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Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Review

There’s no denying that a heart-rate tracking device can be a big help for those who are trying to improve their fitness or train for a specific goal. However, high-end products like Polar FT80 or RS800 (which are stuffed with many features) with an expensive price can be a waste for someone just starting down the fitness path. Instead, let us present you “Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor” – a simple tracker which is accurate and easy to use. It contains only basic features so anyone can enjoy the training performance sufficiently with full benefits.

Why Should You Purchase the Ft1 Heart Rate Sensor?

The Polar Ft1 HRM is a phenomenal watch to carry out your fitness plans. No need to compare the accuracy of this watch to other products – it’s created with the specifications to keep track of your heart rate constantly. The monitor also gives you the best measurable digital display so that you can easily record the average exercise time and check out total time of exercise as well as average pulse rate during the physical training. Whenever you heartbeat reaches the ‘too much high’ or ‘too much low’ level, this watch will send both an audible and visible alarm to alert you from any possible danger.

The watch has a flat surface with adjustable wristband easily fitting up to any wrist size, and the chest strap brings comfortable feelings while wearing (no string attached).

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor
Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor

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Polar FT1 Descriptions

When buying the Ft1 model, the users will be provided the instruction manual that helps you know how to record your cardiac parameters. ‘HR based target zone’ will automatically measure your heart rate in beats every minute (BPM) without pressing any button on the wrist watch. It has a good quality polar own code 5KHz coded transmission. All of your cardiac data will be recorded and stored well so that you can easily consult with the doctor. This product comes along with T31 transmitter with non-user replaceable battery and can last up to 2,500 hours of physical exercise.

Polar Ft1  is completely water resistant to 30 meters and clearly visible in water, so there’s no problem to enjoy swimming while wearing it in your hand.

Look at Features of the Polar Ft1 Monitor

  • Heart rate clearly displayed on a large, easy-to-read monitor
  • Efficiently improve your fitness with manual hear rate target zone
  • Simple one-button functionality and coded heart rate transmission help avoiding cross-talk
  • Display a summary of your latest workout
  • Recording of average and maximum heart rate
  • Safely exercise within your target zone
  • Exercise Timer feature and backlight
  • Time of day with alarm and weekday indicator

Your Expectations for this Ft1 Device are…

The Ft1 monitor is the simplest and least expensive of the Polar FT series. It does the primary function incredibly well, which is tracking heart rate. Also, it displays your current heartbeats per minute and average heart rate at the end of each workout session. The users are allowed to set their own heart-rate target zone; whenever they leave that zone, the item will warn them with a visual and audible alarm. The Ft1 model has Polar OwnCode feature used to create a coded transmission to connect between the wrist watch and chest strap.

The large monitor of this Ft1 Heart Rate Sensor is clear and easy to read. Despite the lack of graphics as well as one-button interface, it’s equipped with HeartTouch technology – allowing button-free operation of the wrist unit by raising it close to the chest strap transmitter which is reported as easy to adjust to fit a wide variety of body types.


  • User-set target zones
  • Affordable and simple to use
  • Hands-free operation
  • Heart rate transmitter compatible with gym machines


  • No graphical indicator
  • No computer upload ability
  • Only stores the last workout
Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor
Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor

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The Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor is truly an entry-level model in the Polar line of products. Accurate, easy-to-use, the device still delivers the job very well even though it only has basic functionalities. No frills attached, it’s a perfect choice for those looking for a basic heart rate monitor, which displays the heart readings.

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