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Shure SE846 CL Earphones Review

Shure is an American company that was founded in 1925 as a supplier of radio parts kits.The Shure Radio Company’ was founded by Sidney N. Shure in Chicago Illinois.

Having started as a company that specialized in radio parts, Shure went on to expand its product range to include microphones both cabled and wireless, audio mixers, digital audio processing equipment and phonograph systems.

The company struggled through the recession and went on to produce the first Shure microphone in 1936. The success of this microphone and other subsequent Shure microphones precipitated in the US government awarding the company with a tender to supply microphones during World War II in 1941.

This tender subsequently spurred the growth of the company into one of the largest microphone makers in the US to date. The company also went on to become a major player in the home entertainment industry in the 1950’s.

At this time, Shure was the major supplier of phonograph cartridges to major phonograph manufacturers such as Motorola, Magnavox, admiral and Everson.

The Shure brand has been a respected brand not only for microphones and phonograph cartridges, but also medical equipment such as the piezoelectric stethophone.

Description of the Shure se846 Headphones

These Shure head phones are surely the best in a long line of quality high-end headphones that is the SE series. The headphones have been built to offer unmatched performance achieved through the use of 4 precisely balanced armature wound driver units.

These driver units have been configured to offer three modes of function which are standard, enhanced treble and enhanced bass. Furthermore 2 of the 4 drivers are dedicated to giving a deeper richer bass.

Through the use of an innovative tuning approach, these Shure headphones are capable of extending the low-end frequency response quite remarkably.

The fine tuning of the headphones has been achieved through the use of interchangeable filters that take the form of white flat plates. The tonal balance and harmony of the sound produced is truly beyond compare.

Since the filters are interchangeable, the user is offered the opportunity to personally set the tonal balance of headphones they own to any desired level. If you read the shure se846 review, you will concur that this is possible because the headphones come with a tool and easy to follow detailed instructions for carrying out this task.

The ultimate fit of the Shure se846 headphones

The Shure SE846-CL headphones come with a range of earbuds that guarantee a snug fit into the ear canal. The curved design of the headphones eliminates any undue discomfort that arises from prolonged use of headphones. The curve allows each earphone to align itself with the ear’s natural groves offering sublime comfort.

The cable itself readily wraps itself with around the ear lobe ensuring the headphones do not accidentally dislodge from the ears. These Shure headphones have been designed with ultimate comfort as a key parameter.


The quality of sound produced by the headphones is simply excellent. No competing brand can even come close. Note one note is lost and every beat, tune and sound is perceived in its truest form. The headphones will render even a complex sonata such as Beethoven’s Moonlight sonata with amphitheatre clarity.

Even music with hard-charging fast rhythm will not pose slightest challenge to these remarkably designed pieces of headwear. These Shure headphones truly offer the best value for money.


There is barely anything negative that can be said about these stunning headphones. The only perceived downside is the fact that these headphones cost almost a grand to own.

The Benefits Offered by Shure Headphone – Accessories

In addition to the range of earbuds that come with these headphones, Shure has also included nozzle filters. These filters are intended to further customize the audio as perceived by the user.

Shure SE846 CL Earphones
Shure SE846 CL Earphones

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There is barely a set of headphones on offer that can offer even the slightest challenge to the Shure se846 headphones. This in itself justifies the price the headphones are offered at.

If anyone is looking for the best clarity and outstanding audio delivery, then the only choice is to purchase the Shure se846 headphones.

Since its onset Shure has been a company that has strives to offer the best to its customers. Nothing less can be said of the Shure brand of headphones.

This shure se846 review clearly illustrates the amazing features of these headphones.

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