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iBobber Review

The bobber depth finder is very useful because it functions as a strike gauge every time a fish bites. Everyone from novice anglers to more experienced ones incorporate bobbers into their fishing because it guarantees more success. When properly used, bobbers helps anglers get more fish to take bait.

Technology has now caught up with the best fishing equipment. iBobber fishing is now getting a lot of attention because of this remarkable device, the iBobber Castable Bluetooth FishFinder.

iBobber fish finder reviews say that it is considered as one of the best personal fishfinders in the market today. Anglers of all types and abilities could take this latest technology easily, wherever they go to fish. Many anglers can get fussy over their fishing gear, and the Bluetooth bobber fish finder is an ideal device that will definitely be a welcome addition to their equipment.

This review takes a good look at the ReelSonar iBobber castable fishfinder, lays out its features and benefits, and gives a final recommendation on whether this product is a worthy purchase for anglers.

iBobber Fish Finder Features

The iBobber is manufactured by Seattle-based ReelSonar, a reputable name in the angling industry. The iBobber, categorized as a castable sonar fish finder weighs only 1.7 ounces, with a single 90-degree beam sonar which runs at 118 kilohertz. The accuracy of the sonar reading can reach to a depth of 135 feet underwater. Its Bluetooth syncs to up to a 100 foot range. The maximum range on the waterbed is up to 243 feet in diameter.

There is also a built-in LED beacon, strike alarms, and fish alarms on the device. There are also various setting available in order for anglers to truly tailor-fit their fishing adventure. Some of the settings include anti-glare settings and silencing alarms.

The iBobber comes with a rechargeable battery. It is easy to charge the iBobber with a snap-in USB charging cradle, which requires 8 hours per charge. Battery life lasts for about 10 hours or more.

Using Bluetooth technology, iBobber connects to iOS or Android smartphones and tablets with a free app. Take note that other products use WiFi fishing bobber instead of Bluetooth. Since these sonar devices do not require cellular service, they create their own WiFi hotspot.

We find that Bluetooth is more reliable to use when you’re out on the water. Another good thing about Bluetooth technology is that you can still use your cellular service if you are in range, which cannot be done with a WiFi bobber.

Anglers can choose between raw sonar and fish tagging views on their devices. It also comes with depth-tagged fish icons that are color-coded by size, the lunar calendar and weather; and the GPS trip log. Anglers can also choose if they want to share their findings via social media.


Since iBobber is considered the smallest and lightest out of all the castable sonar devices, it is designed with portability and comfort in mind. However, its power should not easily be dismissed. Battery life runs to 10 plus hours, which is considered the longest battery life among its competitors thus far.

iBobber is a versatile personal sonar device because fishing enthusiasts can also use it when they’re shore or dock fishing. It is also perfect for small vessel fishing like when you’re out on a raft, canoe, or kayak. It is also ideal for areas that are not accessible by boat. Its versatility extends to what type of water it works with. It works equally well in both saltwater and freshwater. The built-in LED beacon also makes it ideal for ice fishing and night fishing. It has been tested on various bodies of waters such as lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams.

The iBobber can be used as a true bobber, attached to a line, but anglers can also deploy it independently. Using the app on your Android or Apple device that is synced via Bluetooth, anglers can mark waterbeds, underwater structure and depth contours; mark fish, log and save water depths and temperature, log on the weather and location, take photos, and save hotspots. The weather log records the temperature, rain, wind, and air pressure. GPS allows the hotspots to be saved, and there is even an option to share it within the fishing community. The trip log is another cool way to share your catch with the community via social media, recording the number and species of caught fish and even sharing the pictures straight from the iBobber app.

There are several alarms that are set within the app that aids the angler and makes it easier to catch fish more than ever. There’s the sensitive Strike Alarm, so that anglers know when fish bite and when it is close. Anglers get notified when they catch a fish with the Fish Alarm. All the details of the fish, including its size and depth, can be automatically viewed on the app.

iBobber Bluetooth Fish Finder
iBobber Bluetooth Fish Finder

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The Bottom Line

Recent iBobber reviews have all concluded that this is one of the best castable sonar fish finders in the market today. Many reviewers are especially impressed with how easy it is to use, and how effective it is in catching fish especially during the off-season, or at night. As we laid out all the features and benefits of iBobber, we can all see that this device is an advantage to have if you are into angling as a hobby.

Another great thing about this device is that when you buy iBobber fish finder, you will discover that it comes at a very affordable price. In fact, it has a slightly lower price point than its competitors. This is a perfect purchase for an entry-level unit.

So if you are a small-boat angling enthusiast and you see an ibobber for sale online or in a major sporting goods store, do not hesitate to purchase it. Its advantages far outweigh its liabilities, and it is highly recommended as fishing equipment

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