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Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Polar FT80 Watch is available in on the leading of the variety of generalist health products offered through Polar. Right here we check the regular Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor Watch, while it additionally is obtainable with the particular G1 GPS element for speed as well as length monitoring, at additional price. The Polar FT80  rests over the particular FT60 which was a previous model and the base of functioning and the supplying here is really comparable, however provides a few extra functions that may attract more sophisticated health individuals.

Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor
Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor

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Polar FT80 Introduction

Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor Watch rests at the leading of the organization’s Fitness as well as Mix Coaching tree, which indicates that it’s targeted at customers who are eager to enhance their basic health stage while involving in a range of actions. No matter if you’re a jogger, a bicyclist, a runner, a fitness center obsessive, or maybe an enthusiastic kayaker, the Polar FT80  might be a really helpful device.There are two type of Polar FT80, one with white display and other with black display.But i’m going with black display.Similar to the particular Polar RS800CX which is also a good device, the Polar FT80 is a really flexible piece of package. Due to the elective G1 GPS device as well as S1 Foot Pod, Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor may calculate speed, length and rate in nearly any surroundings, regardless of what your activity. This may switch its side to over just aerobic as well, because of its power coaching function. Therefore, will be this the greatest all rounder?

Polar FT80 will be among the greatest looking athletics watches I’ve noticed. I’m not stating that I’d alternatively use the Polar compared to the Tag Heuer Carrera or even Rolex Daytona, however in comparison with most HRM watches, this can be fairly smooth.The thin case associated with Polar FT80 indicates that it rests really smooth on your arm, although the nicely incorporated; rubber band molds the entire element around the arm. The blend of watch covering and band assure a really secure match and in contrast to numerous athletics watches, you might use the Polar FT80all day devoid of experiencing embarrassed.

The particular Wear Link Coded HRM doesn’t utilize Polar’s 2.4GHz WIND wifi systems; however I’ve nevertheless discovered this to become impervious to disturbance from other products. The large benefit that the particular WearLink Coded program provides to the occasion will be that it may perform with the tools you’ll locate in most fitness centers. The chest band is identical, all fabric matter that delivered with both CS500 as well as RS800CX. I discover the particular Polar chest band and HRM to be really relaxed, despite numerous hours of exercising.

In contrast to the particular Polar CS500 which is an older model, this includes all that you require to synchronize the details in the package. The FlowLink component that delivers with the Polar FT80 enables you to exchange information from the gadget to your profile on the website, in fact, there’s no factor in saving information when you can’t access it and evaluate it completely.

  • Polar G1 GPS
  • Polar S1 Foot Pod

Physical Features

Product Dimensions6.8 x 5.1 x 3 inches
Weight9.6 ounces
Water Resistance160ft
Display FeaturesBacklight
BPM or % of Max HR
Key Lock
Time & Date
Data TransferConnectivity
Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor
Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor

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Polar FT80 Features

In spite of the reality that the display appears really reflective within the images on the internet, it’s really not difficult to examine. It’s much tougher to get images though until you need an expression of the digital camera inside the display! The Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor is additionally readable at night, because of a really efficient backlight.

Presently there are 5 buttons,  2 with the left side and 3 with the right. Generally, there will be no large, red lap switch, in the front structures, such as on a lot of other Polar athletics watches, however, there’s a great purpose for this. You’ll notice the Polar FT80  doesn’t possess a lap performance that alone may make it improper for numerous potential customers. It’s an unusual omission in Polar’s part, however, after that the Polar FT80  isn’t intended to be a different to products such as the RS800CX, that are targeted at significant health fans and expert athletes.

Returning to those 5 buttons, the particular top left switch stimulates the backlight, although the base left switch manages Stop/Back performance. The top, as well as bottom right switches, are utilized to cycle by means of options and choices, although the middle right switch deals with Start/Select responsibilities. Pushing the Start switch once may prime at which stage it may attempt to connect with the HRM as well as speed sensor. When it becomes locks about the peripheral products, you merely push Start again plus head off.

Presently there are 4 information displays to select from when you’re working out. The default display reveals your present heart rate, exactly what heart rate sector you’re presently in addition to workout period and the period you’ve invested in the existing heart rate sector. The subsequent information display shows your present heart rate within a really significant font plus the entire workout period. The third information display indicates calories used, period of day as well as workout time. The ultimate information display shows current rate, length and workout period.

There’s no technique to personalize the information displays, therefore if you desired to observe your present velocity in addition to calories used, you will be out of fortune. The RS800CX permitted total customization associated with the information displays, therefore when you’re searching for that degree of performance, you’ll require rising somewhat greater upward Polar’s pecking sequence.

The Polar FT80 will be a component associated with Polar’s cross coaching variety, and this is a fairly flexible item of package. In case you perform a reasonable quantity of your coaching in the fitness center, the Polar FT80 creates a really great situation regarding itself. Since mentioned previously, the particular HRM will be suitable for the bulk of cardio devices, which indicates that you’ll obtain a precise estimate associated with heart rate in the device alone, instead of those arbitrary quotes through the hand receptors.


H1 Heart Rate Sensor

H1 Heart Rate Sensor can be fixed through soft fabric at any part of the body. Connections in this sensor are made to make the user comfortable. Battery can be replaced in this sensor. This sensor uses coded transmission in order to decrease interference during use. Users are able to use this sensor with many other exercise machines.

S1 Foot Pod by Polar

S1 Foot Pod by Polar is made in such a manner that it can be used in all types of cases. Users are able to use it in rain and also use it on tough areas. It is able to resist water and shocks. It can be operated by using batteries.

Polar Flow Link

Transfers working data from polar heart rate monitors in to polarpersonaltrainer.com. This is compatible with following products; Polar FA20, Polar FT40, Polar FT60, Polar FT80, Polar RS300X, Polar FT7 and this is easy to use and has 2 years warranty

Polar Universal Bike Mount for Wrist Unit

Polar Universal Bike Mount for Wrist Unit can check cycling speed with the help of sensor. Speed of cycling and distance covered could be checked through this sensor by checking the rotation of wheel. Bar mount is also included with this sensor. It is compatible to be used with different items including treadmills.


  • Thin, inconspicuous watch
  • Really flexible
  • Suitable through G1 GPS as well as S1 Foot Pod
  • FlowLink area included for information transfer
  • Suitable with fitness center cardio products
  • Power Coaching method
  • Incorporated STAR exercising plan


  • Hardly any lapping function
  • Information displays not customizable
  • Absolutely no altitude information
  • No temperature information
  • Not suitable for bike receptors

In the box

  • Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor
  • Polar H1 transmitter
  • Polar FlowLink
  • Polar FT80 User Manual (Download User Manual)
Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor
Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor

Check Price on Amazon


The Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor Watch will be what you may call a basic function health computer, that may switch its hand for nearly any exercise, and this alone creates it very desirable idea. Actually I really own Polar FT80, due to the fact it fitted my mainly fitness center dependent training routine last season. The power coaching, easy information synchronization as well as STAR coaching plan created it a fantastic companion personally, and certainly assisted me to enhance my health.The particular G1 GPS provides you the choice of speed as well as length recording for virtually any outside exercise, while when you’re mainly an athlete, the particular S1 Foot Pod may allow you record your miles no matter if exterior or even in the fitness center. The compatibility along with gym dependent cardio products is additionally a genuine benefit, because will be the support with opposition and weight coaching.

Everything stated there are a few essential points lacking from the Polar FT80. The total absence of lapping performance may put off numerous cyclists as well as runners immediately. Altitude along with temperature recording, are furthermore noticeable by their shortage, however not really as irritating. Serious sportsmen may additionally bemoan the failure to personalize the information displays.

Eventually the Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor Watch will be a really flexible training device for any person who wants to change their workout among several procedures. It performs superbly in the fitness center, however can additionally be a reliable partner for athletes or cyclists. Nevertheless, when you’re somewhat additional serious regarding your activity, and desire as much information as feasible, you may discover the FT80 slightly compact. Individually, I still work with my FT80 on a regular basis.

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