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Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

You are looking for an Osaki OS-4000, and you have to surf a lot of information on the internet to make sure that you will not wrong to buy it, but it take a long time. So here, this is my pleasure to make a review that will hopeful make your decision.

Osaki OS-4000 is one of the best massage chairs on the market because of its great functions.

This Zero Gravity Massage Chair is made in japan with six massage styles- rolling, kneading, clapping, shiatsu, Swedish and combo, and five levels of speed and intensity.

Osaki OS 4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Osaki OS 4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

It is also designed with six unique auto- programs- healthcare, relax, therapy, smart, circulation and demo and 3 kinds of width adjustable setting: wide, medium, narrow.

With many feature listed above, you can customize any option you want.

Osaki OS-4000 Features

ModelOsaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair
List Price
Sale Price
Weight281.4 pounds
Dimension48 inches+ 35 inches+ 46 inches( length, width, height)
Factory Warranty3 years
Features– Zero gravity design.
– S-track movable intelligent massage robotic.
– 32 air bags, powerful 11 motor system.
– Auto massage for upper and lower body, lower back therapy.
– Six massage styles.
– Five levels of speed and intensity.
– Point massage, moving massage, 20 minute auto massage modes.
Benefits– Increasing blood circulation.
– Relieving muscular fatigue.

Zero gravity Technology

Being able to automatically focus on your neck, back, shoulder and lumbar areas according your body curve, Zero gravity(0-G) designed with set of S-track movable intelligent massage robot, those make Osaki OS-4000 become the best innovation massage chair.

Zero Gravity Benefits

The benefits of 0-G are:

  • Helps back pressure relief.
  • Helps production of muscle tension.
  • Helps correct spinal alignment.
  • Helps expand lung capacity
  • Helps decrease stress on heart.

Shape 0-G function can also automatically adjust to your height so that is not a big problem. This unit equipped with seat dimensions 18×19 inches, it can fit up with everybody except children. It was designed for people older than 14 year olds, I think.

Airbag Massage

The awesome of the machine is full body therapeutic massage you are going to get. Some massage exercises with 32 airbags, it helps you relax and relieve your aches. Concretely, 2 airbags massage for back, 25 airbags massage for your lower body and for neck and shoulder with 5 airbags. The model is also powered heat therapy in lower back position to enhance effect on relaxing while massaging.

If you care also about fashion of massage chair, don’t worry, this Zero Gravity Massage Chair model(Osaki) has a high fashion with modern design: leather with medal, luxury colors (white, brown, black and black blue), so it will fit with every house style.

The display is informative and easy to use, it can show you where your body it is massaging. It can also allow you control the power of the air and rollers as well as the speed of rollers.

The timer of Osaki OS-4000 with 5-30’ options, you can choose timer that you want or it is suitable with your body conditions.

Besides the benefits listed above, there is some cons that made customers dissatisfied. In some customers’ opinions, the back massage is not strong enough even they removed it. It would be great with a just a bit more strength. One more thing, “the range of the rollers is a bit stiff: you don’t really feel it on your upper back due to padding and it does not go below your hips” customer said.

Where do you order the Osaki OS-4000?

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Osaki OS-4000
Osaki OS-4000

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