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Fitbit Zip Review

I have always loved to exercise and being surrounded by nature at the same time. Apart from increasing my fitness level, being active helps me maintain a healthy body and an ideal body weight. To monitor my activity, I use the best activity tracker on the market called the Fitbit Zip. The device is not like many other fitness trackers that you can find these days. It is relatively cheaper, lighter and smaller compared to many other activity trackers.

Reasons Why I Am Writing the Fitbit Zip Review


Fitbit Zip is so small that it only weighs about eight grams.  It has a smooth feel and looks sleek.  When I go out for a jog, I simply slip it into my windbreaker pocket and I can almost forget about its presence.  Alternatively, this best activity tracker can be used by putting it inside the given clip.  This way, it will look and serve like a pedometer, and I only need to attach it to my waistband.  It is available in 5 colors: white, black, blue, pink and lime green – a good choice of colors indeed.


I am stressing out the fact in this Fitbit Zip review that the device I am discussing here has an easy-to-read screen, thus, making it a truly user-friendly device.  Basically, it works via three steps.  First of all, it records the number of steps that you have taken.  Secondly, it calculates the number of calories that your body has burned and how far you have been walking.


I love the fact that this best activity tracker does not have any buttons.  To read the metrics, I simply use my forefinger to tap on the device.  In this Fitbit Zip review I admit that it takes a little practice to get myself familiarized with the way it works.  However, it didn’t take long for me to find my way around this device.


I personally regard Fitbit Zip as the best activity tracker as it adapts well with other devices particularly with my cell phone.  Simply put, I often sync my Fitbit Zip wirelessly via my cell phone.  Within seconds, I could check and observe my stats on the internet by signing into my Fitbit account.  While I was writing this Fitbit Zip review, I held the wireless dongle of the device which can be plugged into a USB opening, and thought this provides convenience for me as the device can also adapt well with my notebook, life-book and PC.

It’s a Smart Gadget

Whenever I want to know the number of calories that I had consumed, I simply enter a record into my Fitbit Zip account of what I had eaten.  In this Fitbit Zip review, I am letting you know that I prefer entering my weight goal so that the app can count the number of calories that I am still allowed to eat for the day.  I have been using this best activity tracker to help me lose some pounds and inches and it works well enough all the time.

The Benefits

In this Fitbit Zip review, I can’t refrain myself from revealing my personal thoughts about this device.  For one, the device is already pre-programmed with default fitness goals.  Being a lazy bum, I find this very much appealing as I don’t need to set the device by myself.  After all, I wouldn’t be sure of what I want to achieve at the end of the day, so leaving this one to the default option has become my favorite choice.

The default goals of what I call as the best activity tracker are available in several options to choose from, and they are:

  • 10k steps in one day
  • Five miles in one day
  • Thirty ‘active’ minutes in one day

Personally, I love all the available options and I have been rotating them equally.

I am particularly impressed with the Fitbit Zip membership account which is offered for free.  By signing in often, I become more motivated as staying active seems a very easy thing for me to do these days.  I can refer to the Fitbit Zip smiley or silly faces, where I can keep track of my level of activity.  To get the smiley icon, I only need to become more active, and it will change accordingly.

What to Expect When You Open the Box

I ordered my Fitbit Zip via the internet, so you can imagine the anticipation that I felt while waiting for it to arrive on my doorsteps.  When it arrived, I ran through a quick check and now I am listing down the content of the package for you in this Fitbit Zip review. They are:

  • The Fitbit Zip best activity tracker
  • A matching clip
  • Bluetooth dongle 4.0
  • Bluetooth Smart dongle (USB)
  • Battery (lithium – 3V)
  • Battery tool
  • Free Fitbit account registration

The Cons

There was actually not much to tell about the negative aspects of this device.  Some people are not happy with the Fitbit Zip’s default goals, but for me I am pretty much satisfied with what I’ve got with it.

FitBit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker
FitBit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

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How Do You Get Fitbit Zip

If you want to be on the safe side, you should consider ordering from the link that I am providing here.

By clicking on the above link you will be directed to the original page where the cheapest offer of the best activity tracker takes place.  I can assure you that this device is worth money spending on.  I’ve tried it once a day, and now I am feeling totally great.

I hope you don’t just read my Fitbit Zip review because the device could increase your level of activity quite drastically.  Cheers to a happier you and may you achieve your fitness goals soon!