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Sea-Doo Explorer X Sea Scooter Review

The SeaDoo Explorer X is one of my favorite underwater scooters. In my opinion, the Sea Doo Explorer X Sea Scooter is a large upgrade over the SeaDoo VS Supercharged Plus Sea Scooter. Both of these water scooters promote themselves as high-end underwater scooters, but in my opinion, only one is actually high end. The SeaDoo Explorer X Underwater Scooter is the one that I consider to be high end as it is built much more durable. If you plan on just using this for the pool, then get a cheaper one! (I’m not saying it won’t work in a pool, just that you can get one for a lot cheaper that will work in a pool as well).

Sea Doo Explorer X Sea Scooter Features

The Sea-Doo Explorer X Sea Scooter has a maximum speed of 3.3 miles per hour and is designed to reach a depth of 130 feet. (Obviously, this speed will be slower if you have a lot of heavy gear with you). However, it still will work well with heavy gear, it just will go a little slower. It also gives you the ability to change the speed through the triggers. The battery is a lot heavier than cheaper seadoo sea scooter models, however, this is a good thing because this battery lasts longer than a lot of the other batteries. It lasts a solid 2 hours.

This water scooter isn’t a little toy, it is well built which adds to its weight. Coming in at about 30 pounds, it is unlikely that a child could operate this underwater scooter. 30 pounds should be no problem for an adult, however.

SeaDoo Explorer X Sea Scooter
SeaDoo Explorer X Sea Scooter

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SeaDoo Explorer X Underwater Scooter Final

This underwater scooter is great for going to great depths to view shipwrecks, coral reefs, and other dive sites. It is extremely technologically advanced, as it has a system in place that allows it to depressurize after it ascends to the surface. When it comes to value, you will have a hard time finding an underwater scooter that will live up to this one. If you are not looking to spend over one thousand dollars, then this one should definitely be one to consider.