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Best Spin Bikes (Reviews + Buyer’s Guide) 2020

Which is Best Performing Spin Bikes for Home Use? Doing exercise is compulsory job and we all must do it 3-4 times a week at lest. If you think that you are walking all day, keep working in physical job, that’s not enough. You need to have proper exercise where all body parts function, moves in a flow, like cycling. But not everyone has bicycle at home and due to unavailability of equipment’s, we feel lazy to hit the gym. But no worries, now you can do proper exercise at home with help of spin bikes. Indoor cycling bikes is very effective way to do exercise at home, it gives movement to all your body parts, and you can even target weight loss with help of spin bikes.

We have reviewed some of the high rating and best performing spin bikes, we tried to know their pros/cons, specification, features and other things. But before we go to the review, do check out comparison of top spin bikes.

Compare Top 10 Best Spin Bikes for Home

Keiser M3i300 lbsYes48 lbs
Check Price
Sole Fitness SB700300 lbsYes48 lbs
Check Price
Spinner Sprint Premium350 lbsNo43 lbs
Check Price
Star Trac Spinner Blade ION350 lbsYes46 lbs
Check Price
Bladez Fitness Master GS300 lbsYes45 lbs
Check Price
Spinning Spinner S1250 lbsNo31 lbs
Check Price
Sunny Fitness Cycle275 lbsNo49 lbs
Check Price
Sunny Health & Fitness Pro275 lbsNo40 lbs
Check Price
L NOW & Fitness – LD-582400 lbsYes40 lbs
Check Price
Fitleader FS1293 lbsYes13.22 lbs
Check Price

As you can see the best list of indoor cycling bikes, it is very popular and comfortable way to do exercise at home. It helps you to burn calories, lose weight and to stay healthy. You just need to do 30-40 mins per day of cycling and you can measure changes in body. If you find that treadmills and elliptical are too costly, you can try under budget spin bikes. We do support elliptical machines as well, its a great way to do exercise but if you want to most advance technology and latest feature elliptical machine, you need to spend around $1500-2000 for sure. And the spin bikes can be available under $1000 as well.

But what is Spin Bikes and what is Spinning Bike Means Actually?

Well, spin bikes are popular and is kind of indoor cycling machine which look like exercise bike and gives you benefit of exercising like cycling in home. Spin bikes or indoor bikes are too popular since 100 years, where in 1900s, people used to use “Exercycle”, which was used to do exercise with moving object. But SPIN/ Spinning/ Spinner are generic word, which was founded by Mad Dogg Athletics. Like we use XEROX word for paper copy machine, spinning bikes refers to the brand of indoor cycle, which was popular since last few decades.

Spinning company is leading brand in making indoor cycling and other manufacturer has adopted that word and started using for indoor cycling bikes. And to make different identity, people started referring it as Indoor bikes/ cycling bikes for home as spinning only refers to Star Trac® of Mad Dogg Athletics. And after spinning brand got popular, many other brands have tried to copy their product, and the result there are many spin bikes in market. Then you might confuse that how to chose best spin bikes? Well, for that we have given detail guide, points to consider while buying indoor cycle.

How to Select Best Indoor Spin Bikes?

Apart from basic things like computer/display, customization features, resistance, comfort and price, there are other things you need to consider while buying new spin bike. Below we have mentioned things which you need to check in new bikes.

Flywheel size

We must look for the size and weight of the spin bikes flywheel. The more heavy your flywheel of cycle, you can more balance it. The heavy weight flywheel helps the bike to stay steady, and save the bike from getting unbalance, in case heavy weight person is using it.


Your bike must support all kind of customization as not all users are going to have same height/weight. Your spin bike must have adjustable handlebars, adjustable pedals, and seat position. Using customization features, you can adjust your spin bike according to your size and achieve more perfect comfort level.

If you are short height (or any women or teen in your home wants to use it) adjustable pedals and handlebars helps you to use the cycle more comfortably.  Same with seat height and position, you must able to change the seat height, and can move it forward/backward as per your convenience.

Weight capacity

How much weight can your bike handle? On an average the bikes we listed are having capacity of 250 lbs of weight that is good enough and covers many age groups of people.


Computer of your spin bike must show all type of calculation and figures like RPM, resistance level you are riding right now, total distance covered, total time on pedalling and pulse rate etc. And also it must able to store all your cycling records on that device. Though, almost all indoor cycle computers do show all this basic things. And also it must able to store all your cycling records on that device.

Other accessories

We always love to have extra things like water bottle holder (which help you to keep hydrated) built-in-fans (to stay cool all the time), bid display screen (which allows you to read sound system (to entertain yourself and to pump it up while in exercise).


The cycle you are buying must have long durability as on an average price of spin bikes is $500, in that case, you must have good performing and long durable product for exercise.

These are the points you need to consider while buying new indoor cycle, now check our in-depth review of all high rating indoor spin bikes.

10 Best Spin Bike Reviews

After almost 200hrs of research, personal review, user feedback and checking specification, we have prepared list of best spin bikes on price to performance basis. In 2019, there are many indoor cycles available in market and many new cycles for home usage are launched with attractive price. We did try to include all top spin bikes, do check out the reviews with pros/cons, hope our buying guide help you to choose the best product.

1. Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Spin Bike Review

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Spin Bike
Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Spin Bike

Keiser M3i is most advance technology spin bike and is most popular indoor cycle as well. Keiser has created brand over the years with their quality and high performance cycles. M3i has many security features and also has cleared EN ISO 20957-1 certification (European safety organization) as well. It allows you to download exercise data from cycle, can stream music directly from smartphone via Bluetooth and many more extra features it offers. No doubt its a costly equipment, but to get high end features, you must pay for it. It has very modern design and given great handlebar. You can do all type of customization with this cycle.

M3i is new model over M3, in which Keiser has added digital computer device and tablet holder as well. Before we go to the detail review, do check out its specification.

  • Height: 45 inches
  • Length: 49 inches
  • Width:  26 inches

If you are worried for space (which might be issue with elliptical machine and treadmills), don’t worry, spin bikes consumes very less space. And its a light weight product of just 85 lbs, you can easily move it from one place to another. It might be light weight product but it has good capacity to hold up to 300 lbs of weight on this cycle. So, if you are bit overweight and targeting weight loss, just hit the buy button and start exercise at home. You all family members can use this indoor cycle for home and stay fit.

To give you easy and tough exercise, Keiser has used eddy current magnetic system which you can increase/decrease as per your convenient with help of easy touch buttons. You can customize the height and position of seat via simple pull. Total 4 ways you can adjust its seat as per your comfort. You can also change the handle and pedals as well. The pedals of M3i has proper lock, which fits your shoes with pedals and you can easily move your legs faster without losing balance. You can easily move this 85lbs weight cycle with help of transport wheels. It has got water bottle holder as well, you can use it to place your water bottle and stay hydrate all the time.

The computer device attached with this cycle shows high end figures. It shows RPM, power output, your heart rate, elapsed time, current resistance level, and total distance covered. It has backlight sensor at the top which input all the data to this computer. Design wise too, M3i beats all other indoor cycle, it has very nice design, read side flywheel gives a very aero dynamic view to this cycle. Its 24 gears can easily allow you to increase the resistance level with simple touch. It doesn’t make much noise even, and also saves lots of space too.

On the dark side, it is costly equipment, almost touch 2k price but according to its performance and features, its totally worth. Also the computer device does not show and performance analysis, and the distance shown on the computer is in arbitrary unit. Though, it’s totally made and packaged in USA only, good quality is guaranteed. And for any issue in next 3 years, Keiser gives 3 years of warranty on parts and 6 months of warranty on wearable parts (i.e pedal strap, T handles etc).


  • Bluetooth music streaming directly via smartphone
  • Data download facility via app
  • Stylish and well designed cycle
  • Total customization allowed
  • 25 gears of resistance level
  • Backlit LCD with all data showing
  • Read mounted flywheel, aero dynamic design.


  • Costly, but good value of money.
  • No performance analysis on computer of user.

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2. Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Spin Bike Review

Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Spin Bike
Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Spin Bike

If you are looking for low priced and high performing indoor spin bike and ready to lose some features, you can try Sole Fitness SB700. It has very good design, front mounted flywheel design, super performance, and low price. But there are some short comings as well for SB 700, but on the price it offering this machine, you might like it too. This spin bike also offers all customization, heavy flywheel to make you steady and vibration free exercise and Sole Fitness provide Long warranty as well. The super advance LCD console helps you to get all the current exercise details.

It has many features and compared to M3i, it has very less feature but gives good performance as well. Do check out the frame size and specification of SB700 below;

  • Length: 40.3 inches
  • Width: 21.1 inches
  • Height: 41.9 inches

As you can see, it surely saves lots of space and since it is fully customizable cycle, you can adjust as per your size and comfort level. The flywheel which is placed on front is quite heavy, of 48 lbs. This heavy flywheel help you to stand still your cycle, gives you steady performance and allows you to concentrate properly. Also, it does not have transport wheels (it might good for some and bad as well), your cycle doesn’t slip on surface (while it also not allow you to move easily). You can easily change the multilevel resistance level via just turning the knob given to on cycle frame. You can increase the tension on your legs (or decrease) easily with help of the knob.

One can easily adjust the seat and handlebar with just pull down the knob. Sole Fitness has given one knob which you need to move to customize the handlebar, seat and pedals. You can adjust the seat up to four ways, up –down and forward-backward. And the pedals too have foot straps, you don’t need to worry about concentration, just move the foot and you are done. Maximum this cycle can take 300 lbs of weight on it. So, any heavy weight person can also use this cycle and stay fit. Multiple resistance level and great comfort level is two best things about this product.

Sole fitness has given big LCD screen on this cycle, almost of 3 X 4 inches of backlit LCD screen. And this screen displays many calculation of your workout. It displays RPM, Kcal, hear rate, Current speed of flywheel moving, pedalling time, resistance level, total distance covered etc. It has also facility in which it can measure heart rate via wireless receiver. The manufacture has given chest strap, which measures the heart rate (its optional). Overall, its a good product, it too has some shortcomings, do check out.

The biggest is that despite it is being low price (or almost half priced) than M3i, still its a heavy priced cycle. It does not have Bluetooth wireless streaming facility, no in-built fan or water bottle holder even. On the price they are selling this cycle, they should atlest provide water bottle holder. And the display computer does not store data of different user neither it allows you to download the data.

Sole Fitness has given lifetime warranty on frame and 3 years warranty on parts. So, if anything happens for 3 years, you will get service at door step. It has good performance and long durability, will be good value for money price.


  • Big display screen
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • Multiple customization option
  • Heavy flywheel.


  • Big screen with multiple data show
  • No music streaming, no fan and no water bottle holder
  • Costly.

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3. Spinner Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle Spin Bike Review

Spinner Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle Spin Bike
Spinner Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle Spin Bike

If you are looking for indoor spin bike which has good capacity to hold weight, low priced and has basic features, Spinner sprint premium authentic indoor cycle is good option for you. it has good capacity, heavy weight flywheel, smooth functioning, multiple resistance level, and total customization. You can increase the handlebar level, pedal strap, water bottle holder, and many other small features. It functions totally silently and smooth functioning. But due to low priced, it does not have some advance features which you might have in M3i and SB700. This cycle can be used by 4’10” to 6’8” tall person easily. Spinner Sprint has allowed that much customization on this cycle.

Its heavy weight cycle due to its heavy weight fly wheel, but Spinner Sprint has given transport wheels which you can use it for moving it. Do check out the frame size of this indoor cycle;

  • Length: 55 inches
  • Width: 20 inches
  • Height: 48 inches

The total weight of this cycle is 121 lbs, so you might need help of transport wheel to move it. Also, it has good length, might consume little more space than earlier cycles. Spinner Sprint has used new kind of design for this cycle which will give you feel like racing cycle. If you are buying cycle to reduce belly fat, this spin bike will help you the best. The new kind of handlebar which is good for exercise, but if you feel to change the angle, you can increase 5 degree up to get more comfort. It gives good customization facility to add more comfort. Also, according to handlebar, you can also change seat position with Up-down/forward-backward movement. Pedals too have foot strap which does get you lose more attention to foot pedals.

It has 43 pounds of heavy weight flywheel, which gives you steady and smooth pedalling. Also, heavy flywheel doesn’t get vibrate the cycle. The top down brakes are of leather material, which gives you better breaking and resistance level. It has 155 mm of Q-factor which is good for any spin bike. The biggest drawback is that this cycle does NOT have any digital screen or computer device. So, if you want to check your heart rate, speed, distance covered, calories burned or RPM. Atlest the basic digital meter should be there to check speed and resistance level.

But instead of that, they have given 4 DVDs in which you can find different kind of spin cycle exercise. Learn that exercises and do the good exercise for different things. This is the only cycle which provides you DVDs of exercise for spin bikes (it is very important to follow expert instruction to get desire results). This cycle has good capacity as we mentioned earlier, it can hold up to 350 pounds of weight. And spinner sprint gives very less warranty compared to other manufacture, only 1 year of warranty, no labor.


  • Hold maximum weight of 350 lbs
  • Unique design
  • Heavy flywheel
  • Low cost.


  • No digital meter or computer device
  • No music device or inbuilt fan.
  • Short warranty period.

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4. Star Trac Spinner Blade ION Indoor Cycling Spin Bike Review

Star Trac Spinner Blade ION Indoor Cycling Spin Bike
Star Trac Spinner Blade ION Indoor Cycling Spin Bike

Best performing spin bike with great features and great design is here, Star Trac Spinner Blade ION indoor cycle is giving tough competition to all other indoor cycles which have low price and unique features. As mentioned earlier, Star Trac was the original company which produced spin bikes for the first time and it is the brand which you can trust. This cycle has heavy fly wheel, multiple customization option and simple and informative computer which display all information related to your exercise. With its unique design, it might look like racing bike but it’s a good cycle for better exercise.

This indoor cycle will give you proper comfort and flexibility to use it. Do check out the size and specification of this spin bike;

  • Length: 56.5 inches
  • Width: 21 inches
  • Height: 40 inches

Star Trac’s this indoor cycle has good length, small height to tall person, all can use it comfortably. This cycle has 46 lbs of heavy flywheel which is mounted on the front. It gives noiseless and smooth performance at every speed level. The customization features are also good. You can adjust your seat in 4 ways, you can adjust the seat height and make it comfortable as per your convenience. You can also change the position of handlebars in 3 positions, though the handlebar does not have aero bars. But handles does have good grip, which help you to hold it longer without any issue. Pedals too have foot straps, which gives better comfort for cycling.

This spin bike has 100 lbs of weight but has good capacity to hold weight. Person with 350 lbs of weight can use this cycle without any issue. There are easy knobs which you need to move in case you want to do customization. The digital computer device is quite accurate and does its job very well. That intuitive computer displays heart rate, watts, Time, RPM, KCAL and distance you covered. This cycle also comes with 4 DVDs which will teach you how to train and tone with this cycle, ultimate energy, to get maximum results and exercise to burn more calories. You can also park your water bottle on the front bottle holder, which gives you easy access to the water bottle.

You can also change the resistance level with moving a knob, quite easy. But we missed MP3 player, a fan, and no data download or track record facility on computer device. And also, going back to previous resistance level is quite difficult. Star trac has given 10 years warranty on frame and 3 years warranty on parts. Moving and assembling this cycle is quite easy. Amazon was giving good discount on this bike; do check out the latest price.


  • Low priced
  • Heavy weight flywheel
  • Smooth and steady performance
  • Unique design
  • 4 DVDs for workout.


  • No mp3 player or music access
  • No in-built fan
  • No track record or download facility
  • Hard to access resistance level.

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5. Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor Cycle Trainer Spin Bike Review

Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor Cycle Trainer Spin Bike
Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor Cycle Trainer Spin Bike

A fully customizable, easy to ride and affordable indoor cycle is here from Bladez Fitness. This cycle has good features, easy customization features and a digital computer device as well. And surprisingly, it comes in price under $600. Yes, its quite surprising that at the same rate, you get many other costly cycle but this one has all those features and still low price tag. Below we have given in-dept review of this cycle, do check out now.

Its compact yet comfortable cycle which you can use in home, do check out the size and specification of this cycle.

  • Length: 48 inches
  • Width: 20 inches
  • Height: 47 inches

To make it stable and steady while in operation, Bladez fitness has 45 lbs of heavy weight flywheel in front. The company has given top –down resistance levels which you can change easily with turning the knob. The cycle has adjustable handlebars, seat and frame. You can change the handle position in 3 ways with just turning the knob. Same way, you can change the frame size as well, and to adjust the seat, you need to turn two different knobs.

Yes, that’s weird function. There is two different knobs has been given to change the height of seat and one different knob to make seat forward/backward. But with such low price, that much compromise is has to be expected. The pedals have foot straps, which won’t leave your foot off from pedals. The racing style handles has good grip, will help you to hold tighter for long time. you can easily store this 48 inches length of cycle and can easily move it from one place to another with help of transport wheels.

Its quite and smooth performer cycle. It has good computer device, which displays RPM, watts, speed, distance covered, calories burned and time elapsed on the cycle. You can also check your heart rate with this device. And you just require 2 AAA batteries to run this device. Overall, its a good product, strong enough to hold 300 lbs of weight, but no marking of resistance level, no water bottle holder, no accessories support for mp3 players will disappoint you.


  • Good affordable price
  • Easy to assemble and easy to use
  • Quite noiseless operation
  • Fully customization is allowed.


  • No marks of resistance level on knob
  • 2 batteries require for working of computer is not attached with package.
  • No water bottle holder given
  • No mp3 player support.

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6. Spinning Spinner S1 Indoor Cycling Spin Bike Review

Spinning Spinner S1 Indoor Cycling Spin Bike
Spinning Spinner S1 Indoor Cycling Spin Bike

Under $500 price, here is our first cycle from spinning spinner s1. Its cheap, comfortable and good performing cycle but due to low price, you might need to compromise with features. It has large and heavy flywheel, different customization features, and simple handlebar. Spinning has used unique frame design for spinner S1 cycle, which is quite unique and good looking. If you are looking for cheap and stylish cycle for home use, this is good option. Do check out the reviews below and buy it.

Before we go to the detail in-depth review, here is size and specification of the frame of Spinner S1;

  • Length: 60 inches
  • Height: 57 inches
  • Width: 20 inches

The total weight of this product is 96 lbs, one of the bikes which have less than 100 pound weight. The handlebar is adjustable but there is no bar for elbows. You can easily adjust the size and position of the handlebar, and to have great grip, this handles has good grip, which doesn’t get you slip easily. It has bit light weight flywheel of 31 lbs. It is front mounted flywheel cycle, but due to light weight, person with heavy weight might not feel comfortable to use it. And it only can able to hold 250 lbs of weight on this cycle, bit disappointing. You can change the resistance level with big red knob, just turn it left/right to increase/decrease the resistance level.

But on the customization part, it gets full marks. You can adjust the handlebar position, seat position, seat height, and handlebar height as well. The pedals have foot straps but not well, but it doesn’t hold your leg properly and failed to hold for long time. Another disappointing is that it does not have computer device, so you can’t track your records, data of exercise at all. This is quite disappointing, no RPM, heart rate, anything. But to move this cycle from one place to another is quite easy, because it’s light weight and has transport wheels at bottom.

To adjust the imbalance of feature, spinner has given 4 extra DVDs of spin bike exercise, which will give you more exercise to do and get 100% of this product. Spinner has only given 1 year of warranty on this product and no labor.


  • Affordable high rating product
  • Full customization
  • Easy installation.


  • No MP3 player support
  • No digital computer device
  • Handlebar might feel you too low height even with full adjustment
  • Only holds 250lbs of weight
  • Less warranty years.

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7. Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer Spin Bike Review

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Exercise Stationary Bike
Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Exercise Stationary Bike

Under $300 price, you are getting a good indoor cycle but with very less features. Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle has all basic functionality, and average performance. Of course, won’t get that much expected performance as you were getting in above cycles like M3i or SB 700 but in low price it is good. It gives fully customization, used heavy duty material and much more. It has heavy flywheel and good capacity. Do check out the full review below and decide yourself.

When we were researching, there was a demand that there should be product of under price $300 as well, and the reason we have included this cycle here. Below is specification and frame size of Sunny Health and Fitness cycle;

  • Length: 50 inches
  • Width: 20 inches
  • Height: 47 inches

The front mounted wheel of 49 lbs gives you perfect momentum while you riding this cycle. it gives perfect steady and smooth performance throughout the exercise. You can change the resistance level with help of knob which is accessible just below handlebar. The heavy duty steel frame gives stable performance. You can do all type of customization with this cycle. Customization like changing height of the seat, get perfect position of the seat, changing height of handlebar, all this type of customization are supported by this spin bike.

It has belt drive system, so you can expect no chain sound or more noise, it surely gives noiseless performance. The handlebar is of racing type, and pedals have straps of perfect use. But there is not computer device to track you records. If you are planning to check your heart rate, calories burned, it might disappoint your surely. Though, in other accessories it has given water bottle holder in side wheel, leather padded seat and easy transport wheel to move cycle from one place to other.

It can hold up to 275 lbs of weight on this cycle, which is good enough. With 1 year of warranty on this, its good package with very less features. If you one person to use this that too occasionally or you are buying it for experiment, it is good cycle to have. But for professional use or for gym or more heavy people to use this, it is not recommended.


  • Affordable
  • Fully customization
  • Heavy flywheel, heavy duty frame.


  • No computer device
  • Not easy to change resistance level
  • Handle height adjustment is tough.

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8. Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Spin Bike Review

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Spin Bike
Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Spin Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness pro cycle is quite affordable and best indoor cycle under price $300 price. It is basic kind of cycle which is good for single hand use. With heavy weight flywheel and smooth drive mechanism, this cycle gives good start to beginners. Also, this cycle too support all kind of customization which is good. In low price group, you get good performing cycle. Below we have reviewed in-depth and detail review of this product, do check out.

It has good measurement and specification, which allows small age group to big tall person to use it comfortably. Below is its size and specification, do check out;

  • Height: 46.5 inches
  • Width: 20 inches
  • Length: 48.5 inches.

It is front wheel mounted spin bikes, which gives good momentum to your cycling experience and provide better balance as well. Sunny health has given 40lbs of flywheel, its perfect for indoor cycling. It has chain drive mechanism which is not recommended since it leads to more maintenance and gives noisy performance as well. The resistance level can be customized via easy knob gear, which is given at the top of the cycle. Similarly, you can customize the seat size and position with knob and also increase decrease the handlebar height.

Sunny health has taken care of all this point in this product, which you hardly check in cycling. The quality of pedal foot straps is not good, is easily breakable. They have used heavy duty crank for this frame, which is having good quality. This cycle supports up to 275 pounds of weight, which is average enough. The computer device is not installed with this cycle, which is again disappointing; a small device should be there to check all your heart rate, travelled distance check and calories burned. Like all other cycle, this product too has transport wheel which allows you to move it from one place to another.

It is long durable product as well, which has 1 year warranty on frame and 90 days of warranty on other parts. You can always claim warranty with this product, it is made in USA.


  • Affordable price
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • 275 pounds of weight capacity
  • Multiple customization.


  • No digital computer device
  • No water bottle holder
  • Not good quality of pedals straps
  • Poor quality of seat.

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9. L NOW Indoor Cycling Bike-Pro Exercise Spin Bike Review

L NOW Indoor Cycling Bike-Pro Exercise Spin Bike
L NOW Indoor Cycling Bike-Pro Exercise Spin Bike

L Now LD 582 is average costing indoor cycling bike with very advance features.  This indoor spin bike has digital computer device with bigger screen and fonts, fully customizable frame and parts and enabled to support multiple resistance level. It consumes very short area and can be fitted in any corner of your room. It has biggest weight holding capacity, so if you are overweight person and want to reduce weight at home, just try this spin bike and you can start exercise now. Below is detail review, do check out.

This heavy capacity cycle has very low price and small frame size as well. Do check out the frame size and specification;

  • Width: 20 inches
  • Height: 52 inches
  • Length: 41 inches

As you can see, it has just 41 inches of length, almost 10 inches less than all other cycle. But due to its aero dynamic style, it is comfortable to almost all size of people, and thanks to its fully customization support. You can customize its seat size, position, handlebar position, and frame size of the cycle. Using the knob given at the handlebar and under the seat, you can change the position of both handlebar and seat. They have given racing bike style handlebar design and up front a water bottle holder as well. In white color and black graphics, this cycle looks good and can suit any background of home.

There is resistance level adjustment knob as well; using which you can enjoy exercise of different level by just turning the knob and change resistance level. L now has used 40 lbs of heavy weight flywheel which is mounted on the front. 40 lbs of weight is enough to give momentum while you doing exercise and also give steady performance. To check the exercise data, how many distance you covered, how many calories has been burnt, RPM, ODO, heart rate etc, there is big LCD screen has given on the dashboard. On that LCD screen, you can also hold your tablet/iPod easily.

L now has given transport wheel on the bottom to transport this cycle. And with the surprise, this spin bike can hold up to 400 lbs of weight. Which is higher the most in this category, heavy weight person must adopt this cycle. 1 year of warranty also has been given by L NOW. In low budget with computer device and good performance, there is hardly any spin bike you will find.


  • Fully customization support
  • 41 lbs of flywheel
  • Compact design
  • Hold maximum weight 400lbs.


  • Seat size is too small
  • Not good customer support.

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10. Fitleader FS1 Stationary Exercise Spin Bike Review

Fitleader FS1 Stationary Exercise Spin Bike
Fitleader FS1 Stationary Exercise Spin Bike

A special indoor cycle from Fitleader is here, which has dynamic body and attractive design as well. If you can see the picture of this cycle, you will find that this cycle has some unique design, which consumes very less space and quite handy as well. It has all type of features which you look for and comes with very attractive price as well. Under $300 price, this is a good indoor cycle option, you might look for this. From customization to resistance level, everything is mentioned below in detail review, do check out.

It was hard to find the specification of this cycle, but somehow, we managed to get it, do check out the cycle frame size below;

  • Height: 46 inches
  • Length: 38.8 inches
  • Width: 25.3 inches

To access the resistance level (to increase or decrease), you just need to move the gear from up to down. There are up to 8 gear of resistance is supported by this cycle. But the light weight flywheel is not done. It has just 13.22 lbs of flywheel which is quite light weight and can also makes the cycle vibrate while using it. You will fail to get perfect steady performance with this cycle. Apart from that, the seat, and handlebar can be adjusted as per the user comfort. You can adjust the seat 4 ways, 3 level of handlebar position can be changed.

Fitleader has given water bottle holder as well, which is placed at very fine place. At pedals you will find poor quality of foot straps, which is not long durable. The bottom of the cycle also has transport wheel and cross stand at the back which stands still the cycle. The digital meter tracks all your exercise data. From time spent, distance covered, calories burnt, heart rate and all other things can be shown on the meter. No doubt its quite light weight cycle but still can hold 293 lbs of weight on the cycle.

Fitleader has given 1 year of warranty on this product, which is quite low. Also, this spin bike makes good enough noise, which might irritate other family members at home. Fitleader FS1 exercise bike is available in red and black color.


  • 8 gear resistance level with easy access
  • Compact design
  • Fully adjustable
  • Multi information meter.


  • Noisy
  • Too light weight flywheel
  • Only 1 year of warranty.

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These are the reviews with their pros and cons. We have showed all their true sides, so you can easily buy new bikes with great quality. We have listed their features, specification, how is user feedback etc.

Apart from elliptical, treadmills and rowing machine are equipments which you can use for exercise at home. But the problem with earlier 3 is that they are costly, while indoor cycles are user friend and affordable as well. Why we should use cycling, do check out the benefits of using indoor spin bikes at home, how it helps to keep you healthy and fit.

Benefits of Using Spin Bikes

  • Full body movement: – As mentioned earlier, cycling helps you to get full body workout. When you do cycling exercise, your upper body, lower body keeps moving. Apart from that your arms, back, shoulders, stomach muscles and other muscles are moving.
  • Weight loss: – you can burn good amount calories via moving your pedals on cycle. On 30 mins of daily cycling, you can burn up to 400-500 calories easily, which help you to lose good amount of weight as well. Cycling gives you perfect cardio exercise.
  • Low impact workout: – if you are worried that hard workout can impact on your health, cycling can help you in that as well. Using indoor cycling, you don’t get much effort on your knees, and also for hips, knees, ankles, can be saved from pain.
  • You can save lots of money as well in means of gym fees and buying high priced gym equipments (and ofcours by reducing medical bills).

Apart from that, indoor cycling can make you fresh and fit in short time of exercise.  Always do exercise with proper shoes for cycling, clothes and do find out DVDs or videos on youtube for indoor bike workouts. If you can check Spinner Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle provides 4 DVDs as well for indoor cycle workouts.


Hope you have liked our reviews for spin bikes, and help you to buy best product. Keep exercising and stay fit always.