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Breitling Navitimer Review

Whether this is your first luxury watch or you have been buying and collecting them for years, you surely know and understand that the Swiss have always been and continue to be at the forefront of both craftsmanship and fine quality and the Breitling Navitimer is a perfect example of why, when it comes to luxury watches, there are no better watchmakers in the world.

When you buy the Breitling Navitimer, you are buying one of the finest watches in the world and one that will continue to rise in value over the years. This watch comes in a variety of styles and designs; however, you should always keep in mind that all of them are produced in extremely limited numbers. In other words, if you see one that you like, you had better move quickly, or it will be gone.

What Is The Breitling Navitimer?

Breitling is a Swiss company that has been around for an awfully long time and has always been at the forefront of the Swiss watch-making industry.

One fact that a lot of people aren’t aware of is that one of the reasons why Swiss watchmaking has an amazing reputation that it has is because of the highly regulated industry.

The Swiss government knows that it has a reputation of quality to protect, and it goes to great lengths to do so. If it says “Swiss made,” that really does mean something.

One of the things about a Breitling Chronometre Navitimer is that they are very visible to other watch lovers. They will recognize the logo from afar and the distinct styling of this watch in particular.

When you are wearing the Breitling Chronometre Navitimer, anyone who knows anything about watches will know what you are wearing, whether you have chosen the steel, gold, or leather band.

What Features Does This Have?

One of the intriguing aspects of watches by Breitling is that few of them are alike. First of all, they are all produced in extremely limited numbers, and then there are multiple options you can choose from. It should be known that these are extremely well-designed watches and are considered to be the most complex mechanical watches in the world. Although they may appear to be different on the outside, on the inside, they are purely Swiss made.

The Breitling Navitimer has a large face, which is one of the distinguishing marks of a Breitling watch. This is a round-faced stainless steel case with a stainless steel bi-directional bezel that rotates. In addition, there is a unique bezel that operates as a slide rule. Many watch enthusiasts remark that this slide rule is the one feature alone that makes this watch so spectacular. You simply will not find something like this anywhere else and certainly not on any watch you buy in your local jewelry store.

In addition, this watch has a variety of faces including a 12-hour register on the bottom of the face, a 30-minute register on the top, and a central register on the left. There is a face for small seconds and a function for time zones. You will also find that there is a usable date window at the right of the face.

The case of the Breitling Navitimer is 46mm x 53mm and is designed for a wrist of up to 8 inches. The thickness is measured at 15mm with a bracelet width of 24mm. Although this would be considered a water-resistant watch (at up to 30 meters), you might think twice about getting into water if you choose the beautiful brown or black alligator leather wrist band.

The silver-tone hands are luminescent and play off the design of the stick index silver-tone hour markers that are also luminescent. The crystal is made from pure sapphire crystal, and that makes it scratch-resistant. In addition, of course, the movement is “Swiss mechanical automatic,” and this model also comes with a 42-hour power reserve.

Breitling Navitimer Watch
Breitling Navitimer Watch

What Are My Options?

When you buy a Breitling Chronometre Navitimer, part of the fun is getting to choose how you want your watch to look. In other words, there is not just one Breitling Navitimer. The first thing you may want to consider is the type of wristband that you would like. If you will be choosing the gold model, then a black alligator leather strap or the gold strap would be beautiful. If you choose the stainless steel case, then your choice would be stainless steel or black or brown alligator leather.

There are also choices to be made regarding the color of the face and sub-faces since they do come in white, black, and a dark blue, with multiple variations. Generally speaking, the more unique your Breitling Navitimer is, the more it will retain value in the long run since it will be unlike any other watch out there. Especially if you choose the 18K gold, you will be making an investment that will last a lifetime.

Should You Buy A Breitling Chronometre Navitimer?

With most high-end luxury watches, it isn’t a matter of whether should you buy it, but rather why should you not buy it? There are many reasons why men prefer to have a watch like this – to show status, show style, or simply to make an investment in the future. Watches do tend to hold their value, and if history is any judge, then your Breitling Chronometre Navitimer will go up in value over the years, regardless of the model that you buy.

Because you are buying a watch that is not mass produced and one that is produced with the highest level of Swiss craftsmanship, you know that you are buying something that really will last a lifetime and longer, which is something you just can’t say about a lot of products these days. If this is the style of watch that you are looking for, then there is simply no way that you can make a mistake by purchasing one for yourself. You can read my review of the zzBreitling Navitimerzz else where on this site.

Where Can You Get a Breitling Navitimer?

The first thing to remember when you are buying a Breitling Chronometre Navitimer or any high-end watch is that you had best buy it from a completely legitimate and long-standing retailer. Although you may be able to get one at a huge discount elsewhere, it is a very good wager that the watch you are getting is a fake.

Therefore, if you are seriously interested in making an investment in this watch and not just buying a fake, then you will soon find out that they are not available either in significant quantities or in your local jewelry or watch store. A Breitling Chronometre Navitimer is a rare item, and unless you live in a major city, you probably won’t find the model that you are looking for. So buying online in this case is almost certainly your best bet.

When considering purchasing a product online, in every case, you need to be certain that the site is safe, has an excellent reputation for customer service and highly competitive prices.

In terms of which of these three things is least important it is actually likely the price  because you will always find a discount online and many sites have very similar prices.

The critical factor is the security of the site and the quality of the customer service. If these two things are not in place then price is a moot point anyway as you would never buy from them.

After lots of research, I found by far the best site for the Breitling Chronometre Navitimer is at Amazon.com. You can shop at ease here, they are very efficient and reliable and it is where I bought mine.

Breitling Chronometre Navitimer Review

When I set out to by a new watch, I was incredibly pleased at the wonderful choices I had available to choose from. The selection process was difficult because of all of the beautiful timepieces available, yet there was some comfort in knowing that I had so many great choices available to me.

While the selection of timepieces was excellent, I was a bit dismayed at the very limited number of reviews that had been written about the timepieces that I was most interested in buying.

Breitling Chronometre Navitimer
Breitling Chronometre Navitimer

Check Price on Amazon

Once I made my decision to buy a Breitling Chronometre Navitimer, after much deliberation and research, I decided to write a review to help others make an informed decision.

Ultimately, I decided to buy the Breitling Chronometre Navitimer, a gorgeous timepiece with a rich heritage. This decision was not easy, but I have loved the results of that decision. Breitling is widely known for its Swiss engineering as well as its unique aviation heritage, and these are two factors that weighed heavily in my decision to purchase this watch. However, there are quite a few other factors that I took into consideration, and I want to share these with you in this review.

Breitling Navitimer Features

Like all Breitling watches, the Breitling Navitimer is truly an engineering marvel, and it carries with it high-quality chronometry along with a rugged yet sophisticated design that is suitable to wear for just about every occasion.

The band is very high-quality, and the case boasts a black dial with silver sub-dials and a polished silver case. It is a gorgeous timepiece yet completely durable.

The Breitling brand is designed for use by aviators, so this model is truly designed to be worn on a daily basis rather than simply admired.

It is a functional watch that you can expect years of use from. Here are just some of the many features that you can expect to enjoy from your watch:

  • Water resistance to 30  meters or 100 feet
  • Sapphire crystal – glare-proof and scratch-resistant
  • Chronograph features
  • Automatic, self-winding chronometer movement
  • Three-year warranty
  • Purchase includes a guarantee of authenticity
  • Tang buckle
  • 41.88 mm case
  • Luminous markers and hands
  • Screw-down case backing
  • Rotating, bi-directional bezel

Is the Breitling Chronometre Navitimer a Good Watch?

The incredible features of the Breitling Chronometre Navitimer may give you a good indication that this is in fact a good watch. However, sometimes it can be difficult to tell if the features are worth the price, and whether perhaps there is a better watch on the market that offers the same level of quality and craftsmanship with similar features but at a more affordable price.

The fact is that when you buy a Breitling Chronometre Navitimer, you are purchasing a piece of watchmaking tradition, and in fact the Breitling name dates back to 1884 when this Swiss watchmaker first established itself as a quality company. Its aviation tradition gained in prominence over the years, and now when you buy this brand of watch, you are truly buying a small piece of tradition and history.

That, coupled with the incredible features and quality craftsmanship that you get when you buy this watch, should be enough to convince you that this is an unbeatable investment. However, if you do decide to comparison shop, as I certainly did before I made my decision to buy this particular watch, you will find that few other brands can offer the high caliber of engineering and innovation that this company provides at the same price, and none offer this aviation tradition.

The fact is that there are plenty of other watches available on the market at or close to this same price point, but none offer the same mix of features, the same stylish design, and the rich tradition that this one does. It is easy to see why the Breitling Chronometre Navitimer is so popular.

What Makes This Watch So Great?

Obviously there were some things that really stood out to me as I considered whether to purchase the Breitling Chronometre Navitimer or another watch. There are, in fact, some areas where I felt this watch really far exceeded the competition, and these should be weighed heavily in any decision you make. Some of the top qualities of this timepiece that really stood out to me are:

  • Swiss engineering
  • Unique aviation design and functionality
  • Casual yet elegant style
  • Large, easy-to-read case
  • Over 125 years of watchmaking tradition

I definitely considered all of the features the watch had to offer, but these are certainly some of the key features and benefits of the watch that stood out most to me and helped me to make my decision to purchase it.

So What Are My Personal Experiences With It?

You really cannot write a review on any item without sharing your own personal experiences about it, and this includes a review on the Breitling Chronometre Navitimer watch, too. I have to say that I have absolutely loved having this watch. So far, I have owned it for about six months, and I have worn it almost every day.

Its unique style and black-on-steel coloring makes it ideal for wearing on the weekends with casual wear as well as with my business attire during the week. It looks elegant and regal, yet it also says something about my rugged side, too. The large dial really makes a stylish statement in a classic and masculine way.

I love that this watch so completely captures my spirit and sense of style, but I also love that it is functional, too. I didn’t buy the Breitling Chronometre Navitimer just to be wearing a bracelet, after all, but to actually serve the purpose of keeping time for me.

In the time since I bought this watch, it has absolutely kept time perfectly, and with its Swiss engineering, I fully expect that to continue. It has three subdials for the date and seconds, and these are great and fully functional features that add to the benefits of wearing it on a daily basis.

When you buy a watch, you want it to look great with your attire and be functional for a variety of uses, but you also want to just simply feel good when you wear it, too. A watch is functional, but it is also an accessory. Accessories may help you express your style, but they also help you to feel good about yourself.

I do get quite a few great compliments and comments about this watch, and it always feels good to have others whom you know and respect, and even complete strangers from time to time, stop and make an admiring remark about your watch.

Breitling Chronometre Navitimer Review Summary

I do have to say that I have not owned this watch for too long yet and only purchased it a few months ago. I ordered it from amazon.com, because I wanted a respected online retailer for such a big purchase.

Thus far, it has truly been one of my favorite purchases that I have made in quite some time. It is an item that I love to put on in the morning and hate to take off in the evenings. It is comfortable and attractive. I would absolutely recommend a Breitling Chronometre Navitimer to anyone who is in the market for a quality timepiece.

Where Should I Buy This Watch?

When considering purchasing a high-end product on the internet, you must be sure the site is secure, and has an excellent reputation for customer service.

Price is actually less of a critical factor because you will always find a discount online and many sites have very similar prices – all cheaper then going to a retail outlet.

The most important thing when making a big purchase such as this is the security of the site and the quality of the customer service. If these two things are missing then price doesn’t matter as you would never buy from an insecure site anyway, no matter what the discount.

After a lot of research, I found by far the best place to buy the Breitling Chronometre Navitimer is at Amazon.com. They have an unparalleled reputation for online shopping and customer service and it is where I bough by Breitling Chronometre Navitimer.

Why The Breitling Chronometre Navitimer Is So Popular

Anyone who is looking for a Breitling Chronometre Navitimer should be commended for his sense of style and his knowledge of watches. A Breitling is a fine timepiece, one that is handmade in Switzerland from all Swiss pieces, which means that you are getting one of the finest timepieces in the world.

One of Breitling’s most popular models is the Breitling Chronometre Navitimer, which comes in a variety of designs and configurations. No matter which one you decide upon, you will be getting an incredible watch that you will be proud of for decades to come.

Why a Breitling Navitimer?

Buying any Swiss-made watch is always preferable to one that is made in any other country, primarily because the Swiss are very serious about their watch industry. The industry itself is highly regulated to ensure quality, and that is why Swiss watches have such a good name. They were some of the first companies in the business, and Breitling is almost 125 years old. All of the Breitling watches are handmade in Switzerland and are never shipped overseas for assembly.

There is certainly something that can be said for a man who wears a Breitling Chronometre Navitimer, and because they are very conspicuous devices, no one will miss that you are wearing one. With the Breitling Chronometre Navitimer in particular, you can tell that it is a Breitling by its unique face and quality wrist band, whether it is leather, gold, or stainless steel.

What Are the Features of the Breitling Navitimer?

The Breitling Chronometre Navitimer is one of the most complex mechanical watches around and will provide you with a fair amount of entertainment in addition to information. Obviously, there are several models with different features, but the stainless steel strap and the alligator leather with white stitching are the most popular.

Breitling Chronometer Navitimer
Breitling Chronometer Navitimer

This timepiece comes with a large face (which is one of the hallmarks of a Breitling watch) and is made from a round, stainless steel case. There is also a stainless steel bidirectional rotating bezel and a unique slide rule bezel that really is a mechanical and design marvel. If you are looking for a watch that really is different than anything you have seen and that offers more than just the time and the date, then this is it.

The many features of this watch include a chronograph, a 12-hour register (on the bottom), a 30-minute register (on the top), a central second register (on the left), small seconds, and a two time-zone function. There is also a date window at three o’clock.

There are silver-tone hands that are luminescent, in addition to stick index silver-tone luminescent hour markers. The crystal is, of course, made from sapphire crystal and is scratch-resistant. It comes with a 42-hour power reserve and is self-winding. The movement is “Swiss Mechanical Automatic,” and it is also a fully certified chronometer.

The case itself is 46mm x 53mm, with a thickness of 15mm. The bracelet width is 24mm and fits a wrist size of up to eight inches. This watch is also water-resistant up to 30m, though if you do choose the alligator leather wrist strap, you might want to re-think getting it wet!

This watch’s many functions are what make it so much fun to wear. Whether you enjoy reading the time via a 24-hour military clock or you admire the slide rule function of this watch, you will definitely be getting a piece of quality craftsmanship.

What Options Are Available?

You can find the Breitling Chronometre Navitimer in several different configurations, including the stainless steel strap with black face, the alligator leather strap with black face, and the traditional stainless steel Navitimer with a white opalescent outer face and black inner face. There are a number of different configurations, and they do change from year to year.

One thing to keep in mind when you are buying a Breitling is that they are produced in extremely limited supplies, so if you do see the one that you like online, you had better buy it before it is gone. These are highly desired collectors’ items, and especially with unique features such as these, they do not last long on the market.

Who Buys a Breitling Chronometre Navitimer?

Unlike other luxury watches for men that are often based on old navigational or maritime deisgns, the Breitling watches were primarily designed for aviation, especially in the early part of the last century, which explains their famous winged logo.

Men who wear Breitlings tend to be fairly stylish, they are definitely concerned about how others view them, and they have a desire for style and luxury that other men simply don’t. A Breitling is one of the finest watches in the world and one that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Is This Watch for You?

If you have always wanted a luxury timepiece, then you certainly can’t go wrong with the Breitling Navitimer, no matter which style or design that you choose. This is an incredible watch that will only go up in value over the years, as the past models have. Because of the name, the styling, and the fine craftsmanship, this watch is one of those that is worth every penny that you pay for it. Whether you wear your Breitling Chronometre Navitimer every day or only bring it out for special occasions, this will be one of the few personal possessions in your entire life that you will be known for and that you will proudly hand down to the next generation.

Where Should You Buy Your Watch?

If you are looking to really pay a discount price on a Breitling Chronometre Navitimer, then perhaps you shouldn’t be buying one. These are expensive watches and for good reason – they are handmade with the finest materials and are built to last for decades. The good news, though, is that you can get a very good price by purchasing them online, though you must be careful.

breitling navitimer watch
breitling navitimer watch

Check Price on Amazon

When you buy anything online these days, it goes without saying that if you are getting it at too low of a price, then there is probably something wrong with the item, and with a watch, that means that more than likely it is a fake. Luckily, a Breitling Chronometer Navitimer is not easily copied as some other luxury watches can be.But because the Breitling Chronometre Navitimer is such a rare watch, you are lucky because it is rarely copied. Prudent watch-buyers know that you will pay an appropriate price for this watch and that doing otherwise could result in disappointment.

If you are going to buy online, you should buy from a responsible and long-standing retailer that will stand behind the product. Of course, every high-end, luxury watch comes with its own warranty, but you will also want to deal with a company that will be there to support you should something go wrong with the watch. In addition, working with a quality retailer will provide you with further watch-buying opportunities down the line.

In short, you get what you pay for, and although you can get good prices on all sorts of watches online, you should only deal with legitimate retailers. I have found over the years that Amazon.com is by far the most secure place to buy a high-end item like this and it is where I bought my Breitling Chronometre Navitimer.