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Optimal Scuba Diving Mask Review

A one size fits all mask with a stylish design. Great for adults, but lacks a nose guard which may cause leakage.

When exploring the deep wonders of the ocean, it is important to ensure one’s personal safety. When it comes to scuba diving and snorkeling, the expertise of the individual can determine his or her safety a lot. But most importantly, one must not forget that the safety gear worn by the individual has considerable influence over underwater experience. If you want to ensure optimal safety and optimal comfort during your diving or snorkeling adventure, then you must bet your money on the Optimal Scuba Diving Mask.

This creation of Optimum Diving is specifically designed for adult scuba divers. Although it can be used by beginners, the mask is best fitted for individuals who at least possess the basic knowledge about scuba diving and snorkeling. Since the mask has quite an advanced design, it is best to learn how to handle the equipment before using it. This diving mask is definitely one of the most modern and innovative creations in the market and therefore must be included in every professional snorkeler’s collection. If you are interested in this product, here is what you need to know.

Optimal Scuba Diving Mask
Optimal Scuba Diving Mask

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Optimal Scuba Diving Mask Features

Silicone Strap

The main function of this silicone strap is to ensure the user’s comfort and safety. Since silicone is a very soft material, you will not feel any sort of physical discomfort while wearing the mask. The flexibility of the strap further enhances the customer-oriented approach of Optimal Diving. The strap is made in a way to suit all types of faces. Thus, regardless of the size and shape of your face, you will be able to adjust the strap according to your convenience. Moreover, the strap is also able to create a tight-fitting, waterproof seal. This not only prevents possible eye irritation but also protects your eyes from underwater contamination.

Wide-Eye Design

The wide-eye design of the mask enables the diver to have a clear vision when exploring the wonders of the ocean. Your vision will not be inhibited by the water or any other external factor of influence. Since the masks uses tempered glass, your vision scope will be extended to a significant degree. This way, you will be able to view the underwater species at all angles. These single-piece lenses are also scratch-resistant are much less prone to discoloration and fogging. So, you will be able to wear the mask for a long period of time without any obstructions to your vision. Moreover, since the glass is tempered, it will not will break into shards under pressure. Thus, you can be assured that your vision will be not be affected during an underwater accident.


  • Unobstructed view – The scratch and shatter-resistant tempered glass lens enables the diver to enjoy the ocean with a clear view. The high quality of the lens will enable you to see it all without worrying about fogging or discoloration.
  • Ergonomic design – The silicone skirt is designed to suit all types of faces. Thus, whether your face is heart-shaped or round-shaped, you will find this mask to be the right fit. Moreover, do know that this mask is suitable for both males and females.
  • High levels of safety – The adjustable straps and buckles enable you to breathe underwater just like you normally do. Since it is possible to adjust the buckles to fit your face, you do not have to worry about underwater breathing difficulties.
  • Stylish design – The Optimal diving mask is not only a highly functional scuba diving equipment, but it is also a stylish, innovative creation that is appealing to the eye. Wearing this black scuba diving mask will definitely make you look and feel like a professional.


  • Lack of nose valve – Although the mask comes with adjustable straps, the absence of the nose purge valve has been noted by the consumers. Regardless of how fitting the mask might be, do know that leakage can still occur when you are underwater. Even though it is possible to get the water out through the usual techniques, a nose purge valve will definitely be handy during such circumstances.
  • Inflexibility – Even though the mask is catered to both and females, it is only manufactured for the use of adult divers and snorkelers. Parents who wish to offer diving training to their children have been disappointed with this inflexible customer service of Optimal Diving.


Regardless of its disadvantages, this scuba diving mask has mostly received positive reviews on popular e-commerce sites. 90% of the consumers have given the product a 5-star rating. Most have stated that the ergonomic design and the safety features of the mask were the main reasons for their purchase. A small minority of the users have stated their dissatisfaction with the brand’s inability to create child-friendly snorkeling masks.

Optimal Diving Mask
Optimal Diving Mask

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Unlike similar products in the market, the appeal of the Optimal Scuba Diving Mask does not depend on one single feature. The shatter and scratch-resistant lens, adjustable silicone straps and the wide eye design make it the ideal pick for both beginners and professionals. While the sleek design of the mask makes you feel like an experienced diver, the safety features of the equipment enable you to explore the ocean like a professional snorkeler. All in all, wearing this mask enables you to enjoy the wonders of underwater with high levels of confidence and comfort.