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Best Stack-On Gun Safe Reviews 2020

Stack-On have become a popular choice for both standard safes and gun safes. They have a large selection of safes to choose from which can make choosing the right one confusing. In this article, we recommend our top gun safe choices, along with our Stack-On gun safe reviews.

Stack-On Gun Safe Awards

  • Best Stack-On Gun Safe – Stack-On E-66-MB-E-S Elite 66 Gun Security Safe
  • Best Stack-On Mid Range Gun Safe – Stack-On 24 Gun Fire Safe
  • Best Stack-On Safe Under $500 – Stack-On SS-22-MG-C 22 Gun Safe
  • Best Stack-On Safe Under $300 – Stack-On GCB-18C-DS 18 Gun Safe

Read our reviews below to find out more about each one.

Best Stack-On Gun Safes

1. Stack-On E-66-MB-E-S Elite 66 Gun Security Safe Review

Stack-On E-66-MB-E-S Elite 66 Gun Security Safe
Stack-On E-66-MB-E-S Elite 66 Gun Security Safe

Best Stack-On Gun Safe – Our top Stack-On gun safe pick is the Elite series, 66 gun capacity safe. One of the reasons that makes this a great safe is the amount of storage you get for the price. In addition to a large gun capacity Stack-On do a good job of maximizing the interior space, making this a more compact gun safe overall.

The safe has a higher fire resistance than many other gun safes at this price range, being that it has been tested to 1400˚ F for 30 minutes. Whilst the safe could have anchor holes to bolt it down, it does utilize 10 locking points and a reinforced steel door making it a secure safe.

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2. Stack-On 24 Gun Fire Safe Review

Stack-On 24 Gun Fire Safe
Stack-On 24 Gun Fire Safe

Best Stack-On Mid Range Gun Safe – This is one of our favorite entry-level/mid-range gun safes. The safe offers great value, providing room for up to 24 firearms, adjustable shelves, and an electronic lock. It is similar to Stack-Ons other gun safe models however it uses 3 locking bolts rather than 4.

With this model you don’t get storage slots on the door, however, you still get a full carpeted interior along with adjustable shelves. Overall this an excellent safe that offers a good balance of security and room to store guns and other items.

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3. Stack-On SS-22-MG-C 22 Gun Fully Convertible Security Safe Review

Stack-On SS-22-MG-C 22 Gun Fully Convertible Security Safe
Stack-On SS-22-MG-C 22 Gun Fully Convertible Security Safe

Best Stack-On Safe Under $500 – This entry level safe is another reason we like Stack-On. This is slightly smaller than the above, allowing you to store up to 22 guns. It also doesn’t include an electronic lock, instead it uses a more traditional 3-number combination lock.

If you are not looking to spend a whole lot on a gun safe then this is another affordable choice from Stack-On. It uses slightly smaller locking bolts and isn’t fire resistant unlike the previous two safes. Overall though it’s one of the best gun safes we have seen for under $500.

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4. Stack-On GCB-18C-DS 18 Gun Safe Review

Stack-On GCB-18C-DS 18 Gun Safe
Stack-On GCB-18C-DS 18 Gun Safe

Best Stack-On Safe Under $300 – The last award goes to the Stack-On GCB-18C-DS model which provides decent storage capacity with the price, which also includes removable shelves. You don’t, however, get an electronic locking system, instead of a standard key lock.

If you don’t have many firearms to store or you aren’t looking to spend much then this is a great choice. Whilst it doesn’t offer the best protection or fire resistance it does provide a lot of value for the price.

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How to Find Quality Gun Safes?

Before going to the final purchasing decision you need to make a list of your servicing requirements such as firearm size, safe type, and space in your room, lock system, set up and programming, price, warranty, portability, traveling convenience etc. Watch out the following points to make a choice of your gun safe feature and choose the high-quality gun safes.

Type Of Your Firearm:

Type of your firearm will decide the type of gun safe to choose. Such as, guns or pistols will require briefcase or small box alike handgun safes. Rifles and shotguns will require taller gun safes.

Lock Mechanism And Access:

Three types of lock mechanism are available for you. They are key lock, combination lock, and electrical lock. The key and combination are secured but the electronic is fast. Decide wisely which one you need.

Key-based locks are criticized for its time-consuming opening and owner’s negligence in storing the key in the proper place. Loss of key will hinder the entrance of gun safe.

Experts put emphasis on the combination when they are questioned about the safety of the best gun safes. This gun safe requires entering the passcode digits in a proper sequence. It has a long life and doesn’t require any maintenance over a long period of time. But its main drawbacks are it requires a long time to open the safe and the door needs a manual closing after every time it is opened.

On the other hand, the electronic safe includes a digital keypad and biometric (fingerprint) feature. If you want a quick access and auto door lock then this model is perfect for you. But the main defect is electronic devices are prone to system failure. Electronic safes require external power to operate and function. Again there is a hassle to handle with the limited warranty and battery power.

Construction Material:

Steel is the core construction material for the walls and doors of a gun safe. The thickness of the steel is measured in gauge. Lower the gauge means higher the thickness of the steel. A gun safe of 16 gauge steel is definitely the high-quality gun safes choice than the 20 gauge steel. Lower gauge steel safe is hard to drill by the burglars.

Weight And Mounting Features:

Maximum gun safes are handy. If you want to carry the safe along with you then portable safe is a good choice for you. If you want to use the safe at home then the safe is at risk by the intruders. You can go for a mounting feature based gun safe to bolt the safe on a permanent basis. Mounting on a higher or solid and furtive place will allow you to hide the safe from the eye of your kids and outsiders. Popular gun safes are portable and mountable.

Fire And Water Protection:

The heat of the fire can melt your gun or ammunition. If you want to have a fire and waterproof safe for your firearm then it will be better to go with the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) rated best gun safes. A higher rating indicates a higher safety of the gun safe. But available all gun safes don’t carry the UL rating. So you have to trust on the manufacturers claim. A fire-proof safe usually have a thin and insulating liner against the heat exposure. Different gun safe models assert differing fire protection timing, starting from 15 minutes to 4 hours. On the other hand, a waterproof safe can protect the inner belongings from water by standing into the water.

Cost Consideration:

If you have a very tight budget then consider only the safety of the gun safe. Here you can go for a combination safe as low priced electronic locks are made of poor quality materials. Owing a poor quality cheap priced gun safe is equal to not having a gun safe at all. Top rated gun safes assure best construction and craft of the safe with a reliable security lock.


If getting the most for your money is your priority then Stack-Ons range of gun safes are defiantly worth considering. Stack-On safes are able to strike the right balance between offering a good amount of storage whilst still offering great protection.