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Combi Twin Savvy LX Side by Side Double Stroller Review

The Combi Twin Savvy LX Side by Side Double Stroller is a dual seat stroller that can support up to maximum weight of 90 pounds. It is great with its tri-fold feature that is fast and simple to operate in, well, 3 easy steps. What’s really fascinating about this stroller is that it only weights 22 pounds and this amazing for a double seated stroller. Strollers need not be difficult to carry around, and the Combi Twin Savvy side by side stroller just gives parents that convenience.

Combi Twin Savvy LX Side by Side Double Stroller Features

  • Lightweight and portable lifestyle side by side twin stroller
  • Combi Twin Savvy is compatible with the Combi Connection Infant Seat
  • Stroller pack has two bottle pockets and a zippered storage pouch
  • Mesh viewing windows on canopies of Combi double stroller
  • Back pocket on canopies
  • Removable, washable seat cushions
  • Combi Twin Savvy features two large baskets for added storage
  • Front swivel wheels make maneuvering the Combi twin stroller as easy as ever
  • Compact tri-fold and self-standing
  • 5-Point harness with comfort pads
  • Removable guardrail with snack/cup holders
  • Combi stroller features removable wheels
  • New larger wheels and independent wheel suspension system
  • Combi stroller features an infant boot in both seats
  • Carrying strap

The Combi Twin Savvy LX Side by Side Double Stroller is compatible with the Combi infant car seat that you have to buy separately. An infant car seat is strongly suggested if you have a newborn. This provides a safer and more comfortable ride for the baby.

The large and extendable canopies if this tandem stroller has mesh viewing windows. The canopies also has a storage pouch so parents can place their valuable like purse, wallet, keys, mobile phones really close to them for easy access. The fabrics are made of microfiber and breathable air mesh that can be removed and washed.

The Combi Twin Savvy Stroller makes every stroll relaxing with the convenience of snack and cup holders. You can also remove these holders completely if you think it is getting in the way. It also comes with accessories such as two storage baskets that can be used for baby toys, food, clothes, and diapers among other things and a unique diaper bag that has two bottle holders.

What’s really unique about the Combi Twin Savvy LX Side by Side Double Stroller is that is has three, not two, but three front swivel wheels! These wheels make steering easier and provide safer support to the whole stroller itself.

The Combi Twin Stroller, just like most strollers that put “safety first” above all else, has a 5-point harness with extra comfortable pads and infant boots in both seats (that is totally unique!) for a more comfortable ride for the children. Its large wheels provide a smoother ride but are not built for off-road use. So if you are planning for some quick travel trips with your toddlers, the Combi Twin Double Stroller is a good choice for its robust safety and comfort features.

Your twins or two toddlers will enjoy every moment with you with this stroller. The seats of this twin savvy stroller can be fully reclined independently. Your sleeping toddler can sleep comfortably on a fully reclined seat while your playful toddler can still seat upright to enjoy the view during a stroll in the park or beach.

Combi Twin Savvy LX Side by Side Double Stroller
Combi Twin Savvy LX Side by Side Double Stroller

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  • One baby-friendly stroller
  • Convenient for parents
  • Light for its category
  • Washable fabrics
  • Compact when folded and can stand alone
  • Beautiful canopies and canopy pockets
  • Infant boot in seats is wonderful


  • None


This tandem stroller is simply packed with safety and comfort features and it is really light as a double stroller. This is good for moms who have a hard time with heavy strollers. The Combi Twin Savvy LX Side by Side Double Stroller is probably one of the best tandem strollers today. Go get one for your toddlers! You won’t regret it and you can take that to the bank.