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Fitbit Flex Review

I am writing the Fitbit review after I have tried a number of activity trackers for the past two and a half years, but I kept switching from one to the other until I found the Fitbit Flex.  Once I have started using it, I was hooked immediately and believe me, this is the only gadget that I’ll use for many, many years ahead.

Feeling that I owe something to this gadget, I decided to write a complete but unbiased Fitbit review.  In this Fitbit Flex review, I will share with you my personal findings both on the positive and negative aspects, as well as its features and functions.

What Made Me Write the Fitbit Flex Review

In this Fitbit Flex review, I admit that I fell in love with the gadget mainly due to its simplicity.  I admit that I am quite phobic to technology, so I try to avoid using gadgets loaded with high tech as much as I can.  I discovered that the Flex meets my simple requirements right to the point, without any exaggerations in ways that can increase my phobic level.

Being a technical dork, in this Fitbit review I am proud to be able to make this gadget work for me within minutes after taking it out of the box.  There is no denying that there were quite a number of items included with the main Flex.  There were two wristbands (big and small), a clasp for the wristband, a docking cradle (USB) and a wireless receiver (USB).  I am telling you in this Fitbit Flex review that nevertheless, these didn’t get in my way of putting the Flex to work almost immediately.

I immediately found comfort in using the gadget, particularly with the presence of the mini and maxi wristbands.  The clasps were pretty handy too, as they held the Flex firmly and prevented it from dropping off regardless of the nature of my activity.

Features and Functions

I was amazed with what this gadget can do compared to its small size.  In this Fitbit Flex review, I’d like to tell you that personally, I love the fact that with it, I could:

  • Track the number of steps that I’ve taken, the walking or running distance, the number of calories that I have burnt, the duration of being active
  • Record the foods that I eat, watch my weight
  • Log in the Fitbit members area for free to download apps
  • See the number of hours that I sleep every night and how well I sleep
  • Wake up without disturbing my husband due to the silently vibrating alarm
  • Know how close is it to reach my goal by using the indications showed via the LED lights
  • Set my own objectives, monitor my progress and award badges to myself
  • Achieve fitness with my buddy all day long, thanks to the free members area
  • Sync the device with my smart phone and PC without hassle
  • Get free apps from my smart and android phone
  • Choose from two attractive and stylish color tones: black and slate
  • Customize my wristbands by buying separate accessories
  • Wear it all day long including when I’m in bed or taking a shower
  • Find a rechargeable battery included

Upon receiving the gadget, I opened the box and found out its contents as follows:

  • Fitbit Flex (1 unit)
  • Mini and maxi wristbands
  • A cable for charging
  • A sync dongle (wireless)
  • Free membership registration with Fitbit

How It Works and Its Benefits

I am letting you know in this Fitbit Flex review that I had to charge the gadget before using it; which meant that I had to remove it from the protective hug of the wristband.  I felt good knowing that I could get that one done easily.  Next, I placed it into the docking cradle of the USB, and later on I simply connected it to my PC for charging.

When the charging is completed, I could use it right way, without interruption for almost a week.

I am sharing with you in this Fitbit Flex review that it doesn’t need recharging for at least five days of use.  I find this pretty amazing looking at its mini size.

I love the presence of its smart accelerometer which reads all types of activities on a verbatim manner, apart from recording the distance travelled and the number of calories that I burn on a daily basis.

The Negative Aspects

In this Fitbit review I am revealing a few of the gadget’s negative aspects.  For one, since it is a highly sensitive device, it records every movement without fail.  While this is a good point, it can be troublesome at times as it actually regards activities slightly above a gentle stroke as very active.  However, it does show the number of steps taken in a minute, so I can roughly know whether I’ve been running or walking.

I am highlighting next in my Fitbit review that I found that it doesn’t have any built-in displays.  Personally, I think this is a serious omission as the gadget claims to be the most advanced in the market.  I had to rely on the 5 small LED indicators; luckily, over time, I get accustomed to it and now it’s not really a problem to me.

When writing the Fitbit Flex review, I was aware this one could be a disadvantage or benefit, depending on your technical knowledge.  To obtain daily progress, I need to login to the Fitbit website.  Although my technical knowledge is almost zero, I luckily find this task rather easy and somewhat enjoyable.    All I need to do is create an account in the Fitbit website, sign in and get access to my fitness information.

Is Fitbit Flex Affordable?

If you ask me about this, my answer in this Fitbit review would definitely be yes. Being the most advanced fitness tracker that money can buy, I didn’t regret buying it as it has given me all that I ever need to maintain my fitness level and watch my weight.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband
Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

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