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Best Heart Rate Monitor For Women

Heart rate monitors are helpful for women to make sure that they are in normal conditions. Women are suffering with problems of increased weight of the body and this causes different types of problems for heart and all other organ of the body. Many ways are used by women for reducing the weight and have attractive looks. Without using heart rate monitor it is difficult to have a good plan leading to normal body weight. When you are trying to reduce your weight and have attractive looks then you must make sure that your heart is not under extra burden which can be ascertained by using advanced machines.

Many women are using HRM and they are happy with the results as these monitors are easy to be used and cost-effective. Many women are suffering with problems of increased weight and they are looking for solutions. Monitors are made to make sure that while trying to reduce weight of the body extra burden on the heart could be eliminated. Monitors are made to provide safe limits for women so that they could remain safe from problems related with heart. It is not good to reduce weight while making heart weak and the like problems. Professionals have made different types of monitors so that women could use them and have fun while reducing their extra weight in a natural manner.

What is the heart rate zone?

Your key to achieving maximum health benefits

Finding your heart rate zone is simple- subtract your age from 220. The result is your maximum heart rate. For example, if you are 40, your maximum heart rate is 180 (220 – 40). This is a general guideline and it not exact. In order to get your exact maximum heart rate, you would need to visit a lab and undergo heart rate testing.

Please Note: High blood pressure medications lower the maximum heart rate. If you’re taking blood pressure medicine, please contact your doctor to see if you need a different approach to finding your maximum heart rate.

OK, that’s my max heart rate. What is my heart rate zone?

Your zone will change as you get more fit. When you start your exercise program, you should target 50%-60% of your max heart rate. After a few weeks, you can raise your zone to 65%-75%. After several months of regular exercise you will be able to exercise in the range of 75%-85%.

Most importantly, many heart rate monitors do all this work for you. You simply enter your age and they will calculate your zone. As you exercise they will beep when you go outside your range. It’s very easy.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Features


The watch screen should be large enough and easy to read, with a good contrast. Having backlight is a feature that makes it easy to see the watch screen even at night or in the evening.


Replaceable batteries are the best because for rechargeable batteries when they spoil it could mean buying a new heart rate monitor. Replaceable batteries whether for chest strap or the watch, should be simple to remove and replace without the need of a service center.


Models vary in comfort and design. An easily adjustable chest strap fabric will do to make the belt comfortable for your size, but if you want absolute comfort just go for the wrist based heart rate monitors.

Preference Settings

When you make some settings like entering your age, BMI and some other variables, most heart rate monitors can determine your maximum heart rate, which helps you set boundaries in your sessions and help you set comfortable target zones.

Most monitors raise an alarm giving you warning when your heart rate is getting too high.

Apps Synchronization

Some monitors can link with several apps on smartphones or computers, to help you enjoy the most of your fitness data analysis.

Best Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch

1. Suunto M2 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

Suunto M2 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Suunto M2 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

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Suunto M2 Fitness Wristop Heart Rate Monitor Watch is a HRM which can be used by women for getting good results. This monitor has a stopwatch for perfect calculation of time. Display is clear and all details are provided for women. Menu can be used for getting desired details. Details are shown in different units for easy understanding. This HRM can be charged and user is given warning when battery is low. Battery could be replaced if required and this HRM can also be locked for safety. This HRM can provide time in desired format and it is also providing calendar. Women can set an alarm in this watch along with controlling working of their heart to the desired levels of fitness.

2. Garmin Forerunner 15 Review

Garmin Forerunner 15
Garmin Forerunner 15

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Garmin Forerunner 15 GPS Sport Watch (with Heart Rate Monitor) is available in different colors for men and women. Teal is the best color which is liked by many women. This Heart Rate Monitor is available in Teal for women and it can be used for doing exercises while remaining in safe limits for heart. You can do exercise and make sure that your heart is not under extra burden by using this monitor. It is easy to use this monitor as you are just required to start it by using a button and off it by using a button. All the other tasks related with getting details and providing accurate information is done by this HRM. This monitor can give you safe limits so that you could follow your heart while exercising.

3. Garmin Forerunner 25 Review

Garmin Forerunner 25 GPS Watch
Garmin Forerunner 25 GPS Watch

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Garmin Forerunner 25 GPS Watch is a perfect HRM which is designed for women. It has clear display with perfect combination of different items so that users could have required data easily. This HRM is able to resist water and can last for a long time period. This is sensitive for providing accurate data for those women who are looking to have an attractive look and physique. Many automatic features are included in this HRM through which women can get details about conditions of their heart while exercising. There are automatic functions related with switching on and off of this monitor and user is also able to have fun while using it as it is resistant to shocks. Women can set targets in this HRM and then work hard to achieve them and check results in details.

4. Polar FT4F Review

Polar FT40F Women Heart Monitor
Polar FT40F Women Heart Monitor

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Polar FT4F Heart Rate Monitor is made for those women who are willing to get continuous details about working of their heart while they are exercising. There is a special feature in this monitor which gives accurate details about the amount of calories burnt while exercising. Chest strap is also provided with this monitor so that users could get accurate details about working of their heart. Battery in this monitor is able to be replaced and this monitor can resist water. This monitor can be used with different types of items in gym as it has a compatibility with different items used for monitoring of heart. Women can get a nice look and experience while using this monitor which is providing all the advanced features at one place.


These heart rate monitors are easily available in the market and can be used by women for getting good results. Many women are using these monitors and having fun while making sure that they are healthy and free from heart related problems. It is easy to operate and use these monitors as these are made in a user friendly manner. Exact details about working of heart could be obtained through these monitors and required arrangements could be done for increasing benefits.

With these monitors it is easy for women for getting extra benefits in the form of time and date. Many details are provided by these monitors for women and these could be used for a long time period. Makers of these monitors are giving guarantees for users so that their investment could be saved. Women are able to make their selection and purchase any of these monitors and use them in routine life. With these monitors the results for getting rid of extra body weight could be obtained without problems. You can find more heart rate monitors from amazon…