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Best Winchester Gun Safe Reviews 2020

Winchester are a gun safe manufacturer who are known for producing high end gun safes.  Winchester have a wide range of safes that vary in size and in the way they are constructed. Below we recommend our top Winchester picks along with our individual Winchester gun safe reviews

Winchester Review

Whilst Winchester do offer some safes that are under $1000, many of their safes are more “high end”. Whilst they may not be the most affordable, what we like about Winchester is the high quality construction of their gun safes.

Compared to other gun safes on the market, we have found Winchester safes to offer better protection. Generally they use larger steel locking bolts, better break in protection, and the overall steel construction is thicker.

Another feature we like about Winchester gun safes are the inside storage arrangement. The inside shelves are very adjustable allowing you to get the perfect setup. In addition they put a number of storage pockets on the inside of the door to give you even more room to store items.

Winchester Gun Safe Awards

  • Best Winchester Gun Safe – Winchester Legacy Premier 53-7-E Gun Safe
  • Best Winchester Mid Range Gun Safe – Winchester Legacy Premier 26-7-E
  • Best Winchester Safe Under $1500 –Winchester Ranger Deluxe 24 Gun Safe
  • Noteworthy Mention – Winchester Safes eVault Biometric 3.0 Pistol Safe

Read our reviews below to find out more about each one.

Top Winchester Gun Safe Picks

1. Winchester Legacy Premier 53-7-E Gun Safe Review

Winchester Legacy Premier 53-7-E Gun Safe
Winchester Legacy Premier 53-7-E Gun Safe

Best Winchester Gun Safe – If your looking for the best of the best, then this should be one of your choices. This premier gun safe can hold up to 54 guns as well as additional room to store personal items. It is made of thick solid steel, uses 20 steel locking bolts, and has been tested to withstand temperatures up to 1400 degrees

This is an extremely high quality safe both in the interior and exterior design. Compared to other high end safes at this price range, you actually get a lot more with this safe: larger gun capacity, more convenient storage, and better fire resistance.

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2. Winchester Legacy Premier 26-7-E Gun Safe Review

Winchester Legacy Premier 26-7-E Gun Safe
Winchester Legacy Premier 26-7-E Gun Safe

Best Winchester Mid Range Gun Safe – Our mid range pick goes to the Legacy PREMIER 26-7 -E. This gun safe includes almost all of the features of Winchester’s top safe, but has a lower gun capacity. It can store up to 28 guns with additional room for storing other items.

It still has the same high quality construction as the 53-7-E which is why this is a great mid range safe by Winchester. You get the same thick steel construction, 2 inch locking bolts, and same fire resistance. If you want more gun storage but less security, the “Big Daddy” range may be suitable for you.

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3. Winchester Ranger Deluxe 24 Gun Safe Review

Winchester Ranger Deluxe 24 Gun Safe
Winchester Ranger Deluxe 24 Gun Safe

Best Winchester Safe Under $1500 – The Range Deluxe is a solid 24 capacity gun safe, that again uses many of the same features as the higher end safes. Whilst it has the same fire resistance it is smaller than the other safes with a lower number of locking bolts that are 1.25 inches thick.

For the gun capacity it is fairly expensive compared to other safes in this price range. However if you prefer better security than a larger storage capacity, then this may be a good choice for you. The interior storage is also a lot better than other safes we have seen at this price range.

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Winchester Gun Safe Reviews Conclusion

Overall Winchester produce safes that offer the best security and interior construction that we have seen. If you are looking for a well constructed gun safe that you pay a little more for, then Winchester are certainly a good choice.