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Best Snorkeling Gear Reviews 2020

Snorkeling is a well-known underwater sport with all the people around the world. If you don’t have the right snorkeling gear, it’s possible that you cannot enjoy the game. In this post, I will show you some gears to consider for 2020:

Top 4 Best Snorkel Gear Reviews

1. Phantom Aquatics Cancun Mask Snorkel Combo Review

Phantom Aquatics Cancun Mask Snorkel Combo
Phantom Aquatics Cancun Mask Snorkel Combo

Phantom Aquatics Cancun Mask Combo is a highly functional, solid and affordable snorkeling product to buy. The cost of purchasing this product is worth your investment. It comes with semi-dry top valve that helps to accomplish snorkeling activities. There is also low internal volume on the mask. The product operates effectively by preventing water from entering. Since it is low volume, equalizing is not a problem.


  • It comes with dual feathered edge silicone skirt.
  • The product has thirteen different colors to select.
  • To guarantee water-tight seal, the product comes with comfort fit liquid silicone skirt.
  • Water cannot enter the snorkel.


  • For certain face sizes, it may not be convenient

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2. Cressi Supernova Dry Snorkel Review

Cressi Supernova Dry Snorkel
Cressi Supernova Dry Snorkel

One unique feature of this product is the anti-splash end. While diving, the well-designed valve in the anti-splash feature seals the tube. During submersion, water is being prevented from entering into the snorkel. There is a corrugated section found at the lower end with smooth inter bore. This also prevents water from trapping within the tube. It implies that excessive water will be drained quickly to the collection reservoir underneath.


  • The product comes with a silicone mouthpiece and a hypoallergenic corrugated tube
  • There is the presence of quick release snorkel keeper
  • The availability of the product’s anti-splash valve and top helps by sealing the tube during submersion


  • Through time, the top valve may be clogged
  • The mouth of the valve may lose at times

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3. U.S. Divers Men’s Lux LX Mask With Purge Snorkel Combo Set Review

U.S. Divers Men’s Lux LX Mask With Purge Snorkel Combo Set
U.S. Divers Men’s Lux LX Mask With Purge Snorkel Combo Set

To achieve an amazing snorkeling journey, this product is designed to contain all the items required. It comes with a travel bag, fins, mask and snorkel. Another unique feature of the product is a one-size-fits-all mask. This feature is specially designed from a convenient hypoallergenic silicone face skirt. As a channeled skirt design, the product comes with a patented soft purge nose pocket. The lens of the snorkel has an 180-degree view of your surroundings. The snorkel is basically designed to prevent water from getting into the tube.


  • It is a lightweight product
  • It comes with a top-notch bag
  • The fins of the product will make it easier and convenient to swim
  • The product helps to get rid of water easily
  • It is a comfortable and super flexible snorkel
  • It also comes with panoramic lens technology that gets rid os blind spots
  • The mask of this product works well


  • It does not come with comprehensive manual instruction to adjust the fins

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4. Finis Swimmer’s Snorkel Review

Finis Swimmer’s Snorkel
Finis Swimmer’s Snorkel

Finis snorkel is one of the best that you can find in the market today. You can use Finis snorkel with any kind of swimming goggle. The mouthpiece of the Finis snorkel is designed from soft unequivocal silicone. This helps to resist conveniently on the mouth. Beneath the Finis snorkel is a well-designed purge valve. The upper section of the snorkel also comfortably link to the breathing tube. Out of the silicone is an adjustable strap that helps to improve the snorkel.


  • The snorkel can be used with a swim cap
  • You will be able to relax comfortably with the snorkel in water
  • It can be used along with your swimming goggles to promote head and body position


  • The snorkel doesn’t come with a nose clip
  • There is every possibility for the purge valve to experience some leaks

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How To Look After Your Snorkel Gear

You will get the best performance by taking good care of your snorkel gear. Your equipment will be grained by dry salt. After snorkeling, you can wash your gear with fresh water. Ensure to keep your gear away from light and heat. Before wearing the lens, ensure to scrub with toothpaste. This will prevent any fog up effects on your gear lens.


There is a couple of factors to consider before buying your snorkeling gear. You should better determine the kind of vacation you want to use the equipment for and then thinking about where to buy. And online shopping can save a lot for you before going to a huge retailer.

Bonus+ Selection of a suitable snorkeling location.

Must see snorkeling locations in the world.

When selecting a snorkeling location, it is important to put into consideration the clarity of the water, the variety of species and your budget. Nobody would want to dive into cloudy water. Below are the some snorkeling locations in the world:

Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua, Indonesia.

If you are looking for a snorkeling location with a diversity of aquamarines, then Raja Ampat is the place for you. The Island in West Indonesia has the highest recorded population of marine life on earth. It is made of various locations including but not limited to Fabiacet and Kaleidoscope in the Southern region, Manta Ridge in the central region, and sel pele and Yangelo reef in the Northern region. In addition to the snorkeling, you will get to experience, the diversity of culture and food of the people of New Guinea. It is important to note however, that snorkeling is best between January to July, and in October when the rains are low and there are no strong winds.

The Galapangos Islands, Ecuador.

Have you ever been amazed by the beauty of a place that you don’t wish to leave it for a second? If yes, this is the ultimate snorkeling destination for you. The Pacific Island is known for its vast population of endemic species. The top view of the clear blue pacific waters will only make you wonder what lies beneath and the next thing you’ll do is grab your full face snorkel mask, fins and vest, and dive into the waters for your adventure. The best time to visit the Galapangos is from January to May and between June and November when the temperatures are moderate and rich-nutrient water attracts rare fish species.

Mnemba Island, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

If you have always known Africa as a place for only safaris and wild animals, surprise! There is a number of snorkeling locations with warm sea water, spectacular sea beds and diverse aquamarine. At Mnemba Island, you will be welcomed by the crystal clear waters of the Indian ocean, which lead you to the breathtaking lion-fish, star fish, small white-tip reef sharks, turtles and shoals of blue surgeon fish, among others. Though visits to the Island occur all year round, It is best to visit Mnemba from July to September and January to February when the rains are low.