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Best Under Bed Gun Safe Reviews 2020

If you own a gun, the best practice would be keeping it safe away from the kids and thieves. Accessibility to the gun is supposed to be limited if you intend to minimize on accidents in the future. It does not matter the type of gun you have, as with the right safe you can always keep it out of sight. You would want a safe that is easy to access from your bed in case of an emergency. This will prompt you to choose the best safe that will work for your current situation.

The best part is that we will get to know more about the best under bed gun safes in this article. Below you will get to learn how to choose a safe from a buying guide and reviews of the top gun bedside safes.

Under Bed Gun Safe Buying Guide

It is not just about picking a fancy safe, you have to understand more details about the safe. From all the safe details, you can now easily make a decision. Here is how to choose the best under bed gun safe.

The safe size

The size of the safe will determine the type of guns to store in it. If you have a handgun, the obvious option would be going for a small sized safe. Such safes can still be used to store the gun even in the car. For a rifle, you would want a larger safe. You can be sure that there are many safes that you can use for a rifle storage.

Proper fitting

Even for a bedside gun safe, you would want something that can still fit under your bed. This is important if you have to keep the safe out of sight for most people. Ensure that you choose a gun safe that is low profile. A low profile gun safe can easily slide under the bed.

Locking mechanism

The locking mechanism is an assurance that the gun will not be easily accessed. Mostly you will get the safe having an electronic locking mechanism with a keypad for access. Other sophisticated safes might have biometric access that will even increase the safe security. Always choose a safe that promises to deliver the best security.

Material used for construction

The material used for construction determines the durability and strength of the safe. Mostly you will find the safe being made of steel, plastic or an alloy of different metals. You need to go through the product description to understand more about the safe construction before buying it finally.

Emergency access capability

The main reason you have a gun in the house is because it can be useful in case of an emergency. You should be able to access the gun faster in case of an emergency. Check out how the safe features will help you easily access your gun when needed.

Top 5 Best Under Bed Gun Safe Reviews

1. Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault Under Bed Gun Safe Review

You might have used other safes before that needed batteries to operate. All that has been eliminated in this model, and surprisingly, it is still quite impressive when it comes to security. With its size, you can store the gun in it and safely keep it beneath the bed.

If you would want to mount it, the manufacturer provides mounting brackets to use. The mounting process should not be hard as all instructions are included in the product manual. The gun will swing once you open the safe making it easy to retrieve your gun than other common safes around. The safe is also made to be adjustable, thus able to hold different firearm sizes.

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2. SnapSafe Under Bed Gun Safe Review

The size of this safe makes it have a number of applications other than just storing the gun under your bed. You can still carry the safe in your vehicle glove box.

The electronic keypad is an assurance that you will have the best security for the gun. No one is going to access the gun without the right keypad combination. The safe still comes with a backup key that is used for accessing the safe in case the keypad malfunctions or the battery is low. To increase the security of the safe, an additional steel cable is supplied to bolt the safe interior making it hard to penetrate the safe.

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3. Lock and Roll Portable Under-Bed Personal Safe Review

Not all people will have hundreds of dollars to spend on a safe. In case you are on a budget, this is the safe to choose. It might be inexpensive, but it still delivers on performance just like other high end steel safes.

You can use this personal safe for gun storage and other valuables that you might have. Its low profile makes it possible to easily slide it under or out of the bed whenever needed. Its security is based on a steel cable that makes it impossible to crack open the safe even when using common hand tools around the house.

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4. Monster Vault Under Bed Safe Review

You will have an easy time accessing your gun when using this safe. The use of a drawer that slides out, it will bring out the gun to you. Its size is large enough to hold a handgun and an extra clip easily. With its compact size, you can easily keep it on your bedside table and no one will know that is inside.

The use of a digital combination lock will keep it locked at all times. It is not easy for any kid to crack the code and see what is inside. Even for the burglars, it will be hard for them to check what is inside. The seven-year warranty is a sure guarantee that the product lasts for a long time.

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5. American Security Defense Vault Under Bed Safe Review

The electronic lock used in this safe gives an assurance that your gun will not be accessed easily by the kids or a thief. The safe still comes with a light inside the safe that turns on when the safe is opened. This means you can easily access the gun even in the dark rooms with ease.

The slide out tray of the safe is padded to keep your gun from getting scratches. The same padded interior makes it also great for storing other types of values other than the guns. If you want to mount the safe on the floor, it is easy as the manufacturer includes the screws and other essentials to anchor the safe easily. The safe also beeps when accessing it; however, you can still turn off the beeps especially if you do not want the burglar to know your position.

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All the mentions gun safes above all their pros and cons, but they are the best in their categories. You will be in a better position to keep your kids safe by keeping the gun safe when you opt for one of the safes. The one that seems to stand out as the option for many would be the American Security Defense gun safe. It has all the desirable features a person would in any safe. Its electronic locking mechanism is a sure way of keeping the gun from unauthorized access. You would always have a peace of mind knowing that your gun is out of reach for the kids or burglars. Well, it is to get one for yourself today.