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SeaDoo VS Supercharged Plus Sea Scooter Review

The SeaDoo VS Supercharged Plus Sea Scooter is a solid underwater scooter for scuba diving and snorkeling. This underwater scooter is just okay. It is nothing special, but it isn’t a complete piece of junk. It is stuck in that mid-range price range where it is a little high for beginners and low for veterans. Honestly, if you are just looking for a sea scooter for using in your pool, then look around here for cheaper ones. This one goes to fast for pool usage and there are others that you can get for cheaper that will work just fine for pool usage.

SeaDoo VS Supercharged Plus Features

As I mentioned before, the SeaDoo VS Supercharged Plus Sea Scooter can reach relatively fast speeds. This underwater scooter can reach up to 3 miles per hour. Unlike some underwater scooters, the SeaDoo VS Supercharged Plus Sea Scooter has the ability to adjust its speed. This is obviously important as you might want to slow down to take in certain scenery such as coral reefs.

The Sea-Doo SD6545X VS Supercharged Plus Sea Scooter weighs in at 18 pounds which makes it easy to maneuver. The Supercharged Plus Sea Scooter charge period is 1.5 hours and can reach depths of 100 feet.

I don’t know if I completely agree with this, but the Sea Doo VS Supercharged Plus Sea Scooter was rated one of the best underwater scooters on the market right now by the Diving Science and Technology (DSAT).

Some advantages of this underwater scooter are that it has a waterproof construction that doesn’t allow any accidental flooding. It also has a nose cone that protects from rough usage. These are pretty common features that many underwater scooters have, however.

  • Speed up to 4.8 km/h
  • Run up to 1.5 hours with normal use
  • Weight just 18 lbs / 8.2 kg including battery
  • 2-stage seal waterproof construction
  • Removable buoyancy control chamber
  • 1.5 Hours/30 Meters
  • Compatible Battery: 856-SD5540B

SeaDoo VS Supercharged Plus in the Box

  • SeaDoo VS Supercharged Plus Underwater Scooter
  • SeaDoo VS Supercharged Plus Battery Charger
  • SeaDoo VS Supercharged Plus Owner’s Manual
Sea-Doo VS Supercharged Plus Sea Scooter
Sea-Doo VS Supercharged Plus Sea Scooter

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SeaDoo VS Supercharged Plus Final

Overall, if you are just an occasional scuba diver or snorkeler, and looking for a sea scooter for a fairly reasonable price, then this would be a decent one for you. But honestly, you could probably get one for cheaper that would get the job done just as well such as the Sea Doo Pro Sea Scooter or the Sea Doo GTI Sea Scooter. If you are more advanced, then look into higher level underwater scooters as this one will not cut it for you. It simply would not be a good investment since it is not as durable as some of the higher end underwater scooters that can last 20 years.