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Best Full Face Snorkel Mask Reviews 2020

Snorkeling has been a favorite pastime activity for years. Recently, it’s got a new shape in the form of a full face snorkeling mask. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like getting their faces wet, it’s time to get a full face snorkel mask, and this article can help you with that. Here you’ll find out how to get a good full face snorkel mask for you, and will also read about our top picks. So, let’s dive into the world of these amazing masks.

The benefits and advantages of a full face snorkel mask

Secure grip

Instead of one strap holding your mask in place, the full face snorkel masks offer multiple straps, allowing the mask to hug your face more securely and fitting you perfectly.

Easier breathing

This is something beginners will enjoy the most because they won’t have to learn how to breathe using a mouthpiece. You can just breathe as you would on land.

No leakage

There’s no risk of water getting in since the mask covers all the nooks and crannies of your face. For maximal insurance that no water will seep through, tie your hair into a ponytail if it’s long. Guys, don’t worry about your mustaches- they won’t get in the way, but you might want to pay some attention to your beard.

No fogging

Thanks to the new dual air flow system, you can breathe normally without fogging up your mask. That means you’ll have more time to spend in the water, instead of having to clear your mask frequently

Remarkable field of vision

You’re not limited to a puny field of vision anymore! Their shape offers a full, clear 180˚ panoramic view.

Great for kids

It’s one of the best ways to get your kids to try something new and fun without it being stressful. The masks were made specifically to eliminate any fear of water.

Dry snorkel

The built-in snorkel is dry at all times, thanks to next generation technology. You’ll never have to worry about getting salty water into your mouth again.

Optical lens support

If you use glasses or contact lenses to see on land and avoid snorkeling because you can’t see anything, this is good news for you: now you can get your prescription installed on your mask.

Best Full-Face Snorkel Mask Reviews

Check out this list to find the best full face snorkel mask.

1. Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask
Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask

Produced by an Italian company famous for high-quality diving equipment, it already promises to meet all of your expectations. Offers an 180° panoramic view, with the snorkel built in at the top. The interesting thing about the snorkel itself is that it doesn’t leak or let any water through even when the sea is restless and waves are a must. Remember how annoying that was with regular snorkels?

A feature many beginners, and overall people not very fond of snorkeling will like is that you can breathe through your nose or mouth, no problem. No more adjusting to mouth breathing and worrying about accidentally messing up your headgear by breathing through your nose. You can breathe as easily as that because it doesn’t fog, meaning you won’t have to buy any accessories in order to prevent fogging.

If you really have your heart set on it, you can adjust the additional camera mount and put a GoPro in it, thereby recording all the magnificent sea life you encounter.


  • Fog free
  • Secure and dry top snorkel
  • No breathing restrictions


  • Available in only one color
  • Sold in only two sizes

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2. Vangogo 180° View Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

Vangogo 180° View Full Face Snorkel Mask
Vangogo 180° View Full Face Snorkel Mask

Similar to other masks, it also allows you to breathe normally. Features a dual air flow system which prevents fogging and makes the whole experience much more enjoyable since you won’t have any interruptions while getting to know the various fish and other sea animals roaming and swimming around and about. The actual snorkel was designed to be kept dry at all times, and this was achieved thanks to the new KeepDry technology.

The mask also features something very handy: a water drainage purge valve. It’s located at the bottom of the mask, so on the off chance that any water has accumulated in your mask, simply tilt your head up, and it will all be drained. No more need to stop snorkeling and take off your mask completely, empty it, and then put it back on, like there was with the traditional masks.

It’s very easy to put on, and very comfortable to wear thanks to its adjustable head straps.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Anti-fog
  • Full 180° view
  • KeepDry technology
  • Water drainage purge valve
  • Fits everyone


  • Not suitable for scuba diving

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3. DIVELUX Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

DIVELUX Full Face Snorkel Mask
DIVELUX Full Face Snorkel Mask

Thanks to the anti-fog technology and its supremely comfortable silicone-made rim, this mask leaves you to do nothing but enjoy the serenity and peacefulness of the water and sea life under you. It doesn’t involve a mouthpiece so you can breathe freely and naturally through your nose, even if you decide to take a quick dive.

That’s where the anti-fog technology takes root, leaving the inside of your mask stainless. We all know how prone to leaking regular mask are. These leaks are sometimes caused by the mask sweating after long periods of use, which won’t be the case with the DIVELUX Snorkel Mask. This one doesn’t allow any amount of water to flow in through any part you might deem vulnerable, because, in truth, there are no true vulnerable parts.

Let’s not forget that you get a universal smartphone waterproof case. On top of that, you will also receive an intriguing e-book on the best diving spots in the USA.

  • It comes in different sizes, making it available for all age groups.
  • Suitable for anyone who wants to try snorkeling, or who has been a snorkeler for years.


  • Anti-fogging
  • No sweating or leaking
  • 180° angle view
  • Drainage valve
  • Bonus waterproof phone case and e-book


  • Only one color

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4. Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask Review

Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask
Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask

This mask is most suitable for those who are new to snorkeling and children. It was specifically developed to get you acquainted with the water, which is why it’s no wonder it allows you to breathe underwater as naturally as you would on land.
You can marvel at the sea life from all the 180° angels with no worries since it features a shatterproof polycarbonate window for extra protection. You can easily breathe through your nose or mouth without causing it to fog anywhere due to the double ventilation system.
Many sizes are available, so people of all ages can enjoy the wonders of snorkeling with no fear. You can also choose between a few colors, each equally lovely.

If you get those mini heart attacks from not being able to see your children in the water while they’re snorkeling and playing, you can now relax, since this mask can be seen four times as further than a regular snorkel mask.

Tribord has spent years developing such a mask to enhance your snorkeling experience, and it seems like they spent their time wisely.


  • Double airflow system
  • Secure snorkel
  • Extra safe polycarbonate window
  • Variety of sizes


  • Not for free diving

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5. Snorkelin Gear V2.0 Full Face Snorkel Mask Set Review

Snorkelin Gear V2.0 Full Face Snorkel Mask Set
Snorkelin Gear V2.0 Full Face Snorkel Mask Set

Snorkeling with your family will never be more fun than while wearing this mask since it comes in a variety of different sizes, suitable for both children and adults. So take your child’s hand and show them the wonders of water!
You’ll also be free to enjoy the 180˚ panoramic view through a clear, durable mask. Recommended for first-time snorkelers and kids.

It has a tendency to fog in spite of the anti-fog technology so it also comes with an anti-fog spray- just in case. All you have to do is add some water into the bottle and spray the window of the mask.

The company is aware that leaving your phone at the beach while you snorkel is risky and uneasy, so they decided to throw in a free, universal, waterproof phone case!


  • Suitable for kids
  • Anti-fog spray and waterproof phone case included


  • Can get foggy

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Cleaning and safe-keeping

As with all purchases, you’d want to make sure everything is properly taken care of. This means not exposing your mask to the harmful environment and learning how to look after it, especially right after you use it.
To avoid scratching and other damages, do not leave your mask in the sand. These will cause less visibility in the water.

  • If you have left your mask in the sand, be sure to rinse it. Pay an extra amount of attention to the snorkel part which you need to clip on.
  • In the case of your float getting blocked up by sand, simply try to wash it out with a more powerful flow of water. If that doesn’t work, you can use a key to get rid of the excess of sand stuck in the float, and then just rinse out the rest.
  • It’s especially important to wash out your mask with fresh water after a dive, to get rid of the salt crystals.
  • If you use your mask regularly, wash it by hand with fresh water once a week and store it in its designated pouch so it dries.

Keep it in a safe place, where there’s no chance of it falling or getting damaged by other items.

The best thing to do would be to keep it somewhere cold, away from direct sunlight (UV light can do damage), preferably in a closed box. What you should avoid is chemical solvents, petroleum-based substances, alcohol, oil or aerosols.
When traveling, roll up your mask in a tea-shirt to protect it.

Final Thoughts

Having read this article, it’s safe to say you are ready for the adventures the sea provides, and it is ready for you. Snorkeling is a lovely activity to enjoy by yourself or your loved ones, and hopefully, this list has helped you get acquainted with its irresistible charms. Enjoy the dive, folks!