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Best Wifi Extender (Reviews and Buying Guide) 2020

Do you want to make whole-home Wi-Fi in little budget?

Internet is must thing; everyone needs it from starting of day. First thing i do after waking up is to check my mail inbox in smartphone. And for the person like me who wants strong wifi connection in every corner of the home (HD video streaming or to watch Netflix) because sometimes wifi routers are short of range.

Not a fault of our wireless router, but today’s modern house has thick wall which blocks router signal range. And we end up having dead spots in our home. So, here is solution.

After researching for almost 150 hrs, we have shortlisted some high performance and low price wifi range extender. You can call it wifi extender, wifi booster, repeater too. Do check the list and compare them on below;

Top 10 Best Wifi Extender Comparison Table

NETGEAR EX6200 (AC1200) Editors Choice1200 MBPS5 Gigabit PortsNETGEAR
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TP-Link RE450 (AC1750)1750 MBPS1 Gigabit PortTP-Link
Check Price
Amped SR10000 (N 600mW)300 MBPS5 Gigabit PortsAmped Wireless
Check Price
Linksys RE7000 (AC1900)1900 MBPS1 Gigabit PortLinksys
Check Price
Amped REA20 700mW1200 MBPS5 Gigabit Ports/1 USBAmped Wireless
Check Price
Linksys RE6500HG-FFP (AC1200)1200 MBPS4 Gigabit PortsLinksys
Check Price
D-Link Wireless DAP-1650 (AC1200)1200 MBPS4 Gigabit Ports/ 1 USBD-Link
Check Price
NETGEAR EX3700-100NAS (AC750)750 MBPS1 Gigabit PortNETGEAR
Check Price
D-Link Wireless DAP-1320 (N 300)300 MBPSNo PortsD-Link
Check Price
Dodocool AC750 Dual Band750 MBPS1 LAN/1WAN Gigabit PortDodocool
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Making whole-home Wi-Fi is quite cheap now with 5 GHz frequency extenders. We have picked NETGEAR EX6200 as it gives us best performance while testing and gives almost same speed like you are seating next to your router. We have provided detail review below with other products, but before we go down to reviews, lets discuss about difference between, router/extender/booster and why we should buy dual band extender not single band. Below we did try to answer some of the important questions, do check out.

What is difference between Wifi booster, extender and repeater?

Not much, just a name difference. All the products named booster, extender or wireless repeater does the same job. It improves your wifi signal or wifi range over dead spots and over the walls in entire home. But there might be change in signal strength and performance. So, manufacture uses such terms just for marketing gimmick, i.e. Booster sounds more catchy terms then repeater/extender.

Just ignore the terms, look for the features/specification of the product before you buy online. We have included some high performing best wifi extenders which gives wifi signals in every corner of your home.

Difference between 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz extenders

Its bit complicated topic and the reason we included this topic in our best wifi extender buying guide. 5Ghz and 2.4 Ghz are not just different frequency but have different speed and range as well. Like if you have place, where more device need to use wifi and range is not the issue, than 5 Ghz is perfect choice, while if you want good range and ok with dial-up type of speed (with less number of device connected) 2.4 ghz is good for you. In 2019, almost all wifi range extender uses 5Ghz frequency which provides faster transfer rate.

Good extenders cum wifi repeater atlest support two different streams for data over two different bands. One receives signal from wifi router while another one uses to transfer data to users. So, always choose the extender with dual band/data streams.

Why you should only go for Dual Band Wifi repeater not with single band?

Though, both band wifi repeater device work same, no range issue can be problem. But the issue arise in data transfer & in performance. The working of the wifi extender is such that it fetches data from router at different frequency, while at the same time, it has to transfer data to user at high speed.

The single band extender uses same band to receive data from router and send it to user, in such processes, there are high chance of data packet loss and also for the slow data transfer. While, dual data band extender uses separate bands for the data receive and data send, much recommended. You need to careful while buying extender device online as many single band wifi range extenders are listed in “best seller” list on amazon too.

If you don’t want to buy new wifi range extender, you can simply extend your broadband cable via phone lines to centre of the house or the point where you work and install your wifi router there. It will save your good amount of money as well.

Now as you got the basic knowledge about extender/repeater, check out the detail wifi extender reviews of the top 10 high rating wifi range extender 2019;

Best Wifi Range Extender Reviews

Let’s get started with most popular wifi extender which has great performance, high range coverage, fastest data transfer rate and low in price tag. You can get popular brand’s high performing wifi range extender in just $100.  So, if you are having 100 MBPS broadband plan, don’t compromise with wifi speed for just $100 to enjoy high speed internet in every corner of your home.

1. NETGEAR EX6200 (AC1200) WiFi Range Extender Review

NETGEAR EX6200 (AC1200) WiFi Range Extender
NETGEAR EX6200 (AC1200) WiFi Range Extender

Those who searched for wifi router or any other products like VPN firewalls, antennas/cable for networking must know NETGEAR brand. NETGEAR is quite popular brand in wifi router as well as in WiFi Range Extender. If you are looking for affordable as well as high performance Best wifi extender in 2019, NETGEAR EX6200 is best option for you. While we tested speed/range of the different wifi repeaters, netgear wifi extender comes first in this list.

There was tough competition between NETGEAR EX6200 and TP-Link AC1750 for 1st place but somehow, NETGEAR EX6200 wins the race. It supports dual band data streams with high Ethernet speed, range and your best second wifi access points. This wifi repeater can stream data on 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz frequency band to give you fast data transfer. TP-Link AC1750 consumes less space and provides more Ethernet speed than NETGEAR EX6200, still NETGEAR wins because of its special look and design. Will tell you next why we choose NETGEAR EX6200 at number one position, not on number two, despite having low specification.

NETGEAR EX6200 provides 1200 MBPS of data transfer throughout the usage. If you are accessing more devices at the same access point, it guarantees to give high speed internet on all devices. It uses 700 mW high-power amplifiers to give enough range to all devices. And for long range and coverage, NETGEAR has used 2 different 5dBi Antennas, which provide upto 700 sq ft of range, crossing walls and floors to every corner of your home.

EX6200 also includes dual core processor for fast functioning, quick response and optimal performance. There are very few wifi repeaters available with dual core processor; NETGEAR EX6200 is one of them.

And this wifi repeater has 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports and one USB Port as well. You can easily connect it to 5 PC via cable. Using this Ethernet ports, you can connect to smart TVs, gaming consoles, blue-ray players and other device as well.

Installing this device is quite easy; NETGEAR has given easy installing guide. Using that guide, anyone can install this device in their home in minutes. You just need your wifi router’s name and password to connect this wifi extender to wifi router. Then it will do its entire job and you need to connect any of the wifi point (router or extender) to access high speed internet.

Overall, its a good wifi extender with more range, high performance and affordable price tag. But there are some shortcomings too with this device, which we have mentioned below, do check out.


  • Compatible with latest device like Macbook Pro, amazon fire TV, iPad Air 2, Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 7/plus.
  • Elegant design, you can place it anywhere vertically or horizontally.
  • 2 antennas provide good range
  • Dual band extender provides high range with 70 mW power amplifiers.
  • Uses dual core processor for easy and smooth access.
  • 1200 MBPS speed, 5 Ethernet ports, one USB ports, Enough access points.
  • 2 years warranty.


  • It uses proprietary software to connect with other device, which is quite old technology.
  • Many customers are not happy with device range.

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Why we choose TP-Link AC1750 as second best wifi range extender, not first?

If you pay close attention to both devices, you will find TP-Link AC1750 has low price, high data transfer rate, high range, equal warranty, but still got second chance in our list, why? Well actually, on this topic (to choose number 1 and number 2) we spend good amount of time to decide. We tested both devices for 3-4 times and checked accessibility of both extender.

In which we found that TP-Link AC1750 has many shortcomings (which we will mention in below review), but the biggest one was that, to use TP-Link AC1750, you need to plug-in it directly into socket. No doubt it saves space, looks cool too, but that power plug will not able to used for any other purpose. Due to good width of the product, you cannot use that socket board, TP-Link AC1750 consumes enough space. And there are many reason why it comes second, do check out the review.

2. TP-Link RE450 (AC1750) Wi-Fi Range Extender Review

TP-Link RE450 (AC1750) Wi-Fi Range Extender
TP-Link RE450 (AC1750) Wi-Fi Range Extender

TP link is known brand in all over world for wifi routers and extender as well. It provides quality products with long durability and good design. We have included TP link wifi extender after much research. As mentioned above, there was huge competition between NETGEAR AC1200 and TP link AC1750, Both are having almost same specification, features but NETGEAR AC1200 cracked TP link AC1750 in performance and design. But under $100 price, TP link AC1750 still holds good ground as it has good design, compact size and yet powerful.

But when it comes to providing Ethernet slots, TP link wifi extender downgraded from NETGEAR extender. To make it compact, TP link has compromised with its Ethernet slots, NO USB port as well.

Also, it has plug and play feature, means you just need to plug it in socket and start using it. It might sound cool but imagine you put it in any of the socket of drawing room and you won’t able to use any other device in socket due to the design of wifi extender, how bad it is.

Due to that reason, we downgraded one step and placed it at number 2 position of best range extender. But if you are ok with these drawbacks, it is great product. The only product with plug and play features and provides 3 antennas to give strong wifi signals in each corner of your home. It is affordable device, which you can place it in any room and can use two extender too, if you have bigger space to cover. I guarantee that this device will enhance your 100MBPS internet plan and you will proud to have product which value your money.

If you don’t want to spend money on router, this device can act as router cum extender as well. It uses two frequency bands, 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz as well. Depends on the number of device connected, it will choose the frequency band and provides you high speed internet.  You can easily play game and stream 4K HD video at the same time, as it has 3 external antennas which use two bands. The 2.4 Ghz band provides data transfer up to 450 MBPS while the 5Ghz band has limit up to 1300 MBPS. You can use its 1 Gigabit Ethernet to connect it with internet, which can get you speed up to 1750 MBPS.

The connection setup is quite easy, you need to connect cable with device and it will indicate blue light for good connection and red light for bad connection. Also, it has high speed mode which helps you to stream data in faster mode. The range of this device is upto 12,000 Sq ft, you can almost cover your neighbor house too. It comes with mobile app (android/iOs) by which you can control this device as well. TP link provides lifetime service and 2 years industry leading warranty on this wifi repeater. Overall, it’s a good wifi range extender, in budget, stylish, high performance and with good range.


  • High range of 12,000 sq ft, covers almost all corner of your home.
  • 2 years service warranty, maintenance free operation.
  • 3 antennas which provide good range, and looks elegant too.
  • Good indicators for strong/weak connection.
  • Affordable price.


  • Only one Ethernet port.
  • While in usage, you cannot use socket for any other use, device covers huge area.

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3. Amped SR10000 (N 600mW) Wifi Extender Review

Amped SR10000 (N 600mW) Wifi Extender
Amped SR10000 (N 600mW) Wifi Extender

This router comes with two high performance antennas which uses 600mW amplifiers. Amped Wireless has made this amazing high speed wifi extender which help you to extended the wifi range (or you can say double the range) and has good enough Ethernet ports too. We have listed it here due to its price and performance. Though, it looks average device like old router, but look shouldn’t be our priority while buying wifi repeater, right? It has very affordable price (Between $50-$60) and the reason it has been recommended by many here.

But performance wise it is average device, as Amped N 600mW uses only 2.4 GHz frequency (no 5 GHz). So, all claims of Amped for providing wifi range in 10,000 sq ft stands fall flat. When we tried to use it from bit far, it was giving poor signal. If you want low range repeater in low price, than only you can try this device. Due to 2.4 GHz band, it provides good speed in short distance only. And that too if it is less crowded, for crowded areas you need to get ready for compromising with speed.

But if you are ready to sideline all these drawbacks, it’s a good option in less price. Work with any router which uses 802.11 b/g/n protocols. Its 5 dBi two antennas provide good range (as amped claims of 10,000 sq ft). Amped wireless has provided 5 Ethernet ports in this repeater; you can easily connect it too smart tv and other device. It is intelligent hardware which uses 620 MHz processor to manage its functioning.

For better streaming of video and audio, this repeater use MIMO Technology, which gets 300 MBPS of video data transfer. Music/video lovers don’t get frustrated with low speed or buffering, amped has taken care of it. The set up process is too easy, anyone can setup in minutes using its user manual. It has some unique features like WAN porting, TX beamforming. Those are good features but need to have some basic knowledge about it, simple user will get confused to use it.


  • Good average processor of 620 MHz
  • 10,000 sq ft of range, with dual band antennas
  • Five 1000MBPS gigabit ports, helps to connect more devices.
  • N300 MIMO Wifi for video streaming.


  • At long range, provides poor signal
  • Complicated features needs to have basic knowledge
  • Poor design.

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4. Linksys RE7000 (AC1900) Wi-Fi Range Extender Review

Linksys RE7000 (AC1900) Wi-Fi Range Extender
Linksys RE7000 (AC1900) Wi-Fi Range Extender

Another wall plug wifi extender with stunning looks from Linksys, which has high speed data transfer capacity, elegant design and powerful range. Linksys is a good brand in networking device with quality product. It is also bit cheaper than our #1 pick of range extenders, provides seamless roaming, uses next generation AC extender and with mobile app support to control it from distance. If you see it closely, you will remind this device of TP link AC1750 which looks same due to wall plug & play feature.

But the issue with this extender is that it does not have external antennas, so if you are thinking to use it from long distance, you might disappoint. But people who just want to have good speed in one room (Whose router is installed at some other room); they can get full value of money product. Though, without antennas too, Linksys claim to give 10k sq ft range with this tiny device. Also, it does not have extra Ethernet ports to repeat wifi network in other device. You need to depend on wifi enabled device to use this device.

But if you overcome these drawbacks, this device uses some latest technology, like MU-MIMO to transfer digital Data’s at high speed, so you can get buffer free videos (depend on your actual internet speed). You can use their mobile application which is available on google play store/ios store, to control this device. Also, this device has spot finder technology, which suggests you perfect place to install it for better connectivity in all area. And using access point mode, you can expand your home network, just connect access points to router and your job is done. It is actually quite intelligent device.

Linksys RE7000 wifi extender gives you high speed wifi speed using its dual band technology, which uses both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency for data transfer. And at the combination, it offers up to 1.9 GBPS speed, which defiantly going to double your wifi speeds. Using Crossband technology, it enables you to simultaneously send and receive data from either band. It works with all routers, no extra conditions at all. Just press the push button, enter login credentials of router, and you are done. Using Beamforming Technology, it ensures that all devices connected in gets high speed data transfer and coverage as well. It has single gigabit Ethernet port, which you can use it to connect it with smart TV or other device for wired connection.

It has easy set up process, comes with proper user guide from Linksys. Spot finder, MU-MIMO, push button connect are some of the unique features it offers, you should check this out before buying other wall plug & play extender.


  • Crossband technology, MU-MIMO, push button and spot finder technology.
  • Up to 1.9 GBPS data transfer with dual band.
  • High range, elegant design, smart device with app control
  • Seamless roaming, easy setup.


  • No external antennas
  • No extra Ethernet ports
  • Consumes whole socket space while plugged in.

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5. Amped Wireless REA20 700mW Wi-Fi Range Extender Review

Amped Wireless REA20 700mW Wi-Fi Range Extender
Amped Wireless REA20 700mW Wi-Fi Range Extender

Not only in home, but some people need wifi extender in office as well. In office, where you can’t bear any loss of time due to low speed or without connection, in that case you must have proper wifi connection in every part with same speed as your internet plan. Amped wireless has designed one wifi range extender which is specially designed for professional use, with most powerful amplifiers, antennas and processor it uses. This extender works on latest protocol, provides high range coverage, dual band and provides high data transfer rate as well.

But as mentioned above, it is designed for professional use, so is the price. REA20 is bit costly device, which is hard to afford for home users, who are looking for cheap device. Also, its bit bigger in size, it has 9 x 11 x 3 in of dimension. Which requires bit space to install it, and in home where we are managing space, this device might find short of space.

But apart from that, there are no other drawbacks of this device. It supports 1200 MBPS of data transfer rate with 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz frequency band. It has good range as well; Amped claims to have 10,000 Sq ft of range. And to provide proper range, this device uses 700mW dual band to repeat your wifi network in long range. Also, Amped REA20 uses 802.11ac protocol for high speed data transfer, and for that it uses three 5dBi antennas for high speed data transfer. This gives almost 14 times more data transfer rate. REA20 also features 2 stage amplifiers which helps this extender to reach maximum coverage.

To share with maximum device, this wifi repeater has got 5 Gigabit ports and one USB port as well. Using those ports, you can connect the internet to your smart tv, file sharing to camera or other device can be done using USB 2.0 port. As mentioned, it uses 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency band for data transfer, in which 2.4 GHz band has 300 MBPS of transfer capacity while the 5 GHz frequency has 867 MBPS data transfer rate. You can switch between two bands simultaneously while in connection.

If you are apple product user (MacBook, iPad or any other device), this extender supports AirPlay, Airprint, Home sharing capability as well. So, you can easily use/transfer files from apple products to extender. Setting up or installing this device is quite easy. User just need to read the user manual which has 3 step installation guide, you can follow the simple step to start using your high speed internet in every corner of your home. It also allows you to select the available band for better speed. You can choose from 2.4 or 5 GHz band.

Overall, it’s a best wifi extender for the professional use. And for home too, if you can afford its price. It’s like one time investment which gives you better work experience for many years. Amped gives 1 year of full warranty with REA20 wireless extender.


  • Uses 700mW for long range coverage.
  • Extra app supports for apple users.
  • 5 gigabit Ethernet ports, 10k sq ft coverage, dual band, 3 high gain antennas
  • 2-Stage amplifiers, powerful processor, USB 2.0 Port.


  • Costly
  • Bigger in size, might create space issue
  • Slow data transfer rate, not best in category.

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6. Linksys RE6500 (AC1200) Wifi Extender Review

Linksys RE6500 (AC1200) Wifi Extender
Linksys RE6500 (AC1200) Wifi Extender

If security features are your priority apart from high speed internet, you need to check Linksys RE6500HG which has provides more coverage with high speed data transfer and some amazing security features as well. It provides better data transfer rate (not best though) with more range, and above all, have security features as well. Linksys is known brand, we have included their other wifi extender RE7000 in this list too. Both are almost same but still have many differences, including price. You include this wifi extender in professional wifi extender device category.

But the issue with this device is that many users find it difficult to install this device. The process is quite complicated, set up is not easy. You might need to get help of professional to install this device. But Linksys is providing CD with proper guide, which might help you to install in easy steps. Secondly, the cost of the device is too little more than you expecting. The design of the RE6500HG is quite simple and ordinary but looks professional as well. This is top range extender from Linksys with good user ratings.

But if you are ready to bear this headache, you will find this extender device wonderful. It uses cross band technology, allow you to choose high range band from 2.4/5 Ghz for faster data transfer. You can simultaneously use either band to send/receive data’s over internet. Linksys RE6500HG has 5 gigabit Ethernet ports. You can connect maximum devices with this extender. Also, it provides you audio jack facility; you can connect it to get stereo music or can connect your computers as well to stream live music. Now coming to the security feature, Linksys RE6500HG uses 128-bit of encryption over WPS (wifi protected setup) to transfer data safely. No one can steal your data even after breaking the password.

This extender uses two different band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and provides 1200 MBPS of transfer rate. It has capability to use AC/DC power supply, and promise to have strong performance. Linksys claim to have 10,000 sq ft of range. And to provide that high range, Linksys has used two high-gain dipole antennas. And no matter which router you are using, this extender will connect to any router easily. We have tested this extender with NETGEAR AC1750.

With unique feature like audio jack and having good security features, makes this device alone in list of wifi range extender. Expect few drawbacks; it has many good points as well, which helps you to gain more coverage and speed. It’s a greatest wifi extender for small business owner and for any commercial usage.


  • Advance security feature, 128 bit of encryption and cross band technology
  • High coverage range, high data transfer and great performance
  • 1200 MBPS of total data transfer rate with combined bands
  • Music jack, 4 LAN ports, two different bands for usage.


  • Bit costly, good for professional use.
  • Complicated installation process
  • Simple design.

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7. D-Link DAP-1650 (AC1200) Wifi Range Extender Review

D-Link DAP-1650 (AC1200) Wifi Range Extender
D-Link DAP-1650 (AC1200) Wifi Range Extender

D-Link DAP 1650, when it comes to device with excellent look, elegant design and powerful range extender, this product ranks 1st. It has perfect look, or say unique look, which gives good feeling, makes your computer table advance and rich. DAP-1650 is quite robust as well as versatile device which offers high speed and good features as well. Also, its fall in under $89 price range, which is quite affordable for such amazingly designed extender. Like TP link, NETGEAR, Linksys, D-Link too quite popular in wifi router and wifi extender category. D-Link brand is known for producing cheap price product with high performance.

It’s all good range extender but one big issue it faces is that it uses same band to transfer data to you, which it uses to connect with router. It might direct affect to its range/coverage. If you are expecting high range device with good design, this is NOT for you. it has vertical design, which might not get fit in some place. Though, it’s quite compact and consol designed device, which looks good with any background.

D-Link has taken care of all other issues which might be faced by users. Like it has used dual band frequency, 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz bands for data transfer. Its 2.4 GHz band provides up to 300 MBPS data transfer rate while the 5 GHz provides up to 867 MBPS speed. In short in combine, it provides up to 1200 MBPS of speed. It does NOT have any antennas (external), all transfer are done via internal antennas (which is another reason for short range). D Link DAP 1650 too provides secure encryption connection, good security features. And this extender is compatible with all type of router; you can get it connected via any router easily.

It also overcome the biggest headache of all other extender, provides too easy set-up steps. Installing it is quite easy, even you can use its QRS mobile application to install this device and for better control. It has 4 gigabit Ethernet ports and one USB port as well to connect it with wire connection to more pc/devices. Its compact device with dimension of 3.6 x 4.3 x 5.7 in only and quite light weight as well (just 0.6 lbs). D-Link provides 2 year of limited warranty with this product.

Overall, it’s a good device with high end technology, high data transfer (but low range) and more Ethernet ports. But range is still issue, if you are using it for covering your home, its good enough, but for more area to cover there, it might disappoint you as well.


  • Compact, console design, unique stylish device
  • 1200 MBPS of data transfer rate with two band
  • Under affordable price.
  • Encryption option, easy step up guide
  • QRS mobile app for better control.


  • Uses same band with router to transfer data to user
  • Low range, covers very small area
  • Wired vertical design (Might find some of you).

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8. NETGEAR EX3700 100NAS (AC750) Wifi Range Extender Review

NETGEAR EX3700 100NAS (AC750) Wifi Range Extender
NETGEAR EX3700 100NAS (AC750) Wifi Range Extender

NETGEAR AC750 is another low price extender which is completely in budget and comes from branded name NETGEAR. NETGEAR AC750 has been appreciated by many users as it has low price and average features. If you are looking for small range device which just cover particular area in home, this might save your money.

Though, you can’t expect high range from this device. When we tested it with our router, it was hardly covering one room, but it surely reduces your low range issue at some extent.

It provides 750 MBPS of data transfer rate with dual band frequency. It also supports 802.11ac routers which are latest in trend. NETGEAR AC750 uses two external antennas to provide good range to cover maximum area under wifi coverage. This one too wall plugin extender, which you need to plug-in in the wall socket to start using it. AC750 uses fastlane technology for establishing fast data transfer connection from the available band. This technology is useful for those wants to play game or for HD video streaming.

For users, who use it for mobile device; will get 100% double speed compared to earlier. Using its mobile app, you can optimize your home network, check network status, check signal strength, and also can identify the available wifi networks, traffic and interference as well. If you have Samsung Galaxy tablet or Smartphone or any iPhone 6/7/7 plus device, this extender is most compatible with all of them.

As it is wall plug-in extender, it does not have extra gigabit Ethernet port. Just single gigabit port for connecting smart tv or any other device with this extender. It shows indicators on the front for power, router, device, WPS. No good range, no Ethernet ports, no USB port. But quite compact device with just 7 x 5.6 x 3.9 inches of dimension and light weight as well (of just 10.7 ounces). If you want solve your short range coverage issue than only this is good option or also good for gifting someone.


  • Light weight, compact, affordable wall plugin extender
  • Fastlane technology allows you to use both band
  • Compatible with all latest routers
  • NETGEAR Warranty to claim after registering on website.


  • Low range, poor signal quality
  • Uses same band with router and users to data transfer
  • Low transfer rate as low as 750 MBPS
  • No extra Ethernet ports, no USB ports
  • No Security features.

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9. D-Link DAP-1320 (N 300) Wifi Range Extender Review

D-Link DAP-1320 (N 300) Wifi Range Extender
D-Link DAP-1320 (N 300) Wifi Range Extender

Under $20 price, cheapest wifi range extender from D-Link DAP 1320 is our next in this list. It is again a wall plug-in extender with for short rage solution. Of course, you will get what you pay for.

D Link 1320 is only for small room, if you are expecting that it provide high speed and high coverage, it’s next to impossible. It has very low speed, and no extra features as well, just a small extender with low range solution and for small room.

It does not have any Ethernet port (not even single) and not even USB port. If you are thinking to pair it for wire connection, it’s not possible. This range extender provides very slow speed of Just 300 MBPS with single band transfer. As mention above, it does not have any antennas, not even 5 GHz frequency band to provide fast data transfer for long range.

But D-Link claims that it will make all home wifi, elements all dead spots in home and provide wifi in every corner (which does not reflected in our testing). It has good capacity to provide wifi after crossing one wall, but fails to cross more walls. Setup task is quite simple; you just need to press push button to establish new connection with this extender. But as D-Link says, it has 2 internal antennas, supports IEEE 802.11n and IEEE 802.11G routers as well. It does provide security over WPA, WPA2 and WPS protocols over internet.

If you are looking for cheap extender for small room, this can be good option; else for long range and to cover entire big area, this extender is not good.


  • Cheap Price
  • Compact, easy set up.


  • No external antennas, no Ethernet ports, no USB ports
  • Slow speed data transfer
  • Single band extender
  • Poor range and poor signal connection.

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10. Dodocool AC750 Dual Band Wifi Extender Review

Dodocool AC750 Dual Band Wifi Extender
Dodocool AC750 Dual Band Wifi Extender

Dodocool AC750 is another wall plugin wifi extender but has good features than earlier two wall plug-in extender. It has better speed, dual band frequency and other security features as well. But the brand Dodocool is not so popular and also customers do not know about their after sales service, they mostly avoid this brand and device.

But in our testing we found that Dodocool AC750 has good range and performance than DAP 1320. In many areas Dodocool beats D-Link. We have listed all their features and drawbacks below, do check out.

AC750 of Dodocool uses 802.11ac technology, which is latest technology to strengthen your wifi signals, provide more coverage and powerful data transfer as well. It is 3 times faster technology which relies on 11c technology. It uses dual band to transfer data from router to user.

It uses 2.4 GHz band which has capacity of 300 MBPS and 433 MBPS on 5 GHz band. So, the total capacity of the device is 750 MBPS which is way higher than DAP 1320. Users will be switched simultaneously over two different bands as per their usage. For high transfer data, live streaming, HD video and audio, user can use 5 GHz band.

Set up task is quite easy, you just need to plug in the device in socket and press the push button for encrypted connection after entering login credentials of your router. It comes with 2 gigabit Ethernet ports which you can use to pair device with wire connection. Also, it provides security (encrypted connection) over WPA2, WPA and WEP. AC750 is small and compact device with 4.5 x 4.6 x 4.3 in dimension. You can choose three modes (AP mode, Repeater mode, or router mode) to use this extender. Though, it provides very less range, which is a big issue stand with the wall plug-in extender.

If you are thinking not to risk new brand, let me tell you, Dodocool provides 30 days money back guarantee and 18 months replacement warranty as well on this product. And it has very low price, falls under $30. So, you can freely check test this device and if not fits, you can easily return it. It is good extender device to use in small room for gaming, live TV or to watch Netflix on your mobile.


  • Small compact design, dual band frequency set up
  • 750 MBPS of speed
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 3 different modes to enhance performance.
  • Easy set up.


  • No external antennas, poor range.
  • Poor signal
  • No USB Port
  • Weird design, quite chance that device will fall from socket, if not fit properly.

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These are the top rating and most popular range extender/wifi repeater or booster. There are many brands and each brand’s many wifi range extenders are available online. If you are facing low range or poor signal issue in home or office, you should too get one wifi repeater device. If you have many dead spots in office/home, many walls or floor comes between your Smartphone/laptop and wifi router, than you must get wifi repeater, it will help you to strengthen your wifi signal, provides high coverage and gives perfect speed all the time.

How we tested Different Wifi Range Extenders?

Apart from basic points like the device should have good range, must use dual band (2.4 GHz as well as latest 5 GHz band), Ethernet speed, Ethernet ports, and security features, we did personal testing of each WiFi extender using our standard WiFi router. We chose different conditions, room, walls, floor, open terrace, and all other possible ways.

We choose NETGEAR AC1750 to test all the above listed range extenders. After that we shortlisted rang extender devices based on their price, performance, user ratings, and features.  We tested their features (And then added in list) using different methods. As first we list down what kind of problems are faced by users while using wifi directly from wifi routers. If you have small home and single wall interface, its fine, but for many walls and if floor changes, it weaken your wifi signal strength. All the final contenders have gone through different distance.

We put our router in study room (and for office, we choose different corners) and checked speed via going upstairs, from bathroom, kitchen, country yard, parking and other dead spots. That’s the reason it took us 150 hrs to finalize all the finalist of this list. We did try speed using different bands, two-three wall interfaces, going exactly beside routers, drawing room etc ways. And choosing the #1 and #2 was big fight since both of the devices were almost same. We noted all the performance in iPad while testing and made some remarks too. As they suggest, 5 GHz is good for crowded, low range space, as it provides equal speed to all. While 2.4 GHz band provides good range but reduces the speed at more distance.

While we also included, some wall plug & play extender for small home, and some professional use extender with more ports and high speed.  We have given points for both range and peak performance. And the list is finalized at best price-to-performance ratio product. We have included range extenders from $18 to $130. It is always “you get what you pay for” but since everyone has different needs, we included all price/features range of devices.

This buying guide for best wifi extender of 2019 will be keep updated every month. If there is any new product is launched, we may consider, test it and may include here, keep visiting virtue review.