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Raymarine Dragonfly 5 PRO Review

Raymarine Dragonfly 5 PRO has been equipped with the latest technology, featuring a big screen of 5 inches, which offers a high definition representation of images. It also supports LED backlit display. With the latest LED display, you will not experience any internal fogging with the display. The images are sharp colored, clear, high definition and offer wide viewing angles.

Raymarine Dragonfly-5 PRO Features

  • 5-Inch All-Weather HD LED Backlit Display
  • Sharp Color
  • No Internal Fogging
  • Dual-Channel Sonar
  • Wide Viewing Angles
  • Optional MicroSD Memory Card Slots
  • Wide-Spectrum CHIRP Down-vision Sonar
  • Perfect for Targeting Fish
  • Compatible with Raymarine’s Wi-Fish Mobile App
  • Stream Live Sonar Data to Smartphones and Compatible Apps
  • Removable Mounting Ball
  • 3000 Waypoints and 15 Tracks of Internal Storage
  • 3.2 Pounds
  • Easy to Install
  • 13.8 x 13.8 x 13.8-Inches

The Sonar

This fish finder comes with a dual channeled sonar. Get ready for highly detailed, photo-like images with this Raymarine fish finder.

The images displayed by this fish finder look like that they have been taken from a digital camera. They are extremely detailed, clear and high definition.

The sonar has been equipped with a sonar of dual channels, the CHIRP DownVision sonar has a wide spectrum and will provide you with high quality images. The other channel which is the CHIRP conventional sonar is responsible for aiming at the fish. It separated the targets from each other and provides a clear view of the fish that you are targeting.

This fish finder has been equipped with the most modern technology. You can now easily live stream the data from your sonar on your smartphone using the Raymarine’s Wi-Fish mobile app. This app allows you to have a live view of everything that is being captured by the sonar. It makes fishing much more efficient and quick.  With all the information on your mobile app you can easily save and rewind the stream.

These two features just enhance the quality of this fish finder to another level, because now you can actually keep a record of the places that you have already fished in and also rewind the videos to have catch up on the detailed information that you might have missed in the first watch.

Not only this you can also share your data with your friends on any of the social media platforms.

The Mounting Ball

The fish finder comes with a removable mounting ball which is compatible with the other balls available in the market. This makes the device highly reliable.

The device is also compatible with other socket mounting systems which makes the device easy to use and install.


The memory is a very important feature of this fish finder. An internal memory of 3000 waypoints has been attached with the fish finder as well as 15 tracks have also been installed inside the fish finder.

If this memory is still not enough for you, you can also attach an external storage via the microSD cards easily. These cards are readily available in the market in very reasonable prices.

Raymarine Dragonfly 5 PRO FishFinder
Raymarine Dragonfly 5 PRO FishFinder

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The Bottom Line

This fish finder will be an excellent choice if you are looking to pursue fishing on a bigger scale. If you have a good budget then it will be a useful product to spend some money on. It will remain useful and will maintain its quality and performance over a prolonged period of time.  It is a reliable device which has been well received in the market.

This Dragonfly fish finder has received a lot of complimentary reviews from its users and is easily available in the market. You will not be wasting any money when you buy this fish finder. It is highly reliable, trust worthy and performs effectively in many different kinds of environments.

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