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Suunto Ambit2 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Hi! Today we talk about Suunto Ambit2 Heart Rate Monitor which is helpful for all types of users. This model is made for men and it is helpful for all types of activities. You can control your heart by knowing its working under different conditions by using Suunto Ambit 2 Heart Rate Monitor. This device is providing many features for users and its working is increased when you are using it with many other accessories. Following is some details about functions and accessories related with this device.

  • This device is providing details about working of heart with time and date with clear display.
  • Professional functions related with sports are provided for those who are using it for such activities.
  • More than 1000 applications related with sports are provided with this device.
  • Battery life of this device is long and it is available in attractive designs.
  • Functions of this device can be set for training and professional activities.

Here are details related with all the items of this device.

In the Box

Suunto Ambit2 Heart Rate Monitor is provided with many items in the form of a complete package which you will get on your purchase. Here are items of the box which are given to users.

  • Watch
  • Adaptor for charging
  • Clip for assistance in charging
  • Manual for details (Download User Manual)
  • Guide for understanding
Suunto Ambit2 Heart Rate Monitor
Suunto Ambit2 Heart Rate Monitor

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From the Beginning

Suunto Ambit2 Heart Rate Monitor can be charged in almost 2 hours and can be used for almost 20 hours. This is due to the top class battery used in this device. All items used for charging are provided in the package and charging could be done before using this device. Long life of the battery is helpful for users in sports and other activities and they can monitor the working of their heart by getting required details. When you start using Suunto Ambit2 Heart Rate Monitor for the first time then you have to complete its setup. Different types of details and settings are done for starting the device and using it for a long time period.


Suunto Ambit2 Heart Rate Monitor is providing many types of features for benefits of users.

  • Perfect size and clear display
  • Functions related with sports
  • Increased sensitivity with automatic fixing
  • Computations for calories
  • Wireless technology

Perfect size and clear display

Suunto Ambit2 Heart Rate Monitor is presenting all the details clearly and precisely. Display is made professionally and size of this device is a perfect match for users. All the details could be obtained through this device and monitoring of working of heart could be done with ease.

Functions related with sports

You can use Suunto Ambit2 Heart Rate Monitor for controlling all the activities. You can compare figure with standards by pressing buttons on this device as different types of standard values are available for different types of activities. This will save your time and give you exact figures on screen.

Increased sensitivity with automatic fixing

This device is in connection with satellite and its working is monitored automatically. When you will start using this device, then figures will be displayed after some time when connections are established. This will give you updated details and exact figures related with monitoring of your heart.

Computations for calories

This device computes amount of calories and their relation with heart. Working of heart is linked with calories and the amount of calories consumed and required, is also displayed through this device for users.

Wireless technology

Suunto Ambit2 Heart Rate Monitor is using wireless technology and users can connect it with computer and other devices. Data in this device could be transferred to computer system for storage and analysis purposes. It is easy to have interaction of this device with other devices for transfer and analysis of stored data.


We can use different items with this device for increasing benefits. These accessories are helpful for getting more details and working of Suunto Ambit2 Heart Rate Monitor will also be improved in presence of these items.

  1. Suunto Foot POD Mini
  2. Suunto Ambit Power Cable
  3. Suunto Dual Comfort Belt
  4. Suunto Ambit AC Adapter Pack
  5. Suunto Bike Mount
  6. Suunto Universal Bike Pod Watch

Suunto Foot POD Mini

This accessory is good for checking speed. Distance can be calculated by using this device. It is resistant from water and can work well for providing exact details.

Suunto Ambit Power Cable

This is a long power cable which can be used for charging your main device. You can use it for transfer and exchange of data easily and at a fast rate.

Suunto Dual Comfort Belt

This belt is able to be used with your main device and it is helpful for strong and flexible connections among different devices used for monitoring of heart.

Suunto Ambit AC Adapter Pack

This pack contains many forms of adaptors for charging your devices. You can use these adaptors for charging your devices related with heart rate monitoring and also other devices without problems.

Suunto Wristop Computer Bike Adaptor

This adaptor is for fixing your main device for getting easy display and exact figures. Connections are tight so that your monitor stays at a safe place.

Suunto Universal Bike Pod Watch

This device is helpful for interaction of your main device with your bike. Now you can calculate speed of your bike and compare it with your monitor while cycling so that working of your heart could be monitored.

Suunto Ambit2 Heart Rate Monitor
Suunto Ambit2 Heart Rate Monitor

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  • Multisport mode is now included, and customized creation of these modes is neat
  • Supports power meters
  • New App Functionality increases ability for unit to be customized
  • Now supports swimming (openwater and pool)
  • FusedAlti helps in narrowing the gap between GPS and barometric altimeters
  • Movescount site updates fairly impressive in some areas
  • Route navigation forward and backwards is handy


  • Multisport mode needs transition times added (manual workaround is semi-functional)
  • Ambit2 S battery is tough for iron-distance triathletes with power meters
  • No vibration alarms on any of the Ambits


Suunto Ambit2 Heart Rate Monitor is a great device which gives exact figures related with working of heart. Athletes could use it for improved results and keeping their heart in normal limits. Any person is able to use this device and check working of heart. This device is easily available and can be purchased at special discounts from Amazon. Money back guarantees are provided for those who are willing to take this device so that users could invest with security. Many people have already used this device and I also like this device due to its many benefits and a reasonable price. Read our Heart Rate Monitors Reviews And don’t forget to write your own review below


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