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Sea-Doo RS1 Underwater Sea Scooter Review

If you are looking for a solid underwater scooter that goes up to 4.35 miles per hours, then you should consider looking into the Sea Doo RS1 Underwater Sea Scooter. This a high-quality underwater scooter that is not designed for kids to be messed around within a pool. This underwater scooter has the ability to reach depths of up to 130 feet and last 90 minutes per charge.

Sea Doo RS1 Features

  • Speed: 3.75 mph speed
  • Weight: 20.5 /lbs
  • Depth Rating: 130 ft. / tested to 160 ft.
  • Run Time:  Open Water 1.5 hours
  • Battery Type: Class 1 Lithium-Ion, Li-Ion 22.2V / 8AH 18 batteries 500 watt
  • Recharge: 5 hours
  • Range: Cruising Range in Open Water: 2.25 – 4.5 miles
  • 3 different speeds
  • GoPro Mount Included

Weighing in at just 20.5 pounds, this sea scooter is extremely light for the quality that it is. It’s lightweight along with its advanced design allow it to be the fastest recreational underwater scooter for snorkeling. It also has 3 gears which can come in handy if you are scuba diving and what to slow down to enjoy what you are viewing at a slower pace.

One of the coolest features of the Sea Doo RS1 Underwater Scooter is that it has a self-filling integrated ballast space that allows for neutral buoyancy. It also has a downforce spoiler that makes sure upward skidding and accelerating doesn’t occur.

Sea Doo RS1 in the Box

  • Sea Doo RS1 Underwater Scooter
  • Sea Doo RS1 Battery Charger
  • Sea Doo RS1 Owner’s Manual
Sea Doo-SD15001-RS1 Underwater Scooter
Sea Doo-SD15001-RS1 Underwater Scooter

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Overall, the Sea Doo RS1 Underwater SeaScooter is a great underwater scooter for someone who plans on using a scooter a lot. It is extremely durable. However, there is one underwater scooter that I like a little bit better, and if money is not a huge concern, then I recommend looking into the Tusa SAV-7 Underwater Scooter as it is the best underwater scooter currently on the market in my opinion. Either way, you can’t go wrong with buying either one of these.