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BoB Revolution SE Single Jogging Stroller Review

If you’re a parent who needs a stroller which can be used in a variety of situations, the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller could be right up your alley. Designed with flexibility and comfort in mind. The Revolution SE stroller features a lightweight frame, pivoting front wheel and adjustable suspension system to deliver a smooth ride for your baby.

In addition to this, the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller offers a high level of comfort and convenience with it’s easy to fold frame and padded reclining seat. Numerous extras are included for safety. Including a 5-point padded harness and a multi-position canopy to keep your child protected from the sun.

BOB has built upon the quality structure and design of previous Revolution models. Enhancing things further with a tremendous set of features.

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller Features

  • Front Wheel fully rotates for easy maneuverability
  • Adjustable Suspension System for a nice Smooth Ride
  • Compact, Easy to fold lightweight Frame
  • Numerous Adjustment and Storage Options
  • Adjustable reclining padded seat for high level of comfort
  • 5-point padded harness for safety

Providing the Comfort your Baby deserves

Your baby will be kept comfy thanks to the padded, reclining adjustable seat which tilts back up to 70 degrees from its vertical position. Also included is a multi-position canopy providing protection for your baby against the sun.

Ample Storage

BOB hasn’t slacked when it comes to storage space. Ample storage space is included with a hanging basket for storing everything from toys to bottles. The 2 interior pockets provide even further storage space.

Easy to fold, Compact Frame

The 2-step folding frame allows for easy transportation, making it ideal for parents with a busy lifestyle. The lightweight aluminum frame can fold down to a compact size making transport and storage of the stroller a breeze.

Swiveling front wheel for Easy Maneuverability

Utilizing a 3-wheeled design with a front wheel which rotates fully, the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller provides easy maneuverability making it ideal for turning tight corners in busy urban areas.

In addition, the front wheel can be locked into a forward position for great stability while jogging on rougher terrain. This jogging stroller has stood the test of time having many features that make it stand out among other strollers. This article will outline 3 very important aspects of this stroller. Let’s see why it is so popular among parents.

Safety and comfort

Built with a five-point safety harness, the bob revolution SE single stroller has strong straps to secure your child. One outstanding feature in this stroller is its ability to turn on a dime. On very narrow space, it can turn 360 degrees with ease. This makes it very perfect to navigate through tight spaces like in some shop aisles, and clothing racks in shopping malls. The storage basket is much easier to access being larger than those found in most jogging strollers.

Targeted towards the jogging parents, this stroller is built for those who love to run. With its dual mode settings, one can to switch from jogging mode to walking. This is an excellent feature and lets parents take care of tasks while out on a run. Its not uncommon for our family to jog a few miles into town then wing by our local farmers market.

With these modes, coupled with state of the art suspension system, you can jog with your baby on different kinds of terrains and yet still obtain a smooth ride that would still provide comfort to your baby. You baby can still sleep comfortably even while you are jogging because the built-in suspension system is able to absorb the bumps, should they surface.


One of the things you need to know about a stroller before purchasing one is whether it will last, and the only way to know is to use it. But this stroller has enough proof from users who have written great reviews and stating that it is a very good stroller and that it can last for a very long time. With its steel frame construction, it is designed to provide maximum protection for your baby. Unlike other strollers, the car seat adapter is also made of metal, for extra security and firmness.

The length of use

Some parents purchase strollers without thinking about how long that stroller would last, as the child can quickly outgrow it. Strollers come in different sizes and weight class and you should know the maximum child weight that your stroller can carry. This will give you a very good idea on how long you can use a particular stroller based on the weight capacity of the stroller coupled with the size and spacing.

The Bob revolution SE stroller is designed to allow room for an older child. Since it is also designed for walking and jogging, the recommended age range for walking is 8 weeks – 8 months and 18 months – 5 years for jogging. These ranges provide a lot of room for your child to grow, thus preventing you from making a purchase for another baby stroller in the immediate future.

It is designed not only for jogging but for walking also. The factors that are outlined above namely: its safety features, its ability to last long and protect the baby, and its length of use, make it a very good piece of equipment. If you are thinking about purchasing a stroller for your baby, then you should check out my reviews about the Bob revolution SE single stroller.

BOB Revolution SE Single Jogging Stroller
BOB Revolution SE Single Jogging Stroller

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Value for money?

Considering the quality of materials and number of features, the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller offers great value for money. Comfy, lightweight, durable and feature packed; this stroller will give your baby a comfortable start in life and provide many good years of use.

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