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Fitbit One Review

In this Fitbit One review, I am going to share with you guys my personal discoveries regarding the Fitbit sleep tracker. Before I go even further, I hope you won’t get confused about Fitbit One and Sleep Tracker as both are the same thing.

Two years ago, I had fatigue issues during the day. I suspected that it might have to do with the quality of my sleep. I found a few sleep trackers and finally ended up buying the Fitbit One. Being skeptical at first, I continued using it until now.

Today, I am fully convinced of the ability of this gadget, and I fully recommend it to all.  I am writing this Fitbit One review as I don’t feel it right to keep all the good things that I know about this gadget to myself. You deserve to know what I knew, and to enjoy the benefits that this Fitbit sleep tracker has to offer.

What’s In It?

To begin with, let me introduce the gadget to you. So far, I am confident to say that it is the most advanced sleep tracker available on the market. I am not saying this to attract sales or anything, but because this gadget is also capable of tracking my fitness level apart from recording my sleep pattern.

Fitbit One Features

I am revealing in this Fitbit One review the list of features and functions that I found interesting and helpful to me, such as:

  • Its ability to track how many hours I sleep
  • It records how many stairs I climb
  • It counts the number of calories that I burn
  • It tells me how well I sleep at night

Due to the advantages listed above, I am always aware of my fitness level and whether I am sleeping well at night. When my health is not at its best condition, the Fitbit sleep tracker informs me about it right away. I feel this is such a blessing as I am able to find quick remedies to my health issues, and it’s in as early as the same day that it occurs.

I am telling you in this Fitbit One review that when you order the gadget, what you’ll get in the box are:

  • Fitbit One Sleep Tracker (1 unit, black in color)
  • A matching clip
  • Bluetooth 4.0 dongle
  • Bluetooth smart dongle (USB)
  • A cable for charging
  • A wristband for sleep mode
  • Free membership registration with Fitbit

How It Works

To track my sleep pattern and the number of hours that I sleep, all I need to do is to clip the Fitbit sleep tracker on my shirt, belt or inner pocket. Since it is small in size and has an oval shape, I find it easy to carry wherever I go.

Once the gadget has been clipped, the next step is to press the only button available on the Fitbit sleep tracker. I just press it once and then the menu will appear.  Then, I press it again to toggle through the items until the one I want appears on the screen, which is ‘the time’.

In this Fitbit One review, I am listing other items on the menu such as:

  • Stairs
  • Distance travelled
  • Calories burned
  • Flower graphic

The flower graphic is located on the final screen and it represents the level of movement that you have done recently. When the flower stem grows longer, this is an indication that your fitness level is excellent.

I am glad to tell you in this Fitbit One review that the Fitbit sleep tracker is very flexible in nature. I often slip it into my pocket not even bothering to wrap it inside its rubber cover, yet it works just fine.

However, I have a feeling that this is not a recommended thing to do, as I suspect that its lifespan might get shortened if I treat it the way I do. After all, the gadget is so small that you might crush it accidentally and cause permanent damage to it.

The Fitbit sleep tracker is also compatible with various other apps and gadgets like smart phones and PCs. I usually sign in to Fitbit’s member area to download the apps I like; the process is as simple as 1,2,3.

I am also disclosing to you in this Fitbit One review that the gadget records and displays a user’s past activities for up to a year’s period. I am able to record the list of foods and drinks that I’ve consumed throughout that duration.

The gadget compares the number of my calorie intakes with the one I burn, and the difference reveals my actual fitness level.

Fitbit Sleep Tracker – Some of Its Disadvantages

After using it for 2 years, I’ve come into terms with its drawbacks as they’re not really a big issue to me. In this Fitbit One review, I will let you know what they are.

1. Manual setting for sleep mode

Some people are annoyed with having to take out the Fitbit sleep tracker from the clip sheath and put the gadget into a cloth-made strap specially created for night time purpose.

I found this quite troublesome at first, but over time I had become used to it already and able to do the ‘switch-up’ part almost effortlessly, even when I am really exhausted.

2. The washing machine incidents

While writing this Fitbit One review, I almost giggled again remembering about the ‘accidents’ that I encountered with my Fitbit sleep tracker. As the gadget is so small, I often forgot that it was still clipped to my shirt, inner pocket or belt.  Thus, it often ended up in the washing tub, along with my dirty laundry. Fortunately, as the gadget is waterproof, mine came out in one piece and still worked efficiently.

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker
Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

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How Much is the Price?

For over $200.00, it’s really an unbeatable price. Most people buy it together with the One Clip and One Sleep Band (these items are sold separately).