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Panasonic Massage Chair with Chiro Mode (Review)

Planning to hire full-time massage therapist at home? It is good idea but expensive one. The cheap option comes in the form of Panasonic massage chair ep1285 leather Urban collection with chiro mode. It seems like a big name but trust me the work it delivers is also big. Having this massage chair means, getting a human-like therapist who offers different kinds of massage such as Shiatsu massage, Chiro mode massage, deep tissue massage and Swedish massage.Would you like to hire such therapist? Of course you will. But first let’s read:

Panasonic Massage Chair Review

The name of Panasonic is enough for most of people and same happened to me. It is always good to buy from a company which customer care service is available in your nearby area. So, if something bad happens , you have a chance to get repair service. The chair comes with Panasoic ep 1285 manual that describes how to assemble this chair and how to enjoy different massage options.

Panasonic Massage Chair
Panasonic Massage Chair

Panasonic Massage Chair Features

Here are some features that make this chair appealing for massage lovers.

Pre-set Programs

The chair comes with 4 pre-set massage programs

  1. Shiatsu massage: It is an effective technique in which massage rollers press your body pressure points a bit hard and help you get relaxation. It is one of the best massage techniques. Whether you have neck or back pain , this massage has great power to wipe this kind of pain out. Two massage heads are there to deliver supreme level massage experience to its users.
  2. Swedish massage: This technique is perfect for those people who are too much tired and have workout knots. The pressure is put on muscles , so it can melt away the workout knots.
  3. Quick : Sometimes, you are in hurry but need a quick massage. In this situation, this program comes handy. It is a 5 minute program which include 8 different manual modes.
  4. Exclusive Chiro Mode: It is a new massage technique that promotes better muscle healing and relaxation.

8 Manual Modes

Ep1285kl-rf comes with 8 Manual Modes. Let’s check detail of each mode.

  1. Kneading: As I said before, this Panasonic massage chair is perfect alternative to a massage therapist. This mode helps you experience human-like push , optimal therapeutic effect and strong grasp. Pressure is put on your body pressure points. This improves blood circulation and increase energy flow. This mode is best for relieving neck and back pain.
  2. Hawaiian: Need light massage? Go and try this mode.
  3. CompressionWhen you need a strong massage then this mode seems like the best choice. Must try it on your full back.
  4. Tapping: Do you like soft tapping on your back and neck shoulder? Indeed, it feel great when you have hand-like tapping on your stressed muscles. This tapping operation will relieve muscle pain and offer you fresh feelings.
  5. Soft Shiatsu: Your thumbs has specific pressure points that help in reducing stress level. In this mode, pressure is put on those specific areas of thumbs, so you can feel relaxed.
  6. Full/Regional Roll: Your back massage is a must when it comes to releasing body tension. In this mode, massage pads roll over the spine. Due to pressure on spine, cervical disks decompressed and this results in body tension release.
  7. Swedish: This mode is perfect for full back area. It feels like palm and fingers are gliding over the skin and thereby de-stressing your whole body.
  8. Remote: You can personalized your massage experience with an easy to use remote.

Air Ottoman System

Panasonic EP1285 massage chair is designed with a 14 airbag circulation system. This system offers best lower body massage. Upward pressure is applied on feet for relaxing muscles. Gentle kneading on calves de-stress tension in this area. Leg stretch is the best feature that ends stiffness in your lower back area. Overall, this system is perfect for your hips, back, thigh, legs and buttocks.

Best Neck/Shoulder Massage

People who have neck and shoulder pain usually find it hard to focus and work easily. For such people, this Panasonic massage chair brings floating mechanism. It feels like a therapist is rotating his wrist around your neck and shoulder area while putting pressure on shoulder. This effective massage drops down stress level quickly.

Panasonic EP1285 price

It is a great chair at good price. Interestingly, you can save money by buying second-hand or refurbished chair. The price of new chair is not so high. Buying from Panasonic gives you an advantage of good customer and after sale service.

Panasonic Massage Chair with Chiro Mode
Panasonic Massage Chair with Chiro Mode

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Here are some benefits you can grab from Panasonic massage chair ep1285.

  • Chair with luxury leather adds style into your space.
  • Air bag massage provides relaxation.
  • Reduce stress and tension level.
  • Swedish massage technique is integrated
  • Soft shiatsu massage is perfect for body pressure points
  • Auto recline
  • 8 manual modes
  • 4 pre-set programs
  • Striking Brushed Aluminum Accents and Detailed Stitching finish
  • Panasonic EP1285KL with Chiro mode


Here are some shortcomings come with this Panasonic massage chair ep1285K.

  • A bit noisy electronic box
  • There is no foot massage option.


You have read Panasonic massage chair ep1285 review. A question that will pop in your mind at this point is whether to buy this chair or not. Fact is that this Panasonic massage chair well worth your money since it offers the best massage techniques and makes it possible for you to get relief from chronic neck and back pain. It offers you a therapist –like massage experience. What you need more? Go and Buy Panasonic EP1285KL Leather “Urban” Massage Chair with Chiro Mode at amazon