here. Most people don’t care too much about a park ride that can carve, but I think it’s a nice bonus that gives it more of an all-mountain freestyle aftertaste.

This is not a bomber by any means, but you know that going in. I was surprised at how damp it was for the flex. Usually, NS boards provide a damper ride than other boards, so what they rate low regarding dampness is pretty high compared to other boards of this flex and riding style. It’s the extra camber of this board that gives this board a more stable fewer chatter rides.


  • Great turn initiation.
  • It provides good float on powder.
  • Great carving.


  • Something is missing in the tail for better floating experience.

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4. DC Focus Snowboard (Mens)

DC Focus Snowboard (Mens)
DC Focus Snowboard (Mens)

The DC Focus Snowboard is one of the best freestyle snowboards out there. This board is made keeping that guy in mind who’s going to rip the whole mountain and make it a freestyle fiesta. And, DC is another best snowboard brands out there, and they are famous in manufacturing cheap snowboards.

The DC Focus board is a little stiffer than middle of the road. There’s a good amount of torsional give that matches to the over-all flex of the board very nicely. I found the tips of this board firm, yet they have an ideal sweet spot to flex into them when pressing.

This snowboard is super stable when you’re charging through moguls, side hits, bumps, chunder, and variable terrain. It just tended to push through it all and come out the other side.

The Focus has huge amounts of pop. I mean like send it to the moon, and you’ll be realizing the ground is nowhere near you. Load it up and just boost, I guess that’s all you could ask for.

This unit performed great on jumps and literally wanted to send them higher and further than they were actually built for. Overall, I found this board was great at boosting.

The board wanted to rebound out by pushing the tips into the snow, but once you found the sweet spot you could lay some sweet margarine based love all over the snow. All the variation of butter was yours for the taking if you were willing to work for it.

The DC Focus snowboard locks very well into presses and has the snap outta it that you want when hitting the end of the feature. While sliding sideways, the camber profile gripped the features great and slid perfectly.

You can rail a hard turn trusting on this board, and it would, with ease, slingshot you through the other side. It actually didn’t matter whether I was doing short quick radius turns or long drawn-out ones. This board was at home on the edge every time.

Personal thoughts: The manufacturer claims that this board has camber and rocker in it. I did put it flat on a wall to verify, and it clearly has camber. It also rode like it had camber. I literally was blown away with the performance this board delivered, and it stuck out as one of those boards that could just handle it all and ask for more. The board was very aggressive in the turns and easily pushed through the snow. Overall, I’m kind of out of words to say enough good things about this snowboard except that sadly the production model will be having a different camber profile.


  • Super stable.
  • It turns sharp.
  • Has huge amounts of pop.


  • Turning is great, but could be better.

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5. Salomon Snowboards Split Splitboard

Salomon Snowboards Split Splitboard
Salomon Snowboards Split Splitboard

The split snowboard from Salomon is a classic 2-part splitboard that comes with a modern shape and superior performance. This board comes stock with Custom Cut Skins, for maximizing touring efficiency.

This is a stable snowboard, yet playful! There’s a flat profile between the bindings for stability with more rocker in the tail and tip for playfulness allover. You’ll definitely enjoy the charm of a perfect ride from this board.

The Split Splitboard can turn real sharp. Trust on this board, rail a sharp turn, and it will slingshot you through other sides with ease. This board is a mixture of elliptic curves for easy turn initiation, which lets you change direction without effort.

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), This board has the best kind of materials for the side walls, Molleculaire. The basic structure can be described as a concrete bar, having rubber nuggets inside, which combines tenacity for the transfer of energy and damping properties for shock absorption.

The split splitboard is designed for super fast sliding into full powder or in spring snow. Sintered material of this board with a wax retention, gallium does enhance the impact strength and finish Electra of this gives a gliding turbo.


  • Stable, yet playful.
  • Superior performance.


  • Sliding could be better.

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Best Snowboard Buyer’s Guide


I know, with so many options to choose from, choosing the best snowboard for you can be tricky, so I’ve created this easy to use snowboard buying guide for you.

I’ll take you through the following steps, and will be giving you all the information you need to make the right choices and pick the best snowboard for you:

  • Length and size
  • Ability
  • Snowboard width
  • Your riding style and preferred terrain
  • Rocker type
  • Shape
  • Flex

1. Length and Size

Choosing the perfect length snowboard for you very much depends on your height, body weight, and your riding type, what type of riding you want to do.


  • If you are a beginner, you should aim for the shorter end of your size range.
  • If you mostly ride all mountains, including powder and piste, then you should aim for the longer end of your size range for better stability and better speed.
  • If you are above-average weight, you need to go for a longer snowboard which will give you better control.
  • If you mostly ride in the park or freestyle, go for the shorter end of your size range.

2. Ability

Different snowboards are designed having different requirements in mind, with different ability levels, varying everything from design, to materials, to flex, to suit the rider’s needs.

So think about your ability in terms of beginner, intermediate, and advanced, then go for the perfect one.

3. Snowboard Width

Choosing the right snowboard width depends on your snowboard boots. It’s better if you have the edges of your boot to hang over your snowboard slightly, but not so much as they hit the snow while riding.

4. Your Riding Style and Preferred Terrain

You can ride any snowboard on any terrain, but snowboards are usually designed having a specific terrain or style in mind. For example, powder snowboards are designed to be wider at the nose which helps keeping you afloat.

If you’re very new to snowboarding, an all-mountain board is a good place to start as they perform pretty well across all the terrains.

a) All Mountains

These boards are designed to go anywhere and work well in all types of snow conditions. All-mountain snowboards are ideal for park runs, groomed pistes, and powder. They’re mainly directional in shape, with the nose set slightly higher than the tail, providing a good float in powder.

b) Freestyle

Most of the freestyle or park snowboards tend to be a little shorter. With softer flex, they are suitable for park riding, from rails to boxes and jumps. These boards are often a true twin shape, which allows riders to ride them to and from the park as well as other different terrains.

c) Free-ride

Free-Ride boards tend to be directional. These boards have a stiffer flex, and they are a little longer than freestyle boards for stability at high speed. These boards are designed for riders who spend their days off-piste and in varied terrain, and explore the entire mountain.

d) Powder

Powder snowboards are often wider in the nose and tapered towards the tail. They can often be longer or wider than all-mountain boards. And they feature set back binding inserts to help the rider float through the powder.

e) Splitboard

Featuring relatively new technology, the splitboards allow back-country riders to break down their snowboard into two separate halves, for using uphill and touring. Reaching your destination, you can reconnect the two halves, and with special bindings, ride downhill normally.

5. Rocker type

a) Camber

Traditionally, most of the snowboards are cambered, which gives them an upward arching curve in the middle to help distributing pressure evenly across the length on the board which gives them a springy and responsive feeling.

b) Rocker

Rockers are also known as the reverse-camber board. This camber turned upside down. It’s ideal for both beginner and advanced riders. These types of board provides easier float in deeper powder with the rise at the tip and tail away from the snow.

c) Flat/Zero Camber

These are flat snowboards, with zero camber, lays completely flush to the snow into a regular rise tip and tail, maintains the stability and pop of camber. But these boards are less-edge catching with improved powder float.

d) Hybrid Camber

To create different rocker profiles, Brands are constantly experimenting with new and combined rocker types. Camber, rocker, and flat profiles can be combined in a variety of ways to create a new rocker profile. These combination rockers give riders the best of each type for different mountain rides.

6. Shape

a) Directional Shape

Directional boards are intended to be ridden in one direction. They are usually stiffer in the tail and softer towards the nose which ensures stability at high speed. These types of snowboards are common in free-ride and all mountain categories.

b) Twin Shape

Twin shape (described as true twin) boards are symmetrical with identical tip and tail and flex patterns. Bindings of these boards are mostly mounted in the center for better stability, whether you’re riding regular or switch. These snowboards are usually found in the freestyle category.

7. Flex

a) Soft Flex

Softer flexing snowboards are usually good for freestyle and all mountains, as it allows a more forgiving turn. These boards are good for beginners, lightweight riders, and park boarders. But they can be a little more unstable at high speeds.

b) Stiff Flex

Stiffer snowboards are better for free-ride and back-country riders as they offer better edge control, and more stability at high speeds.


So, if you are reading till this, I guess you have become a “zero to hero” in snowboards, and now you can pick the perfect and best snowboard for you. Snowboards can be a great fun item if you can pick the best one for your circumstances and requirements.

With my Best snowboards reviews guide, I hope now you can pick the best snowboard for you. If you have any question, feel free to leave them in comment. I’ll be back on you real quick.

Also if you liked my Best snowboards reviews guide, you can give me some sweet words, which will inspire me to write my next guide.