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Peg Perego SI Stroller Review

Peg Perego Si Stroller is an Italian made stroller that captured the hearts of thousands of moms from all over with its lightweight and easy to handle features. The stroller is so sturdy, even 6 year old kids can ride it comfortably. Handling the PP Si is amazingly easy for a full size stroller.

Peg Perego Si Stroller Features

  • One Hand Folding for quick and easy closure
  • Pull, close and go rear-mounted carrying handle
  • Side-mounted carrying handle
  • Slim Umbrella Fold Design
  • Stands Upright when closed
  • 6.5″ spring-suspension wheels
  • Telescoping height
  • Adjustable handles w Cup Holder
  • Weighs only 17 lbs.
  • Adjustable handlebars!
  • Travel system compatible
  • The Primo Viaggio Car Seat attaches easily to the chassis.
  • Italian-made quality and design

Peg Perego Si Stroller has a slim design that closes neatly with the use of one hand and can stand alone as well when folded. Its adjustable handles are very convenient while strolling down the park or mall. This is perfect for any parent for travel.

It is also easy to carry with its rear-mounted or side-mounted handle or handgrip. You can easily flip the release lever located on the side to open the stroller easily. This umbrella type stroller has a handle that can be adjusted in 3 positions and a backrest. The seat is very comfortable to babies with its proper elevation.

The stroller can be easily folded in 2 easy steps. Some may say that the Peg Perego Si stroller is the best baby stroller out there and we kind of agree because of its user-friendly features– easy to open and easy to close with just one hand. It has a huge basket underneath the baby seat with a nice sun shade. The seat can also be reclined in 3 different positions.

The Si stroller is also famous for its safety features like the 5-point safety harness. The baby seat has a backrest that can also be adjusted in 3 positions giving your baby the most comfortable sitting positions.

The baby footrest can also be adjusted into two positions depending on the height of the child. Its 6.5 four suspension wheels with ball bearings and front wheels swivel for easy steering and for making the ride smoother for any child.

This stroller prides itself with its travel-system compatibility that can easily be attached to the Primo Viaggo SIP30/30 car seat with the included safety straps. The Primo Viaggo is sold separately so if you travel a lot with your baby, it is best that you get one as well.

What makes the Peg Perego stroller a quality buy for moms and dads is its telescoping, height-adjustable handles, cup holder that can be detached from the stroller, as a large and spacious storage basket. The package comes with a complete manual that shows everything you need to know about the Si stroller.

Peg Perego SI Stroller
Peg Perego SI Stroller

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  • Its Light weight is perfect for travel
  • Adjustable handles are very convenient
  • Travel compatible with baby car seat
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Adjustable baby foot rest


  • Expensive
  • Cup holder is too small
  • Seat can’t be detached for cleaning


Overall, the Peg Perego Si Stroller is a great buy for any parent who wants a nice looking stroller that is easy to carry around because of its light weight. It is one of the most user-friendly strollers in the market today. It is a bit expensive but it’s still worth your investment because its durability can last for many years of continuous use.