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Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Polar RS300X heart rate monitor offers all of the basic features you need plus the ability to add optional pods to customize based on your sport. Find out more in my review.

The Polar RS300X is billed as a running and multi-sport training heart rate monitor. Polar has several categories of monitors ranging from Get Active monitors, which are basic monitors for people just starting out or trying to get back in shape and would benefit from having their progress measured using a heart rate monitor, Improve Fitness monitors, which are for most of us that work out pretty consistently each week in a variety of different sports, and Maximize Performance monitors, which are designed for top-level athletes who really want to take their games to the next level. As you move up it categories Polar offers more features on each monitor and the price tends to go up as well. The RS300X fits into the Improve Fitness category and is designed for recreational athletes to track speed, distance, and heart rate.

The Polar RS300X heart rate monitor is basically designed to meet the needs of athletes of all levels. The designers had the intention of offering dynamic real-time feedback to users before, during, and after any exercise. Polar kept everyone under consideration while developing the RS300X by including functions for the everyday jogger just looking to improve fitness or shed a few pounds and the seasoned cross-trainer preparing for an endurance race. The technology may seem overwhelming to some at first, but after becoming familiar with the interface everything comes to life at your fingertips.

Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor
Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor

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Track Your Progress Over Time

Every individual that makes exercise an integral part of their lives will strive to perform better than they did previously. No one knows this better than the design team at Polar. When you first start using the RS300X you can take a basic aerobic fitness test that will tell you your overall cardiovascular fitness level while resting. The test only takes 5 minutes and will measure your VO2 max, which is your maximal oxygen uptake. This test is as accurate as any that you can do outside of a doctor’s office. To measure your exact VO2 max you’ll need to go to a medical facility and have it tested on a treadmill which can be time consuming and costly. So the Polar fitness test is a fantastic alternative. After the RS300X records your starting VO2 max you can then check your progress over time as you take the test again and again. It’s a great way to accurately see how your fitness level is improving.

In addition to recording your base fitness level the Polar RS300X automatically tracks the statistics of every workout and will display the most recent sixteen training sessions. In addition there is an option to display the workouts of the previous sixteen weeks. This allows you to see your progress and whether you need to modify your routine to add more challenge or keep on the path that is working for you. Such benchmark recording is crucial to preventing complacency and a plateau effect. The ability to look back on previous exercise sessions allows you to establish and monitor goals for improvement or simply maintenance.

This video shows how to get started using the Polar RS300X heart rate monitor.

Extreme Calorie Counting Thanks to OwnCal

Your goal may to lose weight as well improve your fitness level. Unique to Polar is their intuitive, proactive approach to fitness monitoring. They create programs that piggy-back off of others in order to bring you the best, most three-dimensional information possible. An example of this is their Polar RS300X heart rate monitor feature known as OwnCal. OwnCal records the calories burned in a single exercise session and the total accumulated kilocalories of a longer period such as a week. This helps you to more closely monitor your weight loss progress both short and long term. Your hard work should definitely pay off on the scales as you start to shed those extra pounds.

Optional Hardware Creates the Total Experience

What makes the Polar RS300X stand out so brilliantly among its competitors is its cutting edge functions. Adding to the RS300X’s impressive lineup of features, Polar introduced two compatible products that when used in conjunction with the heart rate monitor, will let you track speed, distance, and biometrics simultaneously. The S1 foot pod lets you enjoy real-time data regarding your pace and distance traveled. This is a wonderful tool for dedicated runners who count every second and are constantly looking for ways to shave time off of their personal bests. Click here to check on prices for the Polar RS300X SD Heart Rate Monitor with S1 Foot Pod.

Alternately, people who enjoy activities such as cycling, inline skating, mountain biking, skiing, kayaking, or hiking will get a great deal of use and enjoyment from the G1 GPS sensor which will provide you with speed and distance tracking. You can check on prices and read more information about the Polar RS300X G1 Heart Rate Monitor with G1 GPS Sensor by clicking here.

The nice thing about making these pods optional is that if you don’t think you’ll need them, you don’t have to buy them. There’s nothing worse than buying a high-tech expensive heart rate monitor with a ton of features and then find out you only want to use half of them. The Polar RS300X is completely customizable to your needs.

These incredible optional items can greatly improve your exercise or training regimen by providing helpful data as it is happening. The overall combination of optional equipment, recording of prior exercise data, and the OwnCal feature help you stay on track and remain productive, making significant gains more easily reachable.

More Great Features of the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor

Polar didn’t just stop at the helpful features listed above. In addition they created options such as the audible and visual alarm that can be programmed to alert you when your heart rate falls below or above the predetermined levels. Many athletes and everyday exercisers set very short term goals that determine their immediate workout. The alarm helps you to stay within the intensity levels you wish to train at. If your workout of the day is supposed to be intense with your heart rate in a very high zone, then the RS300X will beep you if you are going too slow and your heart rate is not high enough. It basically acts like a coach telling you to pick up the pace. It will do the same if you are going too hard by beeping you to back off a little. This will help prevent overtraining.

On the subject of heart rate, the Polar RS300X has multiple ways for you to display it. The options are to show the percentage of the maximum heart rate, the amount of beats per minute, and the average heart rate throughout the duration of the total exercise.

Comparative features such as the total time spent within a predetermined target zone and the total time spent exercising work together to give you more constructive feedback. Using the two together offers a broader perspective of the overall progress towards a specific goal.

Some other features that are an added bonus to the great benefits already mentioned are the 99 lap recording capacity, which is ideal for analyzing split training. If you need more data you can simply download all of your training information to your computer and add it to the Polar website at PolarPersonalTrainer.com. If you wish to upload your data to your computer then you need to buy the Polar Flowlink, which is not included with this model. Again, like with the pods, if you don’t feel the need to analyze your training data on your computer then you won’t need to buy this. Polar gives you the option to customize your monitor to your needs.

The RS300X also has a watch setting equipped with a dual time zone, an alarm with snooze option, and a stopwatch. The Polar RS300X heart rate monitor resists water up to 50 feet and has a backlit display with zoom capabilities. Just to keep the fires of motivations stoked the RS300X also has an event countdown feature to be set to something worth training for, like an upcoming race. Each time you see the date looming closer, the desire to improve will be reignited.

What Comes In The Box

  • Wrist unit
  • Transmitter
  • Strap
  • Polar RS300X Owners Manual
  • S1 Footpod (optional)
  • G1 GPS sensor (optional)

Best Place To Buy

I found the best deal for the RS300X on Amazon.com. They sell a lot of these monitors because almost no one can beat their low prices. You’ll also be able to pick up any accessories you may need, like the Polar FlowLink that will let you connect the device to your computer. This is not included with the base unit. You can also buy any running or training accessories you need on Amazon and all of it will ship to you on time, for free. I’ve never had a bad experience buying from Amazon. Click here to find the best deal on the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor.

Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor
Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor

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All in all, the Polar RS300X heart monitor is the ultimate training assistant. The data is highly accurate and efficiently displayed to offer you the most informative experience possible before, during, and after exercising. The features all work together to make goals easy to plan and even easier to reach.

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