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Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Review

Later the previous week I obtained an opportunity to test the fresh MIO Alpha Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor that is the strapless watch for heart rate checking. The watch will be presently in Kick starter, although, they’ve currently approved their initial financing objectives. Although I didn’t obtain to devote a huge amount of time along with this, I have get to proceed stroll off with regard to a brief run – and subsequently hang out under a tree whilst it poured exterior so I might stick close to at the device. Consequently, my thoughts are simply that- really quick and certainly subject to switch as they around ultimate item. The device won’t be delivery till later this season, and therefore still is regarded somewhere among alpha as well as beta stage.

The MIO Alpha Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor itself utilizes optical receptors to calculate the heart rate from the wrist. This technological innovation has been about the medical group for years – however having it in sport routines has been difficult. The trickiest item is making sure that the device is capable to precisely calculate heart rate although you’re bouncing along the street. When you switch the particular Alpha watch around, you’ll notice the green light of the particular optical receptors (the leading four small groups are the loading ports).

Having observed and enjoyed with the particular Basis watch somewhat, I was interested regarding how tiny the watch band might should be. Regarding the Basis in the final stage I noticed it personally (CES within January); the models were pretty firmly covered about the team’s arms. Nevertheless, I was happily amazed to discover that I would not require to hold the particular Alpha watch just about any firmer than I usually would place my watch – as well as definitely far from unpleasant.

Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor
Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor

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About the MIO Alpha

Talking about Basis, there tend to be some key variations among the two businesses instant objectives (Basis versus Mio’s Alpha), in spite of both utilizing similar technological innovation. None is correct or incorrect, simply various marketplaces.

Let’s dive much more in the particular heart rate transmitting item. Unlike many different sports watches available currently, MIO Alpha Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor won’t be saving your action. Rather, it seeks to merely show the real time rate of heart, and transfer it away to other products. Essentially, it’s exchanging the heart rate band by rebroadcasting away the heart rate information. Certainly, some folks truly detest the particular heart rate band.

What’s awesome here will be that nowadays it does that using ANT+. Therefore, I’m capable to couple it to something that takes ANT+ heart rate information (which is essentially every ANT+ unit on planet). I might set it to the Garmin Edge biking pc, or the Timex working watch. Or even, as had been the situation previous Thursday – to the iPhone along with the particular Wahoo Fitness iPhone adapter.

This allowed me to subsequently record the information via the particular Wahoo application, or virtually any of the additional gazillion applications that assist the particular Wahoo Fitness adapter. As well as, I might use any kind of Android phone which has ANT+ integrated, or the particular Garmin Fit Adapter, or even any other device as there are many options available in the market. Additionally, they’ll furthermore be providing a design simultaneously that utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 rather than ANT+. The factor had been that there ended up tons of choices.

Therefore, I took benefit of these choices. I got almost 35 minutes in order to play using MIO Alpha Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor, sufficient time regarding a brief mile approximately run about the particular Eiffel Tower, as well as subsequently sometime soon after to stick in this. All that process was carried out inside the rain.

In The Box

  • USB charging dock with magnetic alignment
  • Sports Watch
  • User Guide

MIO Alpha Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor will be the world’s initial strapless, steady HRM you may wear on the wrist. This has been examined accurate even whilst you tend to be running at efficiency rates of around 12mph or 20km/h. Prior to MIO Alpha Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor, the most typical way to obtain a precise heart rate constantly while working out was to use a band about the chest. Along with revolutionary technology of MIO Alpha Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor, the community associated with heart rate checking will be transformed permanently. MIO Alpha Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor utilizes Bluetooth Smart technological innovation to link with suitable smart phones as well as sport along with fitness products. USB loading dock using magnetic position is supplied with MIO Alpha Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor. Rechargeable lithium electric battery is additionally supplied with this HRM.

MIO Alpha Features

Battery Life plus Loading

The battery must continue for 8 to 10 hours throughout Exercise setting. That might not be extensive sufficient for reduced walkers upon the marathon. You charge it through the USB dongle, as well as it possesses a great screen to inform you it truly is loading or not charging.

Bluetooth as well as ANT+ Connections

Using just one workout saved on the MIO Alpha Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor, I believed it had been a fairly costly unit to perform exactly what the $50 chest-strap HRM might perform. Nevertheless, what exactly redeems the MIO Alpha Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor for me will be that it transfers its information to the smarter products.

I utilize it along with the particular MapMyWalk and iPhone application and I may see the heart rate also my pace, range, actions and chart on the particular MapMyWalk site. The application does exactly what I might need a fancier HRM to do — divides, calories used up, and so on. It was really easy and smooth for the iPhone to get the MIO Alpha Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor through Bluetooth. It sets with a broad range of applications such as Endomondo, MapMyWalk, Wahoo Fitness and MiCoach.

To be able to monitor and conserve exercising, you require starting among those applications at the period you are performing it. You cannot go back later and obtain it through the MIO Alpha Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor.

 Other features

  • Continuous heart rate monitoring
  • No uncomfortable chest straps like other monitors
  • Tested accurate at performance speeds
  • User-settable heart rate zones
  • Data review (total exercise time, average heart rate, time in zone)
  • Exercise timer
  • Water Resistant ( 30M) ( Readings may not be accurate under water)
  • Clock


  • Precise results
  • Correct Details
  • Reliable
  • Long lasting
  • Provides a Fast Reading
  • Amazing Style
  • Significant Noticeable Screen
  • Flexible
  • Well-made


  • Impacted By Perspiration
  • Buds Hard To Find
  • Buttons Complicated To Work with
  • Switches Hard To Identify
Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor
Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor

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MIO Alpha Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor will be a really costly heart rate monitor and you require thinking about whether it may perform what you need it to perform before purchasing it. I had been really delighted with how simple this was to work with. I believed the readings had been precise and I enjoy the zone notifications. I was additionally very delighted with how nicely it combined with iPhone applications through Bluetooth to document exercises.

When you have a lot of trouble with chest band monitors of your heart rate, subsequently the MIO Alpha Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor will be worth thinking about. However if the particular chest band function for you, subsequently you may buy a more affordable chest strap monitor. Before You Purchase a Monitor you must make sure that it is going to complete your needs.

Numerous reviewers have stated that the cost will be the identical like Garmin exercise watches which track rate and length with GPS in addition to match with a chest strap.

I believe the MIO Alpha Strapless  Heart Rate Monitor is simply one of numerous similar products that may be new in the market. The Omron HR-500U may monitor heart rate likewise, however with various functions (such as speed, length and calories used up as well as the particular heart rate plus zone notifications).

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