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Best Sentry Gun Safe Reviews 2020

Sentry are well known for making standard safes but also gun safes. There are a wide range of Sentry safes to choose from making it difficult to choose the best one. In this article we will cover which Sentry gun safes are worth buying along with our Sentry gun safe reviews.

Sentry Gun Safe Awards

  • Best Sentry Gun Safe – SentrySafe GM2459E Gun Safe
  • Best Mid Range Sentry Gun Safe – SentrySafe G1459DC Gun Safe
  • Best Single Sentry Gun Safe – Sentry Safe HDC11E Home Defense Center
  • Best Sentry Gun Safe Under $200 – SentrySafe SFW123DSB Safe

Read our reviews below to find out more about each one.

Best Sentry Gun Safes

1. SentrySafe GM2459E Gun Safe Review

Best Sentry Gun Safe – Our top Sentry gun safe pick goes to the GM2459E, which is available in both 24 and 14 gun versions. We feel this is one of the best Sentry gun safes due the large capacity, secure locking features, as well as being fire resistant.

One of the features we liked about this gun safe is its secure protection. This safe features a number of additional security features such as using a hardened steel plate that protects against the safe being drilled into. Other features include a pry resistant door and the ability to bolt the safe down.

Another reason that makes this a great safe is that it is fire resistant, which many safes do not have for the price of this safe. The slight downside to this safe is that it comes with one small shelf at the top, however it is enough to store a good amount of ammunition and other small items.

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2. SentrySafe G1459DC Gun Safe Review

Best Mid Range Sentry Gun Safe – The SentrySafe G1459DC is a great mid range pick providing enough room for 14 firearms. With 5 steel locking bolts, a drill resistant steel plate, and solid steel construction makes this a well built and secure gun safe.

Unlike the more expensive model however, it isn’t fire resistant. If you feel that your items could be in danger of a fire, then it may be worth considering the fire resistant model or check out some of the other mid range safes we have reviewed.

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3. Sentry Safe HDC11E Review

Best Single Sentry Gun Safe – We couldn’t have written a Sentry gun safe review without mentioning the HDC11E home defence center. This is a very cool gun safe that is designed to hold one large gun such as a shotgun, and a smaller firearm such as a hand gun.

If defence is something that you are looking for, such as to protect your family, then this safe is well suited to your needs. Its design allows you to position it somewhere that is easily accessible, and its keypad will allow you to retrieve your firearms quietly.

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4. SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe Review

Best Sentry Gun Safe Under $200 – If you are looking for a solid safe under $200 then this safe has a ton of great features to protect your firearms and personal possessions. However this safe is only suitable for storing smaller weapons such as handguns and tactical knives.

This is a very solid safe for the price with 4 large locking bolts, solid steel construction, and convenient inner shelving. The safe is also fire resistant with tests showing that it can withstand temperatures of at least 900 degrees for 1 hour.

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Sentry Gun Safe Reviews Conclusion

In this article we have covered which Sentry gun safes are best along with our top Sentry gun safe reviews. In conclusion it’s important to pick the right safe for you that fits your requirements whilst still being within your budget range. Feel free to checkout our other reviews or send us an email of a gun safe you would like reviewed.