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Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter Review

The Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter is the perfect addition to your pool collection. If you have a pool or belong to one, you probably have some of the inflatable toys, noodles, chairs, and what not. Those are nice and all, but if you really want something unique, then you should consider buying the SeaDoo Dolphin Sea Scooter.

If you have kids, this is something that they will absolutely love. This sea scooter is something that would make a perfect birthday or Christmas gift. The price of it is extremely reasonable, unlike the professional sea scooters that can cost thousands of dollars.

Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter Features

Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter
Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter

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Yes, this sea scooter is made to use in pools, but it can also be used in lakes, ponds, rivers, and even oceans believe it or not. If you lose grip of the scooter, it floats back up to the stop, so there is no need to worry about it sinking to the bottom. Keep in mind, this is not made for scuba diving, as it should only go to a maximum depth of about 15 feet.

This water scooter is designed for children, but it can also be used for adults. I am a bit over 200 pounds and it still works great for me, although I might be going a tad slower. Trust me, if you buy your kids one of these, you will end up using it as well.

The Sea Doo Dolphin has some great features. For example, the scooter is only about 12 pounds so it is easy for any child to maneuver. The battery will last a solid hour and a half after it is charged.

When you read customer reviews here, you will notice that lots of grandparents and parents rave about how much their children love it. You may be worried about the safety, but this should not be a concern at all. This Seadoo sea scooter is extremely buoyant. You may be worried about hair or anything getting sucked into the propeller, but this is something not to be concerned about. The power of the water coming out of the Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter is strong so it prevents anything from getting sucked into it.

Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter Spec

  • battery: 1.5 hour
  • battery type: 12V/7.5Ah rechargeable battery
  • weight: 5.4 kg
  • speed: up to 3.2 km/h
  • number of speed: 1
  • minimal age of users: 8 years old always under control of an adult.

Sea Doo Dolphin in the Box

  • Sea Doo Dolphin Underwater Scooter
  • Sea Doo Dolphin Battery Charger
  • Sea Doo Dolphin Owner’s Manual
Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter
SeaDoo Dolphin SeaScooter

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So to wrap this up, the SeaDoo Dolphin Sea Scooter has many great features. is something that any kid would enjoy. If you are having a pool party, you can guarantee that everyone will be intrigued by whoever is flowing through the water with an underwater scooter. Quite frankly, I am surprised that underwater sea scooters aren’t more popular. Maybe enough people just don’t know that you can get cheap ones like this, or maybe people just don’t know much about them at all. Anyways, these scooters will provide hours of fun for a cheap price unlike many of the underwater scooters designed for scuba diving. This is by far the top underwater scooter for recreational use.