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Best Fingerprint Gun Safe Reviews 2020

The idea of having your gun vulnerable and easily accessed by anyone is not the dream of anyone who owns a gun. If you have tried other safes before and they seem not work, it is time to switch to the best security. The best security here means having a fingerprint gun safe installed. The fingerprint biometric safes are known to provide a better way of locking things away from other people. It is only those with authorized access can actually get to use the gun. If you were looking to make the leap to a biometric safe, then we got your back here. Below, you will get to learn more about the tips for picking the best fingerprint gun safe and the top rated safes on the market right now.

How to Pick the Best Fingerprint Gun Safe?

The biometric technology

The idea of seeing a fingerprint reader should not just get you excited. Learn more about the fingerprint technology first. Every model that comes to the market will have a new addition to its security that makes it better. Learn how the manufacturer has implemented the all-new technology to see if it works to your satisfaction. You can still compare with different models to see which one promises better security.

The number of users it can support

For a big safe where you can store many guns, it is possible that several people will be accessing it. The fingerprint safes are always built to handle fingerprints of more than one person. It is important to learn about the number of users the gun safe can hold. Mostly, you will find many of them holding about 30 people per safe. Some might even have more user support capability.

The overall design of the safe

The design matters a lot in terms of the gun safe aesthetics and durability. You would want a good looking safe that can still be durable. The manufacturers will always want to win over some new customers with great designs, but tend to forget about durability. Look for a safe that has better balance between looks and durability. This is a sure way of knowing that you have the right safe to keep your gun out of reach and still looks good.

The safe size

The safe size determines the type and number of guns that can be stored in the safe. Opt for smaller sizes if you need to store a handgun. The rifles and large guns will need a larger safe that can handle several as a way of saving money. The size will also depend on where you have to store the safe. If it is in the car, you might need a smaller safe than when storing it at home or office.

What is the backup method of accessing the gun?

It should not be just accessing the guns through fingerprint as the only way on the safe. You need to check out more gun safes to see what are the backup methods of accessing the safes. Most of the time you will find them having backup keys included with the safe when buying it. The backup key is important to access the gun in cases where the fingerprint malfunctions or it is out of battery.

The safe brand

The safe brand for a long time has determined if a person will choose a safe or not. It is important to know more about the industry heavyweights. Safes from Gunvault, Barska, or Sentry are known to be the best on the market. There are other safe brands that are still good, but not mentioned here. You could know more about them by doing a little research on their safes before buying.

Top 5 Best Fingerprint Gun Safe Reviews

1. Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Review

This biometric safe offers great protection that will be unique only to your fingerprint. You can easily program the safe with additional fingerprints if more people will be using it. The safe is still super quiet when you have to access your safe, easily in cases of emergencies. It is not a clunky safe that needs more than one hand for access. The single hand access makes it attractive to many people who love stealth gun safes.

The boost on durability and safety, the safe has a strong 12 gauge solid steel construction. This will give an assurance to anyone doubting the safe that it can withstand any abuse and not open.

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2. Barska Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe Review

Being a top opening safe, this means you can easily mount it in your desk. Simply pull out the drawers and access your gun with a lot of ease. The biometric technology is an assurance that the safe can keep things locked whenever needed. It is always a peace of mind when you know no one who is unauthorized can access your gun.

The safe can support up to 30 additional fingerprints just in case you have to share the safe with another person. Four AA batteries power the fingerprint module. These batteries can last up to 2 years before you have to change them. An alarm is turned on when it is time to change the batteries. The manufacturer also includes several mounting hardware if you need to mount it on a wall.

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3. Verifi S6000 Smart Safe Fast Access Biometric Safe & FBI Fingerprint Sensor Review

Forget about having to use keys to access your safe like in the past, when there are better safes with impressive technology. This safe is designed and built by the Zvetco Biometrics company that is known for making the best safes in the last 15 years.

The safe performs a self diagnostic process every time you use it. Such a process is meant to test the safe security system to ensure that it is not compromised. The results of the test are displayed on the LCD screen. It will alert you again if in case there is a problem with the system. The selling point of the safe is that the manufacturer used an FBI sensor to improve on the fingerprint sensor. It is highly unlikely that you will get someone bypassing this safe any time soon.

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4. Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 Fingerprint Gun Safe Review

The safe comes from a company with over 20 years of experience in making biometric gun safes. This gives an assurance to the buyer that you are getting the best safe when buying it.

The use of biometric access is an added advantage when it comes to security and also quick access to your gun. If there is a problem with the biometric reader such as low battery, which rarely happens, you still get to use the override keys to access the gun safe. Having a strong steel construction is another selling point for this safe. Anyone would want to have an 18-gauge steel construction for a safe.

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5. BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe Review

The safe offers a great storage space to keep your rifles and any other types of sensitive equipment. You can store anything that you think is valuable enough to be locked in a safe.

The use of biometric technology as the primary locking mechanism makes it better as compared to other manual mechanisms. It can hold up to 120 different users, which is something you cannot always see with many biometric safes. Registering of the fingerprint is through a simple method that can be done within seconds and you will be good to go. The safe does not need a lot of maintenance, but the manufacturer recommends wiping the fingerprint scanner clean once you have used it. It helps to reduce the risk of anyone accessing the safe with a smudge of your fingerprint.

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There is now a chance that you will sleep better knowing that your gun is well kept is a fingerprint gun safe. It is possible to make the upgrade to a better safe if you are still doubting the safety of your current key lock safe. The fingerprint safes have shown that they can be reliable in terms of access and security. You can easily retrieve your firearm at night without any light, as the biometric pad will always be on for visibility. If you are ready, proceed to have one today by choosing from what we have reviewed above.