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Octomask Scuba Diving Mask for GoPro Cameras (Review)

If you are looking for a versatile mask, the GoPro scuba mask is it. Ideal for all face sizes and very comfortable.

The GoPro Hero4 and Hero3+ Dive Mask for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling is one of Octomask’s creations. It has been produced to accommodate the different models of GoPro, an action camera that is typically used for underwater adventures. This mask has been constructed to be used as a scuba diving and snorkeling mask as well as double as a GoPro mount. It is supposed to take away the hassle of attempting to hold a GoPro while swimming or diving. Let’s take a look at all of the features of this mask and determine whether or not it is right for you.

GoPro Diving Mask Features

Octomask Scuba Diving Mask for GoPro Cameras
Octomask Scuba Diving Mask for GoPro Cameras

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The Fit

One of the most important aspects of any underwater mask is how well it fits. If the mask does not stay affixed to the face, it immediately begins to start taking water in. This is why the mask must fit comfortably while also adhering to the boundaries of the eye and nose. The Octomask mask utilizes a silicon skirt to remedy this common problem. It is supposed to create a vacuum around the nose and eyes, preventing the entry of water. The padding provided with the silicon skirt has been placed to maximize comfort when a diver has to wear the mask for a long period of time. The product seems to be living up to its promise. It prevents any water from leaking in and fits well on a variety of head shapes and sizes. Even the presence of the GoPro on the mask seems to have no effect on how tightly the mask stays fixed to one’s face.

The Mount

One of the main appeals of this mask is that it can be used as a GoPro mount. The mount allows for all of the GoPro models to be fixed to the top of the mask. This includes the GoPro Session, GoPro Hero3+, Hero4, and Hero5. Once again, Octomask’s designers have delivered on their item. This mask offers one of the best experiences with the GoPro. Once the camera has been placed, and the mask put on your face, there is no more work to be done. You can simply explore underwater life without having to have any interaction with the camera. The position will allow the camera to pick up everything that you are seeing. To ensure you are getting the highest quality video, do not move your head around too much as this can mess with the recording.

It has been noted that it is not necessarily easy to attach and remove the GoPro to and from its mount. One of the reasons is that the mount requires the use of a metric screw instead of the usual thumbscrew. You need to have a particular screwdriver in order to manage the mount.

The Lens

The lens and glasses have been created to accommodate excellent vision underwater. They have also been held to the highest standard. The glasses are made from CE certified tempered glass. This dual safety glass means that you do not have to worry about bumping into anything while you are wearing the mask. The lens has also been designed to provide the utmost clarity while you are swimming.

It can often be difficult for people with poor eyesight to be able to fully appreciate the diving experience. Not being able to see well, can often hamper a diving trip. This is where one of Octomask’s truly innovative features come in. You can get your prescription lenses fitted to fit your diving mask. While it may not be in the same league as many other professional scuba masks, this Octomask certainly does an excellent job for its price as well as its other features.


  • The GoPro mount works extremely well, allowing for a total hands-free diving experience. It also fits on all of the GoPro models.
  • The silicone skirt prevents water from entering the mask while diving.
  • The mask is comfortable and fits perfectly to all face and head sizes


  • It is difficult for users to place and remove the camera from the GoPro mount.
  • The lens has a tendency to fog up, decreasing the visual clarity of divers.


This mask has been well rated by the majority of its users. Over half of the people who have used this mask would give it five stars. Twenty percent of the people who have dived with this mask will give it at least four stars. Only ten percent of the consumers felt as though this product was below average. The majority of customers agreed that the diving mask served the purposes that is was intended for.

Octomask Scuba Diving Mask for GoPro Camera
Octomask Scuba Diving Mask for GoPro Camera

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To finalize, this diving mask has a lot of positive attributes. The most commonly mentioned ones are the way that the mask fits as well as the GoPro mount. The GoPro mount, in particular, is the true highlight of this mask. It fits well and does not budge once it is placed in position. It is also well-placed and picks up the surroundings in the right direction and angle. Fixing the camera to the mask, however, can be bit of a process. There are a few certain disadvantages such as the lens has been described as fogging up on more than one occasion. Despite these small issues, this mask is certainly a worthy purchase.